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Endangered Wild Horses Released in China

“Its “Feel Good Sunday” and whenever I read or hear of horses being “released” instead of “captured” it always gives me a good feeling, to say the least. The stories of wild Takhi being reintroduced into the wild by Mongolia, Russia and now China has interested Terry and myself as we feel the United States may find itself in the same position, very soon, as our government removes and warehouses the last of our free roaming while equines. This past July Terry and I traveled to Mongolia to witness the fruits of their reintroduction effort, if you have not read the brief recounting of our adventures you can do so in the Sept. issue of trueCOWBOY Magazine by clicking (HERE). Enjoy your day!” ~ R.T.

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Restoring the Takhi

from the pages of trueCOWBOY magazine – Sandwiched between Russia to the north and China to the south the vast, untouched grass covered mountains and plains of Outer Mongolia have been and still are today the perfect setting and habitat for all things equine. It is here, half way around the globe, an emerging democratic country is turning the clock back in an effort to return to the wild an exquisite creature that was allowed to go extinct many decades ago; the prehistoric Takhi (Przewalski’s horse) of Outer Mongolia is making a comeback

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Wild Horses Evoke Deep Feelings

But wild horses touch something inside us, something uncommon, something special, something uniquely connected to them. Something for which we have no name, which bears no surprise considering we struggle with everything about the animals, even identity and name.

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Raw Video Update: The Takhi, Wild Horses of Mongolia

I lot of good folks have been asking for a few media updates from our horseback trek and research trip in Outer Mongolia and with Terry just getting back to the U.S. and me still out of the country we have been struggling with pulling together all the photos and video for your review.

To add to the headache is that I do not have my hands on my normal video editing program but none the less, please find inserted here a rather raw look at some of the fruits of our labor while we attempted to locate and photograph the reintroduced, primitive wild horses of Mongolia, the Takhi.

Please note; no helicopters, fences or traps.

Calming for one’s soul.

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Mongolia, Wild Horses and a Reluctance to Leave

A great big THANKS to our readers for your patience as Terry and I have been trekking across Mongolia on horseback with nary a word or warning. We have said goodbye to our trusty Mongol steeds and thanked our nomadic horsemen for their brave efforts in tolerating not only my size and weight but the continual stream of questions that we have thrown at them over our week long adventure. The insights we have garnered are more precious than physical riches and we will be happy to share.

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Mongolia Has the Largest Population of Takhi Wild Horses in the World

The leader of the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski’s Horse, during the 20th anniversary event of reintroduction of wild horses in Khustai Mountains, made the following statement:

“Forty years ago, I saw the Takhi for the first time when I visited a zoo with my husband on my honeymoon. At the time, the animal was an endangered species, and only about 270 Takhi remained worldwide. This sad news about the extinction of the Takhi in Mongolia made me devastated. Now the number of Takhi has reached 270 in Mongolia alone. I am really proud of myself and our colleagues for the work we have done to breed this animal.”

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