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Horse Slaughter Bill Dies Quiet Death in TN

Written by Tony Gonzalez of The Tennessean
Anti-Horse Faction Suffers Another Defeat

Horse-Hater TN State Rep. Andy Holt commits political suicide in attempt to push bill to butcher American horses to be eaten by foreigners

Controversial bills to bring more horse slaughter facilities to Tennessee and protect religious expression in schools were tabled Monday, leaving no guarantees that either will come up again this year.

The sponsor of both, Rep. Andy Holt, R-Dresden, asked that the proposals be “held on the desk,” a move that neither sends the bills back to committee nor reschedules another time for a vote. It leaves open the possibility that they can be discussed again but, in the short time remaining this legislative session, makes both long shots for passage.

Afterward, Holt said he may not have explained his bills well enough to convince his colleagues to support them.

“If we can’t get the job done this year, it looks like I just need to work harder and be better at explaining my position for next time around,” Holt said.

The technical maneuvers came at the start of Monday’s evening session, beginning with HB 3619, which would have created incentives to encourage horse slaughtering operations to locate in the state.

The bill had already lost steam after a similar measure was withdrawn in the Senate.

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  1. Good news indeed. I believe our tirades are beginning to catch some ears. At least they are thinking about it not just ‘going with the flow’. Hopefully more and more government officials will heed the wishes of the 80%. After all isn’t that what we pay them for?


    • Dear Steve Stapp, Seems like the States know how to defeat this nonsense !!!! Pray State by State defeats Horse slaughter , our job is to educate every State , so when it comes up our REPS know the complete truth……………..


      • Arlene, you are absolutely right on, and now is the time to make sure we get our message across. Before we head to the polls for primaries or to the general election in November, we need to take a stand on these issues. Right now when people are running for our state legislatures and our Congressional offices. From now to November, equine welfare advocates need to try to arrange to meet candidates to present our case. To those who have supported equine welfare causes or animal causes that suggest that person would support issues regarding humane care, we need to find these people and support them.


  2. Amen Steve Stapp!! We can always hope that the feds are paying attention and will decide it will be easier to just do the right thing and pass a Federal bill and stop wasting each State’s time on Suey and the Doink’s money making scheme in slaughtering America’s horses. Listen up to the 80% Washington D.C.!

    LOL, I just love it when legislators use the lame excuse of “explaining my position better”. No Rep. Holt, we got it perfectly this time. No need to try again.


  3. Perhaps our voices are finaly being heard. The state politicians would have to be crazy during this volitile time to try and pass a disgusting bill such as this. Its alot easier to protest one of your state
    legislators than it is to get to Washington. DC. A smart politician would stay very very clear from this legislation because it may make it very hard for re-election. Thank you Tenessee for clearly making the right choice to abandon this ill fated and disgusting process. NO WAY, NO HOW for slaughter to EVER return to our communities!!


  4. We need to remain very vocal about the greed, lies,and criminal acitivities of covering up the posioning of innocent children by feeding them toxic meat. This enrages me, that politicians paid with our tax dollars are trying to enact bills that not only horrifically murder our horses, but also children! How can this be swept under the rug? I will not let one penny of mine be spent on this sick abuse. I will not shut up about it. I’ll spread it all over in as many ways as possible until my dying day, and then my family and friends will continue to tell the truth when I’m gone.


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