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BLM Temporarily Suspends Tuscarora Wild Horse Gather

Reno, Nev.–The Bureau of Land Management announced today that it is temporarily suspending the Tuscarora wild horse gather operations in Elko County, Nev., after BLM staff determined that gathered horses were dehydrated after seven gathered wild horses died from dehydration-related complications because of insufficient water in the area. The BLM also announced that the Tuscarora gather operations, aimed at removing horses from overpopulated herds, will remain on hold until an assessment has been completed to determine how to best proceed in light of the current condition of these horses.

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New Evidence Links BP to the Controversial Elimination of Protected Wild Horses From Federally Mandated Land by the BLM

Newly discovered evidence in the form of the Ruby Pipeline project contract ties BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) to another environmental catastrophe under way in the western states of the US, the systematic removal and eventual destruction of federally protected wild mustang horses from public land, with the aid of the US Department of The Interior, in violation of federal Law.

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New BLM Appointees Further Stack the Deck Against Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has appointed a hunter, rancher and a horse trainer to the WHB Advisory Board. Equine advocates around the world had hoped that the BLM would live up to their staged promise of increased compassion and understanding but instead they have proven, once again, to wage all out war upon our native wild horses by staffing their advisory board with enemies to the horses versus knowledgeable advocates and horse people.

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BLM Admits Helicopter Stampede Caused Wild Horse Deaths, Refuses Outside Observers in Nevada Census

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management, under siege by press and public for it’s handling of offshore drilling, again has proven it is an agency with a tin ear when it comes to public relations.

With 150 horses and foals now dead in the wake of the most deadly “gather” in BLM history, the agency continues with an apparent government cover-up of the number of horses remaining in Nevada’s remote Calico Mountains.

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Wild Horses Continue to Die Behind Closed Gates from BLM Mismanagment

In the face of public and Congressional outrage over the roundup of nearly 2,000 wild horses from Nevada’s Calico Mountains region, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has announced plans to control and minimize criticism by restricting the very limited public viewing of its operations to a small group of cherry-picked organizations and individuals. The agency is ramping up its capture plans, with over 5,000 more wild horses targeted for roundup and removal over the next four months.

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The BLM’s Snow Job About Water on the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area

When we were on the June 14, 2010 public tour of the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area (HMA), the BLM said the BIG REASON they had to round-up our wild horses was because there WASN’T ENOUGH WATER. They took us by a spring east of Observation Peak, which was fenced off because it was on PRIVATE PROPERTY. The BLM said this spring fed Smoke Creek, which went south of the area. Aside from the actual spring itself, most of the creek/water runs south on public lands through the Twin Peaks Wilderness Study Area to the Smoke Creek Resevoir. The BLM took us to a cow-poop laden riparian area, showed us what looked like a puddle of water and talked more about how there was hardly any water and how all the creeks dry up in the summer.

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