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Raw Video Update: The Takhi, Wild Horses of Mongolia

Update by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The serenity of true freedom is deafening

I lot of good folks have been asking for a few media updates from our horseback trek and research trip in Outer Mongolia and with Terry just getting back to the U.S. and me still out of the country we have been struggling with pulling together all the photos and video for your review. 

To add to the headache is that I do not have my hands on my normal video editing program but none the less, please find inserted here a rather raw look at some of the fruits of our labor while we attempted to locate and photograph the reintroduced, primitive wild horses of Mongolia, the Takhi.

Please note; no helicopters, fences or traps.

Calming for one’s soul.

Photos by Terry Fitch, jerky and shaky video by R.T. Fitch, music by the Mongol Band

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  1. Seeing the Takhi, can’t you just feel evolution just whispering a promise…”if humans shake the wild North American herds out of their wild range, we will breed back them back here – over the next millenia – the paints, the roans, palominos, bays and blacks will return to wild grass, winds and rain. They will run free again. Mankind cannot be unkind forever.” May it be so.


  2. I have to admit that these poor horses both shock and sadden me. No fences (how are they suppose to teach them to know their limits?), all that grass and no cattle ranchers, access to water (surely that creek will dry up soon!) and no helicopters to run them for exercise, leaving them way overweight. Terry obviously was is danger being that close since there were no BLM employees to make her stand 3 miles away for her own protection. The music was pretty cool, but I couldn’t dance to it.


  3. Thank you for a fantastic view of the Takhi wild horses in the wild. Love the Mongol band…good meditation vibes.


  4. Sounds never heard before…. it frightened my dog. If broadcast loudly, maybe it would frighten the BLM and their contractors. Are they sounds warding off predators, both man and beast and to protect these wild horses from all that endangers them?

    Beautiful shots of the horses! They look like what ancient wild horses may have looked like.

    Thank you for witnessing this historical preservation and documenting their freedom.

    May they always run free!


  5. Watching my horse and donkey graze in their pasture is very calming and good for my soul. I can only image how serene it must be to see the free. Thanks for sharing!


  6. What an experience for both of you. Sure is some different than what our horses & burros have to live with now. Is this what happens now? These numnuts exterminate our wild horses & the only ones we see are in zoos (like what happened to the Takhi)? Do you suppose then we would be allowed to bring them back??? Actually now I think about it – the place for these idiot pro-slaughter jerks is locked up behind bars. What they are trying to do is criminal.
    I think 60 minutes or CBS Sunday morning had a short segment on the Takhi a few months ago.
    Amazing – looks like heaven for horses there.
    Thank you so much for this video.


  7. Thanks, Fitches. I am totally “into” ancient things, being a scholar of Egyptian culture. Love the horses; the music is terrific. My dog loved it, especially the digeree-do-like sounds.


  8. Great to see them and hear them living free in the land of their ancient ancestry. May they be restored throughout their ancestral home. These scenes are like dreams come true! Their freedom is a good dream come true and it will also be here in America to a much greater and more just extent! Like this music!


  9. Beautiful video & photos, thank you so for sharing them with us! You are truly blessed to be able to do what you do, & go places that most of us can only dream about. These wild horses are beautiful, & so peaceful, the horse with the longer mane was amazing! Thank you again! 🙂


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