Equine Rescue

Rescued mustangs recovering well at Habitat for Horses

Jerry Finch, President and Founder of Habitat for Horses

Jerry Finch, President and Founder of Habitat for Horses

HITCHCOCK, TX (SFHH) – Several of the surviving mustangs from the dramatic 3-Strikes Ranch rescue are doing well at Habitat for Horses.  So well that of the original 7, brought to the Texas based horse rescue, only 2 remain on the HfH ranch while the others are settling into their new adopted homes.

“It takes a lot of effort and a tremendous amount of time to bring these horses back” says Jerry Finch, founder and president of HfH.  “One of these guys could barely walk when we found him but look at him today”, as he pointed to a recovering paint affectionately called Voodoo.  “He must have been a magnificent creature and we are going to do all we can to get him back into that form.
I don’t know what goes through a man’s mind that justifies and rationalizes the deliberate starving of hundreds of horses, just the look in their eyes is enough to rip anyone’s heart out.”

While listening to Finch detail what was discovered at 3-Strikes Ranch it is obvious that there was a toll taken on the man who blew the whistle on the situation.  “You just don’t get over seeing something like that, not ever.”

Finch, HfH staff and volunteers are working long hours to not only help and rehabilitate the two rescued mustangs but also about 90 other horses at HfH facility.  The HfH ranch acts as an intake center where abused and/or neglected horses are brought in for assessment prior to going out to foster homes and ultimately an adoptive family.

“The goal is to get these guys into a qualified, adoptive home as quickly as possible” added Finch, “It seems that as soon as we get one adopted out another one comes in to fill the space.  The more that we can find homes for, the more that we can help.”

For more information on Habitat for Horses visit www.habitatforhorses.org

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