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Mongolia Has the Largest Population of Takhi Wild Horses in the World

By E.DARI of the UB Post

The Takhi or Przewalski’s horses were first reintroduced in 1992

The leader of the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski’s Horse, during the 20th anniversary event of reintroduction of wild horses in Khustai Mountains, made the following statement:

“Forty years ago, I saw the Takhi for the first time when I visited a zoo with my husband on my honeymoon. At the time, the animal was an endangered species, and only about 270 Takhi remained worldwide. This sad news about the extinction of the Takhi in Mongolia made me devastated. Now the number of Takhi has reached 270 in Mongolia alone. I am really proud of myself and our colleagues for the work we have done to breed this animal.”

The Takhi or Przewalski’s horses were first reintroduced in 1992, on World Environment Day, June 5. Although all Takhi horses were completely eradicated in Mongolia in the 1960s, the Przewalski’s horses, which were located in foreign zoos, were returned to Mongolia in 1992 with the efforts of a citizen of the Netherlands, Ian Bauman and his spouse Inge Boumen.

Today, around 270 Przewalski’s horses are breeding in the Khustai Mountains of Tuv Province. It has the largest population of Przewalski’s horses in the world.

The 20th anniversary ceremony of the fifth acclimatization project, implemented with the support of the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, was held on June 5 to 7 in Mongolia. Participants of the opening ceremony included: from the Mongolian side, the State Secretary of the Ministry for Nature, Environment and Tourism, N.Batsuuri. From the Netherlands: the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary from the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Mongolia, Rudolf Bekink; officials of the Holland Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski’s Horse; and other guests and delegations. The ceremony of the Wild Horse Research Center of the Khustai National Park was held on yesterday on June 7.

At the 20th anniversary of acclimatizing wild horses in the Khustai National Park, the leader of the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski’s Horse, Inge Bouman, who has supported the activities of Khustai Park for many years, was awarded with the “Polar Star” order. The Project Coordinator for many years at the Khustai National Park Complex, Peter Wit was also awarded with the “Friendship” medal. Every year, the scientists conduct many research works under the scholarship named after Ian Bouman, spouse of Ms. Bouman.

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      • Thanks R.T. for bringing this information to our attention and anxious to see any follow-ups on it, as well. Isn’t it ironic while our wild ones are being rounded up, loosing their freedom, the two countries, China and Mongolia are restoring theirs. Will our “powers to be” ever learn?! Distruction is not management and it will in the end, come back to bite us! We should learn to work with mother nature, not destroy simply because we can. Our wild ones are a part of us and what this country represents. We must never lose sight of their significance to our society now and for all future generations.


  1. I see so clearly the resemblance of these Takhi wild horses to our Pryor Mountain herd. Although, our horses are much prettier, they stand in good company. 🙂


  2. So how does the BLM feel that China and Mongolia have them BEAT SOOOOO BAD on wild horse management? BLM, you are destroying herds while China and Mongolia are restoring them. That is not even a bad joke.

    China and Mongolia are embarassing you BLM, They are far better at what you do than you are. Putting you to shame! As it should be, for what you do with our horses….

    Maybe you should contract with Chinese and Mongolian herdsmen instead of Sun-J and Cattoors, and let most of your over head go to boot, so it can be done right!


  3. I am so glad to see some “human beings” wanting to preserve another horse population. As said above, the BLM should be ashamed of themselves as they are looking more stupid and as idiots every day. Hooray, for Mongolia and China. God Bless all who work to preserve our beautiful horses – no matter where they reside and hope to live in peace and harmony for their entire lives. I hope that the U.S. comes to its senses soon. Our beautiful wild horses and our domestics need our help — not our killing. BLM and killer buyers, I hope you all get what you deserve — a place that is much worse than HELL.


  4. The BLM thinks that being “studiously ignorant of scientific fact” is a good thing. Obviously, they are proud of being ignorant because they are one of the few organizations in the world that continues to be fully funded no matter how many scientific travesties they are involved in. I mean really. How many groups can thumb their noses at commonly accepted standards of scientific integrity and humane protocols and survive???

    The BLM’s killing machine just keeps rolling along. Buck Brannaman said that the human species is the only species that keeps on doing the same thing that doesn’t work over and over again expecting to get a different result. However, when it comes to the BLM, they do the same bad job over and over again because they want to kill, maim and cripple our horses.

    Do they say this in public comments? Of course not, but all you have to do to know what their intent is is to watch what they do. They kill horses, and they want to kill more horses. That is why two members of the advisory board are pro-horse slaughter. That’s what these supposed conservation districts are all about. Callie Henrickson’s appointment to this board in addition to Jim Stephens was a little “over-kill” for extra insurance.


  5. I had read about these ancient horses a few years ago and learned that China was doing a breeding program to reintroduce the horses back in the ‘wild’. Diversity in species in the wild is essential to keeping the species alive. One day, the powers that be in the U.S. may come to realize our American Mustang provides the diversity needed to keep the equine species alive. I hope and pray to see that in my lifetime.


  6. i only learned about these efforts in mongolia tonight…i am half dutch, and so heartened to see some compassionate people still exist and are actually doing good things on behalf of the horses. i have now completely given up on the blm and am determined to rescue as many mustangs as i can and put them in wild horse sanctuaries as i now believe that is the only place where they will be safe! i pray mitt romney beats obama and abolishes the shameful blm. his wife is a horse lover you know and she does dressage!


  7. Przewalskis belong on the range, not the zoos. Some of our wild ones do look like the Przewalskis while some actually look Spanish/other in them. Equines should be our national mammals.


  8. That is a wonderful story, a success story! If they can do that there, why then is America trying so hard to destroy our own native (re-introduced or not!!), wild horses!!?? Doesn’t make much sense. First the animals get wiped out, then some good people carefully re-introduce them (AGAIN!!), so they can be wiped out again?? This world is SO screwed up! America did this to wolves, wiped them out, re-introduced them, now they’re being slaughtered again. We need to save our wild horses before we get to that point, of possibly no return! Save them, preserve them & their family bands, & their natural environments, let them breed to keep the species & bloodlines going. I applaud Mongolia, we should follow their lead. They saw something, something of value, something to be treasured & protected, &, they acted on it!


    • Very true. Depending on which group gains prominance, we’re either re-introducing or killing wildlife, as in the case of the wolves, horses, mountain lion. 60 Minutes had a segment on game ranchers in Texas breeding exotics so hunters can pay 10K or more to shoot them. They call it conservation – I call it an atrocity. Many of these animals are tame, because they came from zoos.

      Mongolia could have other ideas, such as increasing foreign travel to view and/or to race semi-wild horses across the steppes. It’s great the Chinese sent four Przwalskis to Mongolia, but there should be some regulation regarding these rare horses. Are Mongolians up to saving them? Don’t know, as they were killing the Siberian tiger because the animal made lunch of some of their livestock. Years ago, I bought a pair of yak wool gloves in turn for their promise of not killing tigers.


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