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BLM Attempts to Double Talk Way Out of Bind, Again

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Impotent Investigation Allegedly Clears BLM of Cruelty Charges

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone as a recent biased newspaper article from the Salt Lake Tribune indicates that conditions at the Utah BLM Butterfield Short Term Holding facility are “OK” and are no longer considered to be abusive and cruel to the captured wild horses held within.

With over a month to clean up the mess BLM Jared Redington and that a local Humane Society “official” says that things are just hunky-dory at the squalid concentration camp.

The article is written by one Brandon Loomis who takes a number of below the belt shots at wild horse advocates, The Cloud Foundation and Ginger Katrhrens herself.  Biased and misinformed Mr. Loomis extols the BLM for what they do and allows the managing government employee full rein of the article with no comment from the opposing side.  It is also obvious that Mr. Loomis made a phone call to the facility rather than taking the time to visit the location first hand.

Lisa Friday, the individual who shot the video and filed the report has not, to date, been contacted by any reporter or member of the Utah Humane Society.  She was, however, contacted by the BLM who wished to interrogate her, via the telephone, while a large number of personnel were on the speaker phone call in the background.  When Ms. Friday attempted to direct the BLM “investigators” to her report she was informed that she was impeding a federal investigation.

Twisted and one sided journalism such as displayed by the Salt Lake Tribune does not produce favorable or honest results for the horses nor for the campaign to stop the BLM from managing our wild horses into extinction and it must not go unnoted.

Please click (HERE) to read Mr. Loomis’ article and to comment on this case of poor reporting and biased journalism.

Updates to follow.

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  1. Copied from my facebook page –

    Pathetic! Investigating Lisa for WHAT? Exercising her First Amendment rights? It’s OK for the disgusting Westboro Baptist to protest at private military funerals, but when a citizen airs their views on the BLM on the internet is subject to a FEDERAL INVESTIGATION? Give me a break.

    They have gotten to be WAY too big for their britches.


  2. So not only is BLM lazy and heartless they are now also threatening citizens. Lisa please tell them that you would be happy to be interrogated on the floor of Congress but not by some telephone committee of pitiful little piss ants.


  3. to see ALL that DRY land surrounding this corral , its just such SIMPLE lack of caring or concern that these animals are forced to wallow in their own excrement,. Are you telling us that with $12 million dollars the BLM has gotten that simply moving corral panells to the neighboring dry land is too much to ask for these poor animals , whats wrong with this picture ???


  4. Lisa, thanks for standing up to the bully BLM. This reminds me of Leslie Peeples’ experience at Sheldon and also when BLM wanted to ‘investigate and confiscate’ film/video from Laura this past Antelope roundup. They would be happy to remove your proof from you if you let them! mar


  5. Someone needs to send them a copy of the Constitution.

    Ooops! Silly me – I forgot – they don’t CARE about the Constitution.


  6. Has anyone else gotten a letter from Debbie Collins telling us how BLM takes all of this seriously? HS in Salt Lake blah blah blah. I actually guffawed quite out loud when I read that at work.

    Serious my left butt cheek. The lady at the BLM who I spoke to on Monday told me when I asked her if she wanted to live in that slop–she said NO, and that’s why she wasn’t a horse.

    Horsekeeping the creative way. You have several pens surrounded by a middle pen. You can turn all the horses loose in that mid pen–while you much the pen the horses live in. Sure it might be a touch crowded but if you go pen by pen the horses shouldn’t be in that mid pen too long. This way you stay on top of the muck. And YOU MAKE SURE YOUR ROTATE PENS REGULARLY SO EVERY SINGLE ONE GET’S CLEANED ONCE A WEEK.

    On another serious note–Old Friends Equine in Kentucky is in the middle of a financial crisis. This is a time for all advocates to be watchful. Our hearts and our minds are turned to Old Friends. Be wary of the BLM. They attack when our focus is elsewhere. We need people to stay on both issues.

    Some may have a preference–great. Others may be good at multi tasking–equally great. Where ever you think your best effort would be appreciated–please feel free to jump on board and help out.


  7. Lisa obviously you have done some excellent, accurate work and that is precisely why the corrupt BLM is worried! Stay the course and know there are plenty of good folks behind you, many more than the bullies!


  8. DO take a stroll over to the Salt Lake Tribune and add your two cents worth–for the Horses:

    Please click (HERE) to read Mr. Loomis’ article and to comment on this case of poor reporting and biased journalism.


  9. There are some there that need a better understanding of the whole picture. For instance:

    “They’re non-native invasive species, any amount is over populated. Adopt them to roam your own lands if wild horses give you the warm and fuzzies. But why should taxpayers have to support them indefinitely. Without management the end result of that is gross overpopulation and further reduction of native ruminant species. Lets see more native elk, deer, antelope and bison. I think a systematic program of neutering is more humane then euthanization, disease and/or starvation”


  10. BLM is still in a defensive posture, and they’d better be. Waiting to hear how Madeleine Pickens did in Washington yesterday. I am certain this video is of greater concern than the BLM will admit. As for Utah Humane, have never heard of ’em nor of any of their “accomplishments.” If it were Missouri Humane Society the assessment would be credible. Wish we were closer so we could visit Butterfield. When we called on Monday, we were invited to visit by many of the BLM people in Utah. Thanks for being there for us, Lisa, and reporting. Keep up the good work and relentless determination.

    Need to go check out this problem at Old Friends. Maybe we can help them with some funding. Thanks for the heads-up.


    • The Triple Crown is right around the corner. I’d like to see recognized TB rescues get something out of those who claim to set such store by these magnificent horses who give their all, including their LIVES, for human entertainment and profit. The tracks, connections, and patrons can make a difference if they choose to step up. How do we make them feel proud (or GUILTY) enough to do it?


  11. Hmmm, impeding a federal investigation? I guess that this is the best they can come up with to condone their neglectful actions. This is disgusting on behalf of the BLM.


  12. I still see the comments on the Salt Lake article…referring to the gal who did the video and report as an “advocate”. She was an adopter. She went there to adopt horses. I wish they would make that clear.


  13. Well if they are going after Lisa it just verifies Lisa’s video, that the BLM are guilty of abuse and they will do what ever it takes to hide the evidence. Their actions shows their guilt. ( guilt in the sense their wrong doings; I doubt anyone at BLM feels guilt)

    The only way they have a case on Lisa is if she was not given permission to take pictures or videos of the horses. If the holding Facility is considered “Private Property” then that is the only way they can charge her. But her charge would be mild and probably dismissed if she has a good lawyer.

    BLM lacks equine knowledge Lisa’s report proves it, the feed part pissed me off!! You can’t feed horses just alfalfa, every horseman knows it!! Alfalfa is a great legume but never used as just a source of feed, it’s usually used with Hay. I used to give the quarter horses a flake or two of alfalfa with the rest of their hay. It is also good for young foals and pregnant mares but even then no one just gives alfalfa….At least no one I know just feeds the horses alfalfa…


  14. I would love to see any of our advocates in Utah put together an investigative team (at least 5-10 people as there is safety in numbers! LOL) and make a trip to those pens to be shown around and film the conditions – including SEEING the foals that were supposed born there! Let’s get serious and play the game by their rules!


    • There should be at least two people to document everything, everywhere. Otherwise it’s, “He said, she said.” All photos and videos should be date/time-stamped, with GPS if possible. If videos can’t be date/time-stamped, including an image of that day’s local newspaper at the beginning of the uneditied footage should be a credible reference.


  15. Questioning Lisa OVER THE PHONE was harrassment. The BLMers who were in in that call need to be identified. If there’s a real “federal investigation”, a LAWYER would take a deposition, in person and under oath, from whomever observed and reported the “activity”. If they’re going to refute something legally and “above board”, they have to have something legal to refute!


  16. The BLM is seeking applications/support letters for membership in the Northwest California Resource Advisory Council by Monday, May 2. I know people have tried to get on councils before, but I hope someone from NoCal will at least apply for consideration.

    Category two (one vacancy): Representatives of regional or national environmental organizations, archaeological and historical interests, WILD HORSE AND BURRO INTERESTS, and dispersed recreation activities.



  17. What a lazy reporter! Well it’s better now so… the BLM is okay? That’s like saying “Well, we just released everyone from Auschwitz, so Mengele is off the hook.” The hell? You can’t ignore months of abuse just because they cleaned up nice for the reporters. My money says two months from now when the media is off their tails, this facility will be in the same conditon it was before.

    As for the “federal investigation” – it’s all scare tactics. There’s no way the BLM will invegistate Lisa Friday since it would also require an in-depth investigation into them and the evidence it pretty damning.


  18. (repeat from previous comment)
    FYI – This link is the latest information that I have on the Utah BLM abuse. I would like to add that this action is not the end to this problem and this is not the answer to this problem. Please do NOT forget that this kind of abuse is the “normal” way our wild ones are treated after they are torn from their land and their families. No shelter, water frozen over, only mud and feces to sleep in and for foals to be born into and only non-healthy alfalfa being fed (thrown into the mud). I have seen this with my own eyes. They are treated by BLM as nothing more than “numbers” – not real animals. I ask that those who are able to do so, please continue to visit and share photographs and actually check for yourself how our wild ones are being “kept” in the BLM facilities – both long and short. If you are able to visit any of the short term facilities please do so and if you see abuse (like was witnessed at Utah) make a “stink” about it to the Cloud Foundation and Fitch and the local media and the local animal government/sheriff and private animals rights groups and to the BLM state officials (ask them how often THEY visit the facilities unannounced). If you live or visit in the midwest then go and see for yourself whatever you can at these long-term facilities also. Although the BLM contract longterm faciliteis are “private” (this should be wrong!) … many can be seen from the public roads. Go there – watch them – report abuse – and when you are watching them … think about how they deserve and need to be back on their own range land … where they legally and rightfully belong… and then do a little something every single day to try to help. I will thank you and the wild ones will thank you even more.


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