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The Knappster: A Victory for the Horse Killers

by George Knapp from Las Vegas CITYLIFE

Decency, Compassion and Honesty Took a Hit from the Darkside

“Anyone who feels strongly about cutting up horses (including wild mustangs) for food needs to have their voices heard now. “

Journalist Equine Champion ~ George Knapp AKA The "Knappster"

Been dying for a thick, juicy horse burger but can’t find a meat market that sells the good stuff anymore? Did killjoy animal lovers thwart your plan to send a holiday gift box filled with flash-frozen tenderloins de Flicka to your Uncle Pierre in Bruges? Are herds of dadgum wild mustangs running through your neighborhood again, dropping horse pucky all over your croquet course?

Well, don’t you fret, Tex. Sharpen up the old meat hook and fire up the barbecue because horse slaughter is on its way back.

Like people in most other civilized nations, Americans — as a rule — do not eat horses. We don’t eat dogs or house cats, either, though some folks do in other parts of the world. We generally regard horses, dogs and cats as pets, friends and partners, not as four-legged Sloppy Joes. For the time being, dogs and cats are safe, most likely because there isn’t enough meat on their bones to offer much profit potential.

But horses?

In 2007, horse lovers and animal-welfare groups convinced Congress that the slaughter of horses for human consumption is despicable, barbaric, not something Americans should support. Congress voted to cut off funding for all horse-meat slaughter plants, which effectively closed down those few remaining in the U.S. But ever since, Big Agriculture has been plotting a return to the glory days of sending tens of thousands of horses to be butchered, then shipped to Belgium or Japan for sale in markets or restaurants.

A few rabid ranchers have been out in front on this issue, telling Congress that we are really missing out on some big money by allowing American horses to be shipped to Canada and Mexico to be slaughtered instead of carving them up right here at home. The same folks who have pushed to reopen the slaughterhouses are the loudest voices in support of clearing public lands of wild horses, which, presumably, are nice and lean and would be great in a stroganoff. They put some money together, hired a select group of pro-meat lobbyists (such as former Texas Congressman Charlie Stenholm), then let nature take its course. We all know how things work in Washington.

The Government Accounting Office conducted a supposedly impartial study, one that appears to mirror the propaganda written by slaughter proponents, and that’s all the cover Congress needed. As of this week, a conference committee focusing on a massive appropriations bill containing budgets for Agriculture, Justice, Commerce, HUD and other biggies very quietly removed the ban on funding for horse-meat inspectors. One minute it was there. The next it was gone. Poof.

What it means is that unless the full Congress discusses the issue before passing the larger appropriations bill, then horse-meat plants will be back in business very soon. “The roadblock has been removed,” crowed Wyoming representative and rancher Sue Wallis, the most vocal of the pro-slaughter crowd.

Anyone who feels strongly about cutting up horses (including wild mustangs) for food needs to have their voices heard now. It seems doubtful that any of Nevada’s congressional folks are major supporters of horse slaughter, but chances are that what happened in the conference committee is not a high priority. An angry public could help change that.

One issue not given consideration by the pro-slaughter folks is that since the 2007 ban, European countries have raised their standards for horse meat. Most American horses are so riddled with chemicals and contaminants that the meat could only be sold abroad if someone looks the other way. Most of it will likely not pass health inspections. That won’t matter a bit to the bloodthirsty folks with dollar signs in their eyes, but it should matter to the rest of us.

GEORGE KNAPP is a Peabody Award-winning investigative reporter for KLAS channel 8. Reach him at

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  1. Noooooooooooooooooo, they all have to be shut down. In Canada, Mexico and the US!!!!!! I would die if I could never see a true wild mustang again or know what has happened to the horses and how they suffer. It has to stop!!! Captive bolt Sue Wallis first and just miss her brain. Oh, my bad, she doesn’t have one!!!


  2. I just sent this entire Alert to Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Ben Chandler, and President Obama, and titled it: ” BAD JOB on the BUDGET: HORSE MEAT WILL GIVE YOU BONE MARROW CANCER. DO YOU CARE?”

    Not that they will give a crap, but I intend to send it Every Day for the Next Year.


  3. I’m going to carry this dialogue forward, because I’m wondering something…

    Janet Ferguson
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 18:01:28
    I am trying to say that you can export horsemeat to China and Japan without the EU regulations, I would think. . .
    R.T. Fitch
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 18:08:56
    You are correct, Janet. The horse eaters will turn to Asia as the EU market dries up.
    South Korean trade deal signed: Bend over America!
    December 4, 2010 by ppjg
    China Wants To Construct A 50 Square Mile Self-Sustaining City South Of Boise, Idaho


  4. This makes me wonder just what kind of deals are being made?

    China still has appetite for U.S. debt
    China increased its holdings by $5 billion in April to just over $900 billion. This was the second consecutive increase after four months in which China, the largest foreign owner of U.S. debt, pulled back on Treasurys. It’s also the first time that China’s holdings exceeded $900 billion since November of last year


    • And don’t forget that China is buying 50 miles square of land in Idaho of a self-sustaining city. Nice, they will be right in the middle of the country in a city that our government will have no say so over. Frightening!


      • Maybe they (China) are behind the EPA dismantling movement. As China’s leaders push for greener industrial practices in China, Chinese owned industries will just move over here with all the rest of the polluters and carry on business as usual.

        US Tax Code is full of all kinds of malignant tentacles allowing questionable trade practices and financial incentives which wriggle like tantalizing maggots — just beyond sight and downwind of the American Taxpayers. Tasty morsels for the like of these slimeballs in Washington, who flock to the spoils of the morally bankrupt for their share of goodies.

        PS: George Knapp: “We generally regard horses, dogs and cats as pets, friends and partners, not as four-legged Sloppy Joes.” A most quotable quote!


  5. how very, very sad…it is always alway about money isn’t it??? it does not matter that these creatures are living, breathing, feeling, beings…….i question whose pockets are being padded with the blood of our horses..and how anyone could/can send their companion to slaughter


  6. To put the icing on the cake. Ranchers have made it clear that they will raise drug free horses for slaughter, as they also salivate over our wild Mustangs meat. Another words. horses will be raised like cows, with little to no contact, for the sole purpose of being slaughtered. They will ignore their intelligence level, they will ignore injury, they will ignore that they are in no means like cattle and the lives of these horses will be riddled with cruelty from day one. We are a Nation of good, decent and caring people, that should be completely mortified, embarrassed and irrate with our government. Knowing by a little research, that these whore mungering, money mongers of this committee were bought and paid for by special interest and ignored the tax payers who pay their paychecks. Pitch forks in the streets, all the way to Washington to scoop the dung out of the offices of House and Senate would be the right thing to do.


  7. Oh my God!! What’s next? Dogs, cats, CHILDREN? There are a lot of homeless children sitting in foster care and orphanages and no one wants to give them a home, what is next people? Will they take those unwanted children and send them to the slaughter house too? I hate to be blunt, but nothing would surprise me. I thought we lived in a civilized country, we are becoming barbaric, so why not? There are a lot of sleezy, scumbags out there, so watch your horses, children,etc. with your life! Some people will do anything to make a buck! I am beginning to think this is not a country that I am proud of!!!!


  8. Stop breeding- if you cannot afford your horse and it is aged please shoot it- Bury on your farm-
    Reckless breeding and video games , parents not sending their kids to a riding camp or farm to learn about farm animals-
    I once taught a very nice African American young man to help horses through pain point release method I teach – he never touched or saw a horse in his life , my horses took him in and loved him – He was trilled to be in their presence


  9. Not only is this disgusting…but our representatives are lumping us into the same mental stupidity as third world countries…horse slaughter is just plain wrong…and it is not only horrific but without a doubt..the most inhumane way any living thing can die…it is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I see my country slide into this low level of compassion and greed…The United States people will regret the day..that they allow the few in power to ruin centuries of advancement ..Albert Einstein said it best.. when he said that IF a man aspires to a righteous life, his FIRST act of abstinence is from injury to animals..obviously the representatives in Washington have yet to learn this yet..they will pay the price when their life is over…


  10. Louie, thanks for the info on China . Just follow the money as usual.
    Chinese is being taught in schools BTW even in KY and Japan has factories all over this state.
    Most Congressmen/women have sold their souls although some like Sue Wallsi never had any .


  11. I am sick to death with the news that we ALL WILL BE PAYING THIS WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS. I am in Vancouver, BC at the Arabian Horse Associations annual convention. The Demons of Hell are every where. I was blind sided in our committee meeting which is Equine Stress by a Mary .R from the United
    Horsemans group. They are screaming in victory with this one…It seems like I am the only person here protecting our lovely horses. God, I wish that would have had a different outcome..I guess I would rather go down in flames than be leaving with my tail between my legs! But I will make sure our Delegates know that WE WILL BE PAYING FOR THIS AGAIN!!!! So who is listening to us?


    • It is sickening, isn’t it?

      Someone posted earlier here on another thread they attended an extension service sponsored session/meeting in WV and couldn’t believe all the lies that were being perpetuated by people at the meeting (animal rights, want to shut down all ag, etc). Sickening the lies and falsehoods these Ag Hag machines are allowed to spew, like the GAO report.


  12. You put things together pretty well Louie, and I will bet this new Chinese city will also be designated as A FREE ENTERPRIZE ZONE!!!
    then a sovergn city~~~~~~~then shite law~~~~~~~~~what the H*!! is next.

    Looks like first the horses, then us~~~~this is the selling out of America.


  13. Vickie Tobin from EQUINE WELFARE ALLIANCE posted this and I think it’s important…I just brought forward the main points. She knows from experience what won’t work and what WILL work:

    “We need people to meet one-on-one with their legislators or key aids and send individual letters/faxes and make phone calls. They have to keep hearing from their constituents until we get through to them. Our advocates need to stay focused and deliver a consistent message. Bible quotes and gory pictures won’t change their minds. Wasted taxpayer dollars, local environmental clean-up costs, litigation costs and tainted meat, will. But we have to keep up the pressure. Don’t only call the oppostion. Our legistors that support us must also hear from us so they know the support is still behind them”


    • Right, Louie. This AM I called both Moran and Farr’s office’s and thanked them and wished them a Happy Thanksgiving. Grijalva is another “good guy”. Whitfield and Rahall were–don’t know about now. Do you have the list of supporters for the AHSPA ?


      • I also faxed Moran and Farr to thank them. I plan to continue faxing them documentation they can use to overcome the lies Congress has been told.
        Stuff about tainted meat, the EU’s coming crackdown, anything that will help. Also keep hammering at my own useless Senators and Rep. I got nice replies when I wrote Rand Paul and (believe it or not) Speaker Boehner, so I will stay in touch with them too.

        Keep reminding them too the the majority of Americans feel pretty strongly against the slaughter of our horses, especially on our own soil.


      • I personally handed Rand Paul a packet of info on horse slaughter and the wild horss but all I’ve ever gotten was Iwhat committee a bil is in ansd who introduced it , etc. and “I’ll keep your views in mind ” which means absolutely nothing and he’s one of my senators. What did he tell you he’d actually do ?
        Is he going to sponsor the American Horse Prevention Act ?


  14. Honestly, I think it’s silly to get really upset about the prospect of cats, dogs, and horses being used for meat when pigs, cows, and chickens are perfectly acceptable under just as deplorable conditions, but that’s another issue.

    I am really, truly upset to hear this news. It’s just… devastating.


  15. This story in Cleveland Plain dealer today : by Lee Bowman , Bill allows killing horses for human food: Its the time of year that most families are thing about putting turkey on the table, not Trigger…….. But language quietly stripped from a must-pass federal spending bill this week would enable slaughter of horses for human consumption to resume in the United States for the first time in more than 5 years………The legislative bundle , which includes language that avoids a partial government shutdown after today, cant be amended and was scheduled to clear both the house and the senate by weekend……………..Chris Heyde, a lobbyist for the Animal Welfare Institute, decried how the policy was changed by just three members of Congress and their staffs behind the closed doors of a conference committee , giving animal lovers no chance to argue their concerns,

    Sens. Herb Kohl, the Wisconson Democrat and Roy Blunt, the Missouri republican, were joined by REP Jack Kngston, the Georgia Republican in voting for the change Only the fourth member of the conference committee, REP. sam Farr , the California Democrat objected…………..Heyde and other animal rights activists say the move leaves them only with one avenue to keep domestic horse packing plants from starting up again——legislation banning horse slaughter ENTIRELY……


  16. The only way to stop The bill that Senators Herb Kohl, Wisconsin…..Democrat, Roy Blunt, Missouri Republican and jack Kingston, Georgia Republican changed the wording behind closed doors , is to end Horse slaughter no other way !!!!! These 3 have opened the doors to hell to our equines……………………………….. One Senator objected Sam Farr California Democrat………………..


  17. The Door of real Hell for our equines was opened by 3 Senators Herb Kohl Democrat, Wisconsin…………..Roy Blunt , Missouri Republican……. And Rep. Jack Kingston, Georgia Republican…………………………..


  18. Congressman Dan Burton from Indiana is another Friend. He has taken a strong stand against slaughter. His letter is on Madeleine Picken’s website


  19. Congresswoman Mary Landrieu has been on the side of our Wild Horses and Burros. I would think that she is also against slaughter.


    • I respect Senator Landrieu (D-Louisiana)…but sometimes, I am disappointed.

      That is not a bash. I like her; most of the time, I support her position on issues.
      We have to recognize equines don’t vote and Agribiz has bought the attention and consideration of Congress.


  20. Well, George, this is not what many horse people want. It is not what the public wants, either. But it is what some money freaks want and they will drag all of us back into this filthy and obscene business to gratify those who have been bit**ing and moaning loudest. What a shame and pity the people have been circumvented once again by their reps and senators! What a dirty rotten crying shame!


  21. Wow the light is on now, Lets see the BLM has stock piled over 38,000 plus horses and right out of the blue sneaks 3 men who pass a bill that allows horse slaughter plants to be built at the American tax payers expense?????? i smell a huge rat here !!!! this is not a coincidence this is a deep seeded pay off, tax payers foot the bill the government slaughters 38,000 horses all on our dime………..They make boo coo bucks …..Now what we gonna do people????


    • Stop them with the facts and the majority of our people who say this must

      I do smell a rat also. I think our government is so out of step with the people
      we should just call for a stop to all new legislation! Who is getting representation and action? Corporations and greedy manipulators. Who still represents the people? Only a good few!

      We, the people, are getting run down in the road!


      • You can say THAT again, Mar. Worst I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been around a while. We just keep on bombarding them with facts. Hopefully, the Slaughter Queen and the Duk will bury themselves under their own fantasies.


  22. Check this out and look who we’re supposed to contact (besides signing the petition)
    Posted: 15 November 2011
    Right now, the US Congress is debating a law that would give them the power to censor the world’s Internet — creating a blacklist that could target YouTube, WikiLeaks and even groups like Avaaz!

    Under the new law, the US could force Internet providers to block any website on suspicion of violating copyright or trademark legislation, or even failing to sufficiently police their users’ activities. And, because so much of the Internet’s hosts and hardware are located in the US, their blacklist would clamp down on the free web for all of us.

    The vote could happen any day now, but we can help stop this — champions in Congress want to preserve free speech and tell us that an international outcry would strengthen their hand. Let’s urgently raise our voices from every corner of the world and build an unprecedented global petition calling on US decision makers to reject the bill and stop Internet censorship. Sign now and then forward as widely as possible — our message will be delivered directly to key members of the US Congress ahead of the crucial vote.
    double our impact by calling Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, asking him to reject the Blacklist Bill and save the Internet.

    Phone numbers for Harry Reid’s offices:
    775-686-5750 (Reno, Nevada)
    202-224-3542 (Washington DC)
    Toll Free for Nevadans:
    1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)


  23. AWHPC Statement on the White House’s “Canned” Response to Our Wild Horse Petition

    If you signed the Wild Horse and Burro petition on the White House’s “We the People” website, you have received the same canned response that we received from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director, Bob Abbey.

    We are as frustrated and disappointed as you are with this insulting and dismissive response to the sincere concern of thousands of American citizens who seek reform of the costly and cruel federal Wild Horse and Burro Program.

    We wanted to share our letter to President Obama’s chief of staff, William Daley, highlighting the inadequacy of the response and the White House’s utter failure to consider this issue, as promised in the “We the People” initiative.

    To the thousands of you who took the time to sign the petition – WE THANK YOU and promise to continue to fight for our wild horses and burros. We hope that you will continue to join us.

    18 November 2011

    William Daley, Chief of Staff
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, DC 20500

    Dear Mr. Daley:

    I am writing on behalf of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and the thousands of Americans who signed the “We the People” petition titled “Protect Wild Horses and Burros; Reform Inhumane Interior Department Management Program That Wastes Tax Dollars” to register our grave disappointment with the November 17, 2011 response from the White House. The petition calls on the Obama Administration to stop the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from wasting millions of tax dollars to roundup and remove wild horses by the tens of thousands from public lands in the West, and to instead implement a cost-effective policy to manage these national icons on the range using proven and humane cost-effective methods.

    The White House’s canned response to this petition, signed by thousands of American citizens, was authored, not by a White House policy official, but rather by BLM Director Bob Abbey – the very individual responsible for the mismanagement of the federal Wild Horse and Burro Program, which is the subject of the petition.

    In unveiling the “We the People” initiative, the White House promised “a new way to petition the Obama Administration” and that “White House staff will review” the issue. However, there was nothing new in the response. The White House merely delivered the old familiar BLM rhetoric that has been used for the past several years to rationalize the agency’s mismanagement and waste of tax dollars. Included is the touting of a “new strategy” that is being implemented despite the receipt of tens of thousands of public comments opposing the majority of the strategy’s components.

    Had we, the people who signed the petition, wanted a response from the BLM, we would have written to the BLM. Or better yet, since the response is just a cut-and-paste of BLM propaganda, we could have read it on the agency’s website and saved ourselves the considerable time and effort it took to log into the White House’s website and sign the petition!

    President Obama has the full authority to reform the federal wild horse and burro program and could do so with one telephone call to his Secretary of the Interior. The fact that the White House didn’t even take the time to review this petition is a slap in the face to the American citizens who believed in the President’s promise that their concerns would be seriously considered. As a result, we are left to conclude that the entire “We the People” website is little more than a re-election campaign gimmick.

    We conclude this letter with a final plea for President Obama’s attention to this issue and a request for a meeting with White House staff to discuss badly needed reform. To such a meeting we would bring wild horse and range experts to discuss the humane, cost-effective solutions, which have already been proposed but continue to be ignored by the BLM and Mr. Abbey.

    It’s time that President Obama intervened in this issue to fulfill his promise for hope and change for the future.

    We await your prompt response.


    Suzanne Roy
    Campaign Director
    American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

    AWHPC Founding Sponsor Advocacy Sponsor

    The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) is d


    • We need a million letters (real ones, with stamps) like this targeting the Chief of Staff.

      I am beginning to wonder about the efficacy of just the on-line petitions. I am even wondering what efficacy means.


      • This is an excellent idea. This is something worth pursuing.

        Happy Holidays to the White House Chief of Staff!! LISTEN UP!!!

        Suzanne’s letter leads the way. Tell them how you feel about ALL the wild wild horses and roundups and the slaughter industry Obama said he would keep down.

        This makes sense as an active target who needs to feel the weight of the people who want to Save the wild ones and End Slaughter.


      • I have been advised by people who should know that petitions are a waste of time. It certainly seems to be true. I’m going to concentrate on sending individual Congress persons significant documentation – on and on and on. Until the notice me or block me, one or the other.


  24. Does anyone know why the Reps. who conspired to pass this bill did it? I assume that they have been “bought” by someone, but who? If we knew who was buying corrupt politicians on behalf of a horsemeat lobbyist, we could post a petition oppsing the lobbyist, not to mention the Congressmen.

    I find it heartbreaking that President Obama can’t seem to take any positive action on behalf of anything or anyone. It’s as if he is paralyzed by the powers he now has. I plan to vote against him no matter what especially because he has so deeply failed wildlife and our national public lands. I’m writing in Sen. Bernie Sanders of VT.


    • Ellen, this may help answer your question, posted at R.T.’s “Congressional Appropriations. . . ” article a couple of articles back:

      Simone Netherlands
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 16:04:11
      if you want fingers pointed, point at this: campaign donations from the farm bureau, AVMA, Pfizer and the AQHA to : Kingston, Nelson, Blunt, Kohl and Hutchison.
      If you want to know which legislators are still honest, all you have to do is look at which legislators are animal welfare friendly. Because that means that they have rejected campaign donations just to stand up for what is right. These legislators are the only honest ones left.
      Pretty easy way to determine who to vote for isnt it? Respect4Horses has a vote4horses page on facebook where it is easy to find out who voted for what and who is a co sponsor. We need a manager for that page as I cannot handle the work load anymore.
      For next voting season, make signs similar to campaign signs that say do NOT vote for this legislator, his record is inhumane, or something like that, or he wants to slaughter horses. Put it right next to the legislators campaign signs.


      • Anyone here want to help Simone Administer a good site that will help all of us know who is doing what in DC? Please come forward. This is needed!! It will not take much time!!


    • Senator Sanders is a HOOT! I love him. He is on MSNBC all the time. Weiner was a good guy until he had to take pictures of his crotch…he was a real fighter against those trolls in Congress. I’m still p.o’d, at him for doing such a STOOOPID thing. WE, err THE HORSES NEEDED HIM.


  25. THEN WE MUST SEND A MILLION LETTERS TO THE WHITE HOUSE flood them with our discontent via US POSTAL SERVICE,one letter from each of us…..short but to the point !!!!! Petitions they use them to keep us busy while they are bending us over……………………….They Are HELL BENT WITH SLAUGHTERING EVERYONE OF OUR MUSTANGS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WE ARE HELL BENT IN STOPPING THEM >>>>>>>>>>>>>>……GET THOSE PENS READY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> What happened with that bill was shear PAY OFF ON that you can beet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope they never sleep another a nite in their lives thinking about the horror they have caused…………….those three men need to feel the extent of what the have done ………………….


  26. I have noticed on Facebook that there is a “Filter” on the “Wall” that will initially show only the posts made by the Wall’s administrator — so ya have to click on Everybody on thefilter to see what mere mortals are posting.

    If you find a wall posting the Wall administrator has made, you can add ANY LENGTH STATEMENT to the comment. Personally I think it is better to make sure the comment you leave has some iota of relationship to the posting — like, if Mr. Blunt (Trauma) has been posting feel goodies like Who’s Who at the Icecream Social, you wait until they post something like “XYZ has decided not to run for . . . xyz” and then you ‘comment’ there. This will remain on the FRONT WALL until the administrator physically removes it or it is gradually shuffled to the bottom of the heap of other postings by the administrator.

    Unfortunately, there used to be “Discussions” tabs on Facebook which would allow visitors to start discussions (such as what is on the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Facebook– or was). Not there on Mr. Blunt’s Facebook!!!


  27. How many mustangs are in holding? Where (exactly where) are those farms full of our horses– how many? who’s watching the back gate? horses we own but can’t see ?? Remember, BLM said NO they are not sending ANY of those horses to slaughter–except for the 3 strikers–and a truck load here and there……and maybe a few others…. just like there was no money for “gathers” this summer….. Fight now, warriors, before the vats are built.
    I was disgusted to receive that BLM response to our petition–it hardens my distrust of anything government. We have not failed–our failure would be to abandon the cause. Please join a Vigil on Dec.15– in memory of Wild Horse Annie and the WFRH&B Act–that was supposed to protect our wild free horses. May her spirit hear us…. and guide us…..


  28. Mr. Knapp,
    I would appreciate any links to the new GAO report, or more details of the lobbyist group headed by Charlie Stenholm, *and especially* the title of the appropriations bill so that I may once again write my congressman.

    And Arlene and Suzanne, I actually received no response whatever after signing the petition at the We the People webpage. My congressman, Brad Sherman, who is usually keen to support Animal Rights issues, is also unusually silent on my letters.

    And regarding the GAO: Here is a link for a 1991 GAO summary that states that the DOI is removing horses without arbitrarily at the behest of cattle ranchers., so I find it suspect that with almost no difference in policy, the assessment has changed.




  29. Oh, and I’d love to know how this all went down. This new GAO report (which I admittedly know very little about, but would be glad to get more info on) came out in favor of slaughter advocates this week. As recently as November 2nd, at the Doubletree Hotel in Washington DC – Crystal City, the National Intergovernmental Audit Forum held a conference where moderator, Chair of the NIAF and Comtroller General of the US GAO, Gene L. Dodaro gave his introduction, and then introduced keynote speaker Congressman Henry Cuellar, who in serving the 28th district of TX, lauds his strong advocacy for ranchers. The quote form the bio prepared for the address reads as follows:

    “As the only Texas Democrat to serve on the House Agriculture Committee in the 112th Congress, Congressman Cuellar is a staunch advocate for the 12,000 farms and ranches in the 28th District of Texas. During his third term in Congress he worked closely with the Texas Farm Service Agency and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to secure drought relief assistance for Texas’ farms. In 2008, he also passed an amendment in the Farm Bill to address cattle fever ticks, making it the first federal bill to specifically address this major South Texas concern. In 2009, Congressman Cuellar helped secure $9.9 million for Cattle Fever Tick Research.”

    All other participants were there in their capacity as auditors, including Patricia Dalton, Chief Operating Officer of the US GAO who until recently headed up work on agriculture and food safety as well as overseeing federal land, and land stewardship issues. So my question is, what in Congressman Cuellar career, which I am not in and of itself critical of, makes him able to inform the wide world of auditors gathered to discuss the issues and ethics of their day? It’s not rhetorical, I’d really like to know. Especially in the wake of such a damning and shocking decision caming from the GAO office so shortly after this ranching advocate was asked to address the morning NIAF session.

    Click to access NIAF-TENTATIVE_AGENDA_11_2011.pdf

    Click to access speaker%20bios.pdf


  30. I suggest post cards be sent instead of letters since letters have to be inspected for harmful substances.

    The 1991 GAO study has been completely ignored by the DOI/BLM.
    The NAS “study” now is just a delay tactic while the last of out wild horses and burros are being wiped out.


    • Excellent ideas and points.

      Anyone remember what org made those postcards we were given back in DC at the first march? They were excellent, plus they gave me the rep/sen’s labels to put on.


      • It was Garnet Pasquale’s org. that had the post cards. Can’t remember her org.’s name right now.


      • That may have been them, Jan. Copy paper is too flimsy for post cards though so maybe we could just use regular cards. Whoever made them before only asked for a small donation to cover costs of supplying them.
        I like the 2nd one really well though.


  31. Post cards sound great !!!!! its getting everyone yo do it at the same time , they need to receive a flood of them all at approx. same time………………….. Then its a statement that cannot be ignored…………………………………..


    • We would need to get a table, volunteers (not a lot),a schedule, select specific locations (OWS, community events) and get folks to fill out the cards, take them back, put postage on them and mail.


  32. 80 per cent of Americans detest horse slaughter, can you imagine if we can unite them on this ??? Now That is a Statement nobody could ignore !!!!!!! We need to do this , it is how can we get them to do it?????? This is no longer a Quest for the horses , it has now become a dire need to save them, I have watched in horror for 8 years, watched them needlessly abused and murdered , have their lives and their families torn to pieces to , it has come to the time that we must stop and rectify this complete and total horror…………………….Quite frankly I am sick of it……………it is a dire need to rectify this, time is not on their side ……………… How much longer must we watch them brutally murdered ………………………for nothing more than greed………………………..??????????? Through it all i have seen Nature try to help them with tools she gives to them…… no avail….. We must step in with a demand attitude……………………………….


  33. We need to clean out THESE legislators who CONSTANTLY IGNORE OUR WISHES!!! The ONLY way we can stop these horrors is to make sure that changes are made that WE want!!!!


  34. This is ridiculous, the majority rules, no horse slaughter, why do they keep getting away with this. HELP, what do we do?


  35. It’s the Rancher’s and their lobbiest’s. The gun-toters. The NRA nuts. The ‘I just want to shoot something’ morons. Before, it was bear and wolves. Now, it’s the horses. Then’ it’ll be your cat or your dog. Don’t think that’s too far fetched? You all voted them in. AND you can vote them out. Don’t forget about Barak. He signed the bill. Out. Out, damned spot. It’s up to you.


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