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Mommy, Why are they Killing our Wild Ponies?

“Mommy, Mommy, it’s Christmas time, you should not be crying. Why are you crying, Mommy?

You have been crying since Christmas eve day, the day you read something in the newspaper about the wild ponies. It was something about a judge saying OK to round up the wild ponies but I don’t understand, Mommy.

You and daddy never let us run our ponies in the snow, you say that it is bad for them that they might trip and fall. When it is deep they can work too hard and hurt themselves so how come the bad men are chasing the wild ponies through the snow, Mommy? I don’t understand.

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Wild horse death toll hits 30

By DOUG MCINTYRE of the Calgary Sun The mysterious wild horse slaughter near Sundre has claimed another equine victim, felled near a popular recreational area west of the central Alberta town. The latest animal shot was found Sept. 9 near Mountain Aire Lodge and brings the death toll […]

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