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Mother’s Day for Captive Wild Horse Mares

Press Release from The Cloud Foundation Stop the Roundups and Respect our Native Wild Mothers WASHINGTON D.C. (May 4, 2010) ―The American wild horse crisis is filled with issues of animal cruelty and the world looks on and asks, “Why?”. Currently the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is holding […]

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The Cloud Foundation Takes Action with Herd-Watch: Public Eyes for Public Horses

Colorado Springs, CO (April 30, 2010)—Today the Cloud Foundation launches Herd-Watch, an innovative volunteer program to monitor wild horse and burro herds as well as roundups across the West. The iconic horses and burros are currently being managed to virtual extinction, contrary to the. From this day on, Herd-Watch will: watchdog America’s wild horses and burros, provide increased public visibility, monitor the range conditions and the mustang, burro and livestock numbers as well as keep tabs on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) plans for “management” of each treasured American Herd.

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In BLM “Speak” One plus One Wild Horse equals Zero Horses

At the conclusion of the bloody helicopter stampede that was called the Calico Round-up we reported that the BLM’s math was highly suspect when it came to accounting for the number of wild horses that were actually on the range. On the day the disastrous round-up ended, February 5th 2010, I wrote the article, “BLM’s Wild Horse Numbers Just Don’t Add Up” highlighting the fact that the number of horses in the Calico complex reported by the BLM pre-roundup didn’t match with what they reported post-roundup.

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BLM Calls Wild Horse Death Stampede at Calico “Humane”

The federal Bureau of Land Management has challenged Horseback’s terminology calling a Northern Nevada Calico roundup “ill fated.”

“The Calico gather wasn’t “ill fated.” It was conducted in a professional and humane manner and achieved the goal of bringing an
overpopulation of wild horses in the Calico Complex within the established appropriate management levels,” spokeswoman JoLynn Worley said in a note to the magazine.

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