NM Senator Stands Up for Horses

statement issued by Senator Mary Jane Garcia (D)

Horse slaughter would encourage over breeding

Thanks to heart wrenching but honest exposes that have recently uncovered one after another tragedy involving horses in our state, the public wants change. One thing is clear: even though some of us have heard these concerns in one form or another for decades, we are on the edge of a shift in thinking regarding horses. That’s why plenty of people are fighting back against that shift.

Is it really that hard to understand that horse slaughter is not and cannot be humane? No matter where it’s done.

The phrase, “if we build it, they will come,” would have severe unintended consequences as a horse slaughter plant anywhere in New Mexico would encourage uncontrolled over breeding of horses. The obscene incentives to breed, ship and kill would be substantial.

Eighty percent of Americans are opposed to slaughtering horses for food.

Add to that the fact that American horses are routinely injected with drugs such as “bute,” (a horse medication known to be unfit for human consumption) makes me very apprehensive with horse meat being used as a food source.

Furthermore, establishing New Mexico as a horse slaughter haven will do irreparable damage to the unique brand of our state. Yet, a horse slaughter plant is likely to be an unwanted distraction from what our state genuinely has to offer. Do we really want to be known as the epicenter of something so inhumane? One economic step forward might mean two steps back if our state becomes renowned for such appalling treatment of the noble American horse.

Like other New Mexican leaders and so many of my constituents who have contacted me about the horse slaughterhouse proposal, I know we can use our God-given intelligence and imagination to create lasting and humane solutions for horses. A system already exists to help our communities’ dogs and cats. It is more than possible to do the same for horses. Model programs already exist that provide feed assistance, shelter, adoption and yes, humane euthanasia.

Horses are suffering; I see it when I travel around New Mexico. I know that we as New Mexicans can do better than this.

49 comments on “NM Senator Stands Up for Horses

  1. Thank you so much for your comments and support. More leaders need to stand up what we the people stand up for.

  2. Exposing elected officials that public ally promote one image and then work for snotty behind the scenes will no longer be tolerated. Together Americans and the international community who appreciate, respect, and are intelligent and review facts about slaughter of equines will not stand by and allow this horrific business to destroy these beautiful gifts from God in the name of greed. We will not turn our heads to this injustice and have America receive a black mark of irresponsibility by allowing a foreign business who cares nothing for our values, country, and the health of our international sisters and brothers who would consume this tainted meats, or the pollution and contamination our the water supply and air of our towns, or the degrading of our real estate values, and corruption of our society, or for those of us who are Christians we will not tolerate going against the word of God who clearly states in the bible equines are not for consumption. United together we will end the slaughter pipeline of hell.

  3. Thank you so much for speaking this truth! We cannot control the overpopulation of horses through slaughter anymore than killing dogs and cats is the answer! We need to utilize the horses we have and stop indiscriminate breeding. Horse slaughter, without a doubt, feeds horse abuse and neglect. I’ve seen it. Melanie DeAeth, True Blue Animal Rescue, http://www.t-bar.org

  4. Refreshing to witness a leader that is the voice of the people and not that of greedy special interest! My hat is off to you Mary Jane Garcia for standing up for the genuine interest of the people.

  5. Not trying to pee on the parade of goodwill here, but I would have been more pleased to hear from Honorable State of New Mexico Senator Garcia that she was going to ride the Feds and state ag to fix the mess that is their infamous, notorious auction, transport and export to slaughter feedlot problem. That is REAL time h*ll, honorable Senator…..whatcha gonna do about that versus a “potential” slaughter plant?

    Glad she is for doing the obviously intelligent, reasonable and moral THING with regard to a HCHS plant in her state….but Senator, your state has got BIG problems when it comes to animal welfare. For starters, you can take a trip (unannounced) to the infamous lots on the border (that also feed into Texas) that starve, dehydrate and neglect ALL animals to death.

    Let’s see what happens. And Senator, I eat meat (US only…not that it matters) and disgusted that this obscene behavior is allowed to continue ANYWHERE in America.

    • Denise, you are right about NM. The NMLB should be ashamed of themselves for their notorious treatment of horses and what they let go on with Chavez and all others like Chavez.

  6. I think new mexico should ban horse slaughter I know it’s too late to do it with a bill for this year but they should use a ballot initiative to ban horse slaughter I think the ballot initiatives are probably the easiest way to to get horse slaughter bans passed.

    • Patrick, They do slaughter horses in the UK and ship them live to the countries across the border that slaughter them. A few years ago when the bottom fell out of the horse business someone in the UK filmed inside a slaughter plant a mare that was shot in the head and after the horse was hung up by a hind leg it was rolled through a wide door and then you heard another shot, the person filming said that was to kill the foal she was carrying. They also had a healthy pony that the owners sold to the same slaughter plant that was shot in the head and died the same way.

      • Completely Brainless people !!! OMG how horrible !!!!!! It make me sick excuse me I have to go BARF !!!!!

  7. Brovo to you, Senator Garcia. These horses, in no way, should be slaughtered for our consumption. An essential part of our heritage, they are.. Please do not waiver in your ideals.

  8. Just wanted to say thank you to Mary Jane Garcia for standing with us. Thank you thank you and hoping you can get alot more on board with us:) Americans don’t eat horses they are our friends buddies partners and will always be:)

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Such wise words. The horse has served us well for centuries (especially here in the Wild West) and is a beautiful, soulful and giving creature. They are heaven sent. They should not be ‘disposed’ of in such a disrespectful and heartless manner, as mere ‘surplus livestock,’ sold for profit. And worse still, bred for meat, which as you say, would be an inevitable eventuality. Thank you for standing up against a slaughterhouse in NM. This is the Land of Enchantment and such treatment of horses would surely tarnish that image.

    • Americas Image has been so tarnished by the BLM , and the Slaughter of the Magnificent Horses I really dont know if we can ever get our respect back !!!!!! There are many ways to manage horses , I am sorry people of greed this is not one of them !!!!! It is sad that these individuals of greed, can get away with these horrific actions…………………..


  11. Thank God for Senator Garcia. PLEASE make sure the Governor gets it! There are artcles out there that state she is pro slaughter despite what she said recently in the Journal. The NM Mafia, oh sorry, I mean the NM Livestock Board has to go! They are proudly pro slaughter, pro abuse, as horses are just in the way of their cattleman friends that pad their pockets, just like Dennis Chavez does!


  12. yah ask senator garcia if she can get a ballot intiative passed that bans horse slaughter and then the roswell horse slaughter plant will never open up. in fact I think that if enough states ban horse slaughter then it could persuade congress to pass the big boy, “the federal horse slaughter ban”, and I think the best way to the state horse slaughter bans is to pass ballot initiatives just like how the california horse slaughter ban passed.

  13. Senator Garcia- You are my hero! Please don’t give up on these amazing creatures who helped to shape this nation… something these cruel people who promote their destruction, forget.

  14. Thank you Senator Garcia for adding an intelligent comment to this frustrating scenario. Most people think the old and the sick horses will go to slaughter. Yes they will be in the mix but the horse will be sold by the pound therefore the nice heavy sleek well fed horses will be prime. I do not think this is an answer for the glut of horses on the market and those neglected and turned out in the desert to fend. We need as with the dogs and cats stop breeding. There is a such a thing as a horse mill. Just saying!!! Helen

  15. Dear Interested party. (I recieved this from the BLM)

    A month or two ago you provided comments on the Desatoya Mountains Habitat Resiliency, Health, and Habitat Restoration Environmental Assessment (EA). In response to a request for a site visit to the project area, we are inviting all commenters to the Dalton Canyon area of the project on May 31, 2012. Due to the remoteness of the area this is the only place we can go in one day, however, this site is representative of all aspects of the project. We will have maps as well as representatives from the BLM Nevada State Office, Carson City District Office, and from our Partners for the project to answer any questions. The BLM cannot provide transportation so you will need a high clearance 4WD vehicle and the ability to traverse a very steep section of road to get to the site. We ask that groups consolidate vehicles as much as possible because only so many vehicles can go into the dead end canyon. Please respond by May 21, 2012 if you are planning to attend. I will send out details of when and where to meet to those who are going to attend the site visit. Thanks for your interest in the project.


    Teresa J. (Terri) Knutson

  16. Thank you for having the intestinal fortitude to speak out when I know so much pressure is put on Senators to back big ag! Theresa Nolet

  17. Thank you Senator Garcia. Please stay the course. There are realistic humane non-slaughter solutions available. Equines in our care just have to have the support of those in government to see them used.

  18. Mary Jane Garcia….You are a great woman with scruples and morals. You are compassionate and SMART!! New Mexico is VERY fortunate to have you as their senator. Thank you so very much for taking a stand for our horses and burros, and against the cruel and inhumane act of horse slaughter. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  19. Thank you, Senator Garcia! And, please ask Governor Martinez to issue an executive order banning horse slaughter in NM. You are absolutely right that the presence of a plant would result in very negative economic consequences for your beautiful state. There will be boycotts. Although I’ve always wanted to visit NM, neither I nor my family and friends will do so if this plant is opened.

  20. Thank you for being active in stopping horse slaughter in the U.S. and let’s support Sen Landrieu’s bill to stop horse slaughter and keep horses from going beyond our borders to even more horrible conditions. There are solutions to these problems.

  21. Ban horse slaughter in the US and the export for slaughter to other countries and we will effectively shut down the FREE disposal system that is in place for the “people” who have a wanton disregard and NO compassion (many of the mass production breeders who churn out 100’s of horses individually every year are obviously sociopathic towards animals, so quite possibly the same way with other humans too. And no, I’m not talking about the “backyard breeders and backyard horse owners” who are not the problem and never have been the problem because this issue is much farther up the money chain then they are) for horses and ONLY use them as money-makers and/or to pump up their egos and make themselves look better. It would also force the so-called “trainers” who use and abuse long yearlings and early 2-year-old horses by training them rigorously to get them ready for the high $$$ 2 and 3 year old futurities to actually learn how to train for a horses physical and mental longevity instead of having the throw away mentality they have now and the FREE disposal system in place for the horses they have wrecked or don’t want anymore (and this includes the mass production breeders who routinely dump their aged-out and/or phased out breeding stock horses by dumping them at the kill sale).
    The ONLY people who are in favor of horse slaughter are the people who either make and/or save money from the FREE disposal system in place, or they are people who know people who use the system in place. These humans who deal in horse slaughter are heartless, souless people who have been sending horses to an inhumane death for so long they have not an ounce of remorse regarding what they have done to thousands of horses. They are cheap, they don’t want to go out and get “real jobs” like many of us have, and they will keep riding this money train until the train is put off the tracks by the 80% of us who have hearts and souls, who possess compassion and empathy, and who KNOW that horse slaughter is WRONG.
    Many of us who run rescues and sanctuaries know when its time for a horse to be humanely euthanized and although most of us do not have a lot of money, we always manage to give the horse a dignified and peaceful death. Therefore, it is sad and disgusting to us when we hear from the pro horse slaughter sociopaths that horse slaughter is “necessary”. It is not now necessary, never has been necessary, and never will be necessary because our oponents reasoning is based on greed, making and/or saving money, and a complete and utter lack of feelings and emotion. And while we can’t always change peoples minds about an issue and whether its good or bad, the majority can over rule the minority if we go forward together armed with compassion, love and kindness as our guide.

  22. Bravo Senator Garcia! As a Vietnam veteran that has become progressively disillusioned with the American Socio-Political system and its elected representatives your statement offers hope that it is still possible for America to return to the great nation it once was. If we had more representatives like you I know such is possible. As a steward to ten beautiful, magical, mystical equine soul companions that have and continue to enrich my life I shout THANK YOU!

  23. If every State would ban Horse slaughter , we would have to problem with that , more Senators \State Reps, need to follow Senator Mary Jane Garcias illustrious lead …BAN HORSE SLAUGHTER

  24. Thank you Senator Garcia for the sense is an otherwise greed-stricken world. Your words speak volumes and those that care about the world, the animals and our places in both truly appreciate your advocacy in this matter/

  25. Senator Garcia, I thank you from the bottom of my heart — thank you for speaking on behalf of the horses — thank you. And thank you to all those who have made such rational statements on behalf of the horses.

  26. Senator Garcia, YOU are what we need in our government. You LISTEN to the people and YOU are working FOR the people. God Bless you in all you do and may the others who work with you open their clouded eyes and see what is so necessary to be changed!!! You are an inspiration to many who have lost faith in those who are with this government. Thank you so much for all you are doing for our wild horses.

  27. Mary if I were ever to meet you would it be alright to give you a big hug for your Horse slaughter prevention Act?

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