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December 13th: National Day of the Horse

Information Supplied by Equine Welfare Alliance; jointly supported by Wild Horse Freedom Federation Join the event on Facebook and invite your friends and family! This is the 3rd Annual Event on Facebook. It’s a day to share your thoughts, photos and personal stories of how horses contribute to […]

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Scathing Seasons Greetings Poster Depicts a Wild Horse Caught in Barbed Wire Courtesy of the BLM

Information supplied by Protect Mustangs.org Public outrage gets creative… SAN FRANCISCO (December 20, 2012)–Citizens around the word are outraged at the BLM’s cruelty towards America’s native wild horses. The alleged federally protected mustangs are being rounded up and removed by the thousands only to be stockpiled in the […]

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The Knappster: A Victory for the Horse Killers

Been dying for a thick, juicy horse burger but can’t find a meat market that sells the good stuff anymore? Did killjoy animal lovers thwart your plan to send a holiday gift box filled with flash-frozen tenderloins de Flicka to your Uncle Pierre in Bruges? Are herds of dadgum wild mustangs running through your neighborhood again, dropping horse pucky all over your croquet course?

Well, don’t you fret, Tex. Sharpen up the old meat hook and fire up the barbecue because horse slaughter is on its way back.

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Mexico Equine Advocates Appeal Globally for Help

Chicago (EWA) –Equine Welfare organizations around the world are responding to an appeal by their Mexican counterparts requesting support in forcing an end to the blatant cruelty and abuse at the San Bernabe Slaughter Auction in the Municipality of Almoloya de Juárez.

A video appeal was released on July 3, revealing the common place abuse of equines heading to slaughter. In an incident that is said to be typical of the mistreatment, a pregnant mare with a broken foot was pushed off a ramp that resulted in her breaking both of her knees. In obvious agony, she was dragged off to slaughter.

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Video Report Shows Obama’s BLM Abuse Wild Horses in Short Term Holding

WASHINGTON (April 8, 2011)—The Cloud Foundation received a written report and video documentation from Lisa Friday after her tour last month of BLM’s Butterfield Short Term Wild Horse and Burro Holding Facility, outside Salt Lake City. Friday was shocked to find wild horses living in unhealthy conditions that would that raise concerns and charges of abuse if they were observed in private facilities.

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