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Horseback Magazine: A Global Equine Adventure for our May Readers

Source: Horseback Magazine Press Release for upcoming May Issue

Equine Advocates take readers into the Wilderness of Outer Mongolia

Horseback May IssueJoin us, in our upcoming May issue, as Terry and R.T. Fitch, longtime readers, friends and subscribers of Horseback Magazine, and co-founders of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, take us into the expansive, unspoiled wilderness of Outer Mongolia as they trek on horseback to document the reintroduction of the world’s most primitive specimen of the wild horse.  You’ll meet the Takhi, a truly wild equine in its unspoiled native environment.

Terry and R.T. lived among, and rode with native Mongolian nomads, as they searched for the elusive wild horses while asking the question, “If Outer Mongolia has the largest horse culture in the world, why do the nomadic tribes still slaughter and eat the very spiritual centerpiece of their social structure?”

The answer may surprise you.

Don’t miss this thought-provoking glimpse into the mindset of a democratic, nomadic nation that on one hand is struggling to reintroduce the native wild horse while on the other dine upon the flesh of their domestic counterpart.

R.T. Fitch is author of the popular Straight from the Horse’s Heart…Terry Fitch is a renowned wild horse photographer.  Both are humanitarians active in the American wild horse preservation movement.

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  1. Happy to see Steve featuring the trek and congrats to Terry and RT for getting “published” again.

    p.s. I know why they eat them and how they do it…..way, way different from the so-called “civilized”, non-nomadic peoples conspiring HCHS.


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