The Force of the Horse

Wild Horses: They keep Coming

by R.T. Fitch ~ author of Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Our American Dream

Our American Dream

There was nothing that we could do to stop them;  the wild horses just kept coming.  Driven by the mean beat of the helicopter blades they ran before us and into the pens as they screamed for their lives.

We prayed that they would not come, in fact, we prayed to every god worshiped by man but they ran in fear before us, anyway.

We called everyone that could possibly help, be it press or political, and the wild horses still continued to run.  The pens filled, the screams of terror multiplied yet they continued to come.

There was no way to stop them, there was no one who was listening; we held each other and cried as the shattered spirits stood in their imprisoning pens pacing and fearful, their wonderful lives ended.

Phones ring, emails fly and fax machines churn out the message that the wild horses continue to fill the pens, yet the call for help is not heard.

We know of other herds, running in desperation across our public lands, filling up the pens, tens of thousands of them and they continue to keep coming.

In the dead of night, when our eyes are closed we can hear the distant calls from the wild horses who have lost all and have no hope; yet they continue to come.  Even in our dreams, we cannot stop them.

But the nightmare that stalks us is not the beating of the hooves, the screams of terror or the vision of the dusty pens filled with once grand and glorious souls.

The dream of dread that chills our soul is the sound of silence, the vision of empty pens, the feeling of helplessness and loss because the wild horses are no longer running; they are no longer coming as they are no more.

The American dream that we leave for our children and share with the world is that the wild horses are gone, the last one has run into the pen and all the wild horses are finished.

The dream  is the nightmare that one day, soon, we will look at each other and ask, “where were you the day the last wild mustang disappeared?” and all will be cloaked in silence as the wild horses will no longer be coming.

Our prayers will be answered, our messages will be received as inaction turns into action and our last wild horse becomes nothing more than a dim memory.

The wild horses have, finally, stopped coming.

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  1. This brought tears R.T. We simply cannot allow this to happen. Please people, now is the time to act, to reach out and save the last of our wild horses (and those currently in holding). Together, we must save these magnificent animals. I can’t imagine not hearing the sounds of wild hooves running on the range. I just can’t.


  2. I am sending this to George Knapp and George Noory. George Knapp is having a TV show Oct. 10 and interviewing Cindy MacDonald. George Noory has the CoasttoCoastam radio show .
    The American public has got to be told the truth and surely they will care.


  3. You speak the truth in the hearts of us all…It’s funny because I was thinking about those words this morning: the deafening silence of an America without wild horses. And then I sat down at my computer and started writing and dialing the phone. I’ve heard a very great lady, Paula Bacon, say, “you can’t lose the fight if you don’t quit.”

    I do not quit.

    202-456-9000, option 2


  4. Tears. We must stop them, with GOD’s help we will. Send money, call, buy bumperstickers, a great new bumpersticker has just been offered today by NEER, it says, ” Save a Mustang, Chute the BLM, Hands Off Our Horses”, all money will be going to the Cloud Foundation. All we can do is do more everyday and pray harder. We’re up against evil for sure. Salazar’s evil, Reid’s evil, BLM’s evil, on and on. There’s a bill board in NV that says “Vote for Anyone but Reid”, we need more of those.


  5. Beautifully written, RT.
    This almost sounds like the tragic ending of a fairytale novel. The American public is screaming out to save these horses, and if congress doesn’t intervene against BLM and the removal of our wild horses soon, this tragedy will become a shameful reality in our history books.


  6. This is not the end of the story…
    we still fight.

    From Cloud to Sheldon… they are OUR horses.
    Congress decalared them as such in 1971. They are ALL OUR wild hoorses… vital to Americans. They are the symbol of what WE are… it is time our government recognizes that promise.

    WE still fight.


  7. The Nokota Horses are next….do you know what this tells me, they have NO ADOPTABLE HORSES….WHERE ARE THEY? It’s time we go after them folks.


    The park is planning on removing 90 horses from the park and selling them at the
    horse sale in October.

    Here is a link to the article were I found the info.

    Click to access VE_page_12-13_Sept_09.pdf


  8. Aye, R.T. continues to spread the word in his own way, whilst the rest of the world look in and wonder what is going on in the ‘Land of Dreams’
    Keep it up and more people will see and hear what is happening and things will surely change.


  9. It is sad that no one will come to help our wild horses accept the animal advocates. It’s a crime beyond any explanations. Wake up America and respond to the wild horses’ cries.

    Elvira Janz



  10. stop the abuse! first our children, now our history.horses provided so much for in the past and this is no way to thank them for the uncondictional love them have given us in the past and still do.history as we know it is becomming a dream.our children deserve to know. how they were and are a part of our lives.horses provided more to us than an animal with no purpose.they were transportation long before cars were ever though of.stop and thing.stop disposing of our history.animals deserve the right to live as we do.our children deserve the right. the white man is truely the enemy.heartless, selfish individuals.greedy heartless soles.great for making broken promises.history as we all know it now will be history no more to see let a lone talk about.may god treat you as though you have treated his creatures on judgement day.where is the justice? in life its self.stop the distruction! where is the love and unity we once had for each other.if only animals had voices.the stories that could be this day i’d rather drive a horse than drive a car.what happened to the value of LIFE?


  11. Take Action Today on Wild Horse bill
    The Restore Our American Mustangs (ROAM) Act (S. 1579), recently introduced by Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), will restore protections for our country’s wild horses and burros that were stripped away in recent years.
    Not only will the ROAM Act ensure that our mustangs and burros are once again protected from slaughter, but it seeks to reclaim land – some 19 million acres – taken away from these magnificent animals. Please take a moment to contact your U.S. Senators today and ask them to cosponsor this vital legislation.
    To take action visit AWI’s Compassion Index and contact your US Senator’s today! Please forward this eAlert to everyone you know asking them to help protect America’s wild horses and burros.
    Thank you,
    Deputy Director
    Government and Legal Affairs
    900 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
    Washington, DC 20003 ~
    The Animal Welfare Institute has been working to alleviate the suffering inflicted on animals by humans since 1951.
    Please join us in our work to protect animals – visit our website to find out more and to sign up for AWI eAlerts:
    P Please consider the animals and their habitat before printing.

    Proud member of the Equine Welfare Alliance

    “The fate of animals is of greater importance to me
    than the fear of appearing ridiculous;
    it is indissolubly connected with the fate of men.”
    – Emile Zola (1840-1902)

    Please support the AHDF.
    This email was sent to:

    EASY UNSUBSCRIBE click here:
    Or send an email to:

    For Topica’s complete suite of email marketing solutions visit:


  12. It is nice to see here people I have heard of and people like some who gravitated to the Cloud Foundation Blog and never did advocacy before. This experience shows us what an outside issue politicos and ‘mainstream’ journalists think the wild horses and burros are. Yet mustangs are animals of the imagination. Their spiritual power evident in their very freedom. That the capture of wild horses and burros must end is in all our hands. Time to do it. Moratorium, shut down, done. Change that law that has animals herded with helicopters, it isn’t even law.. keep them off our buffalo, any animals wild or domestic. Let us remain together and keep up the fight it. It has great significance. Mar


  13. There has been a public outcry across America, to my recollection, like never before. A small, yet influential group of legislators have spoken out and are supportive. A handful of media has picked up on the wild horses and telling the truth about the corrupt BLM.

    This is HUGE with the BLM in more ways than one.

    But where IS the mainstream media? Anyone heard from Bob Abbey? Is Ken Salazar still around? President Obama? Come on, for sure there must have been some communication between DOI/Salazar and the Commander-in-Chief. I don’t know what is more frightening, the continuing round-up and killing of our wild horses by a government agency against all reason and sanity, or no word at all from those WE ELECTED to democratically govern.

    It is like mass murder has happened and is continuing, and those who can and should speak to the public, are just not there.

    It is reported the BLM needed to have guns out at Pryor Mt. due to the possible unstable emotions of the public. This was very “telling.” Have we regressed to the Good Ole West…or entering a Brave New World? No say. No rights. Being watched but no action by our government, voted to represent us.


  14. Horse Screams

    I have made it a habit of late to once a week travel the 20 miles out to the BLM wild mustang gulag out in the Nevada desert and take these magnificent creatures some carrots for a treat. It seems the horses have been deemed in need of management by the management of our federal lands for the reason of humanness we are told. As mankind gobbles up and fences off more and more of the horses natural meadows, and drain the water, BLM captures the horses with helicopters, places them in segregated holding cells or pens, tattoos or numbers them, sells off some into servitude or for slaughter, and for the rest, to remain in captivity on the starkest of lifeless dirt, with no shade from the summer sun and no heat or barn for the winter cold. They are fed well, but with the economic trouble we are in, there are plans to exterminate them soon.

    Today I went out and as usual, bought some organic carrots with bright green tops to throw to the horses their fear of mankind is so great that only with extreme patience will they even approach. But today was different, many of the horses, perhaps a hundred or so were being held in a central pen and the others ran from me as I approached. The screams of agony from that central pen was beyond anything I had ever heard. Normally I only walk around the perimeter of the prison to avoid contact with BLM employees who had lied to me in the past. I walked around the compound and horridly threw the carrots to the horses. But I had to know why there were so many horses screaming, what was wrong. So I went into the compound and then into the main office and was told that today the mother horses were being separated from their children. I asked why, and the woman said because they had too. It was so sickening outside, the sounds of terror, horses trying to get through the metal fences that separated their families, other horses hysterically trying to control the insanity, and the young ones running around in circles crying or screaming for their mothers.

    I lost my children in much the same way some years ago, but to hear and see it being done again by people who do not feel, sense, or know was beyond my capacity. And in such great numbers, the terrible energy was beyond me. I left in such a hurry and raced my motorcycle home. I called the news companies. and humane society, but most I think were only interested in me, my name, and my address.

    I don’t drink anymore, but today I needed to get drunk. It was so wrong and so sad for me, but much much worse for those poor creatures I had brought carrots too today.
    They were screaming in pain.



  15. Screams… I have heard those at Pryor. It haunts me still. The general ignorance of the press/media is so appalling it seems we need a revolution. The lack of participation by the media to care or be concerned… is one of the most disturbing obstacles.
    Contact CNN Jane Velez Mitchell again. I have done it, after the Cloud segment was aired. The more people inquire, the better. CNN jumps on any drama, well this is a huge drama and needs to be addressed :
    Another CNN out of Atlanta supposedly will be filming Calico round up. Contact Reporter/Horseguy. They ought to air this concentration camp of screaming and terrified horses – no one knows what is going down…
    Maybe we ought to start organizing more rallies in major cities. Put signs in our frontyards, just like at election times.. it is a scandal and needs exposure – mount a sign on your roof or lawn – why not ? Maybe some news person will catch on. Making sense to a corrupt BLM outfit and it’s minions will not bring results.
    And Obama seems in a deep sleep. We must instill in our neighbors, fellow Americans an urge to speak up as most don’t know what is going down. So now go take that spraycan and make your sign.


  16. Great idea Monika, I live on a country dirt road so no one would see mine. I wish I had the talent to put together a DVD to send ’round to my reps with nothing but horses running to the chutes and the noise of the helicopters overlaid with the screams of the horses screaming without end and then the last shot total silence and an empty pen.


  17. More information on the BLM, more horror. Screaming horses, foals… And what else we do not know about the BLM! Praying a moratorium happens fast>>> The publicity momentum is building.

    Has anyone seen this? It is just too good! Effective!

    If we could raise some money we could do this one in different parts of the country. Everybody looks up when something big in the sky catches the eye. And hey, the media would sure catch on…!!

    Denver Colorado, Banner in the Sky. Wild horse photo trailing a huge banner: “SALAZAR THE SLAUGHTER CZAR.”


    • Hey Ronnie!!! Just saw your note about re-flying the Slaughter Czar all over the country! YES!! It is our sign and we want it flown contact the Wild Horse Observers Association a non-profit in NM. No cost to use the sign!! Patience




  19. A Resolution
    If you want to help free the horses, boycott beef.
    BLM land is cattleland, and the horses compete.
    In Nevada there are 500,000 cows, and only 15,000 mustangs.
    They’re rounded up the horses to make room for their bloody beef.
    Ecconomic sanctions will free the west again, and the horses as well.
    We can’t fight the government, but we can choose what we eat.
    And tell a friend.



  20. Here! Here! I agree, a beef boycott would have a big impact if everybody got on board. I no longer buy beef from grocery stores, restaurants, or fast food chains. I buy my beef from a local (Ohio) producer. His cattle are free to roam on HIS land, grass/hay/grain fed, hormone free and HUMANELY killed prior to slaughter.

    Michael, I feel your pain at the suffering of the babies and their families. There are nice ways to wean any kind of animal. Slowly is the key. Give them time apart and then back together in groups. Young ones will soon find out its not so bad to be away from Mama, especially if they have friends to run and play with. Oops I’m sorry, we were talking about dusty, hot corrals weren’t we? Again, I am so sorry, but thank you for taking the time out to go visit the horses in prison.


    • I too have made the decision to go local for meat/ recently watched a horrible video of factory hog farms and can no longer buy ANY meat from large chain grocery stores,
      I will keep emailing, writing, calling and informing so that there CAN be an end to this, and OUR horses can live at peace on OUR land.


  21. Then fight them MW, but at the same time choose wisely what you eat. That decision alone impacts not only yourself, and your own well being, bur the well being of the mustangs as well as the rest of the west.
    Tell a friend: Please don’t eat the bloody beef!


  22. I’ve been away for a while. I almost can’t write anymore, almost. Someone recently reminded me not to give up the “charge” – thank you!

    Horse Screams – Micheal, R.T., Monika and all others who have experienced these horrific measures by a rogue government group and suffer through your pain to recount them for the rest of us, you are heros!

    Some may recall a couple of my previous writings from the PBS blogs and have observed my complete 180 degree turn, always staying true to supporting the intent of the original 1971 law.

    Micheal you have reminded me of something from long ago. Gads “long ago”, I just watched the first Cloud episode I think about 8 or 9 months ago (seems like years), and have been obsessed ever since. I’m not even a horse person.

    Today – Boycott. Its legal, its ethical, its EFFECTIVE. At one time I wrote I would not become a Vegan, however, now I find I eat almost entirely fish, chicken, pork. It was not even conscious, but I’m sure in my subconsious it is to save the wild horses. Lets give up as much beef as possible –
    Boycott is and always has been an effective way for the people to lobby. I would like to propose that we expand our writing campaign to all beef producers, that until they come on board we will boycott, and continue to spread the word to boycott all of their products and start buying local like Michael or even reduce ro stop beef consumption. Write the letter even if you don’t intend a complete boycot, even if your already a vegan – or just cuttng back.

    But, I really want to talk about an energy boycott. I wrote about this some time ago, in a long round and round “novelette”. And I relish your replies, because I really don’t want to see this the way I do today. WHO is responsible for energy taking over our Public Lands and pushing out our preciouse wild horses? WHO is responsible for our energy consumption that results in the tearing apart of wild horse families and the resultant screams? Please tell me WHO is responsible for that?

    BLM? Or could it also be those very ones of us that are in this campaign to save the wild horses? I used to smoke, public pressure made me stop. Now I’ve gained a lot of wieght and public pressure is presuring me to get off my duff and eat right (well, almost). So, I propose we pressure ourselves and everyone else to change our energy consumption. It will be very hard no doubt. If you don’t already see this as valuable for the climate issues, do it for the wild horses. So, everytime I leave a light on or just run to the store for one thing I will think “Am I tearing a baby wild horse from its mother?”. I’m making it a conscious effort. I’m accepting my part of the responsibility with BLM.

    I wrote at one time not to blame the BLM employees, then I had an awakening, a realization THEY are the THEM and THEY do share reponsibilty, they are accountable too – shame on them. Now I’ve come to this next awakeneing, yet another, realization of my part. I’m one of THEM too.

    I’m boycotting as much enrgy consumption as I can. Tomorrow I’m taking back the “on sale” new 42 inch LCD the store talked me into (it was not that hard for them to do that), and getting a much much smaller, more expensive LED. I’m putting up the outdoor solar lights I bought 6 months ago. I’m actualy going to change those light bulbs and not waite for them to burn out first. I’m keeping my Element instead of trading it in on something to pull a travel trailer and I’ll get a little pop up A frame trailer instead. I’m getting a MAC laptop instead of a trip to San Diego, for daily use to write to Obama and Salazar, sign petitiions, general e-mails, computer games, etc. in lieu of using my electric guzzling desk top. I’m moving and was hoping not to give up too much square footage, now I’ll look for a tiny little place.

    If I don’t, shame on me! What else can I do to restore our American wild horses to the wild, to save a baby wild horse from removal from its mother so you don’t have to hear them scream again?


    • Roxy- You are SO right. I switched all my bulbs out ages ago, the heat temp in my house is never set above 60 (I’m very hearty and the hot flashes help!)I don’t have central air and I run my dishwasher only once a week. Last year I started driving a 92 Escort to save fuel and in the spring I’m selling my big house & farm (hopefully)and moving onto a friends ranch in a camper! Now I can really feel good about totally changing the way I conduct my life. If all goes according to plan I’ll have a lot more money to “put my money where my mouth is”, helping out more rescues, etc. Thank you so much for your wonderful voice, ideas and actually doing something good for our precious Mustangs and THEIR environment. -Kathy


  23. You are right, Roxy. We all share the responsibility of what is happening to wild horses and burros, and we all must carry the blame because this is a “Look at what the collective ‘we’ have done” fiasco. That is also why some of us are trying to stop the roundups and try to recover the wild ones’ lives and lands. We feel responsible for any harm coming to them. How we live says a lot about what our choices are. We all need to do more than just attempt to offset our energy use but we all need to adopt some alternatives, be they solar and natural gas and even wood heat, and lessen our dependence on an insecure grid. This and the spread of people not willing to spend as much on electricity from coal plants and old nuclear will help us alter the energy spasm the world has had us enthralled to. Many of us have made steps and we all should keep at it. Boycotting is always a direct statement, but be sure to find out who raises the beef, Like Hewlett/Packard who raise cattle in Idaho on public grazing lands they have been accused of overgrazing and damaging. Mar


    • That’s right – we must target our boycott to those known to have grazing leases on public lands. Since they only produce about 3% of American beef, if we don’t target, we probably won’t bother them as all.


      • Suzanne, Yes, great idea, I’ll start doing that reseach, and with RTs permission will post them here (I’ll ask TCF too). Anyone know how to set me in that direction? Or know who some of them are? Or, perhaps I can get that from DOI/BLM – public records?

        Is there some way to identify and leave out the family ranchers?

        Thank you Michael, for this idea sprang from your “stop eating beef” post!

        Within these blogs we will continue to share more knowledge and research and more new ideas to put pressure in all arenas – Let’s surround them!

        I’m talking boycotting all their products in the name of the wild horses – Hewlett/Packard – I have an old Hew Pack calculator, I’ll box it up and send it to them with my boycott message!

        Michael, ALL, instead of “wheres the beef?” (or are you to young to remember that?) what would be a slogan?


      • If any of you advocates have a post/article just waiting to burst out of you don’t post as a comment where it might get lost. Please, let me know and I can inject it as a full blown article and add you to our “author” page. Saving the horses is a team effort and it’s not about us as individuals, it’s all, and always be, about the horses.

        You can reach me at

        Be safe!

        Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


  24. Thank you , Hillary, for the correction of names. I got them mixed up. Now I remember it was Heidi Hopkins who was in charge of the wild horses that were found without water when she worked for the BLM. The horses were rounded up and many died at Palomino Valley Center supposedly of Salmonella. Some say it may have been because they were fed alfalfa hay and they couldn’t tolerate such a rich diet.
    It seems the HSUS keeps promoting PZP although it has not been proven that there is an excess of wild horses . There is no reason to control the numbers when only about 25% of the herds are still even genetically viable and sustainable if that many.
    As for PZP research , it has been studied and used for years now so why is any more research needed ? And why hire an ex-BLM agent?
    Also what about the roundup that resulted in wild horse deaths so that more PZP research could be done? Roundups are cruel but they have been done on 3 herds so that HSUS can do futher PZP research that IMO is not even necessary. The wild horses on the eastern coast have been given PZP for years now. Maybe this research is for a newer PZP that will prevent pregnancy longer although this is not needed with wild horses on the brink of extinction.
    As for adoptions, the BLM does little follow-up inspections and many wild horses go to slaughter. Of course the adoptions make room for more horses to be rounded up.Moving them to the Midwest and East will make room for more too.


  25. Thanks for the correction on names, Hillary. So glad HSUS has finally come out against the roundups.
    Heidi Hopkins was in charge of the wild horses that were found without water and were rounded up and taken to Palomino Valley Center where many died . I can’t understand why the HSUS would want to study PZP more than it has already been studied and used for years on wild horses on the eastern coast.


  26. I’m afraid boycotting beef won’t help much since the welfare ranchers only supply 3% . Doing away with corruption is what needs to be done. Keep voting those agaist wild horses out and protesting the roundups.


  27. A mustang letter to the Durango Herald
    Dear Editor,
    Regarding the eradication of the wild mustangs of the west,
    H D Thoreau said it best: In wildness is the preservation of nature.

    I was at that advisory meeting in Sparks and listened for six hours to the BLM and the committee as they complained about the problems of removing the wild from nature, from the west. And after six hours of listening to “we need to find a solution” to their own planned destruction of nature of the mustangs, of the west, the people who came to speak for the mustangs were given three minutes each.

    And in those three minutes came the sounds of a resolution, One that has been heard before: “Let freedom ring.”

    I think if you want to help free the mustangs, nature, freedom, or simply help preserve the west, as we must do, Simply Boycott Beef!
    Ya, it’s all about the agribusiness of beef; and the mustangs, or nature, the wild, simply and innocently compete.

    MIchael J Ahles


  28. Louie Cocroft asked me to post this information that I left on The Cloud Foundation Blog today:
    I found the following in the weekly “e-Newsletter of the Center for Biological Diversity” (July 29, 2010) and thought I should post it for you. This group does not support the wild horse and burro campaign, to my knowledge, but they are fighting one of our battles. I will write to them and thank them – and encourage them to join forces with us:

    Center Challenges 677-mile Gas Pipeline in Five States

    In defense of several endangered species dependent on more than 1,000 western waterways, the Center for Biological Diversity this Tuesday petitioned federal regulators to withdraw approval of the 677-mile “Ruby” natural gas pipeline, proposed for Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and California. The pipeline would cut across more than 1,000 rivers and streams in some of the country’s most pristine and remote lands. It would use more than 400 million gallons of the West’s precious water and affect habitat for several endangered fish — including the Lahontan cutthroat trout, Warner creek sucker, Lost River sucker and Colorado pikeminnow. Yet the project’s proponent, the El Paso Corporation, failed to take basic measures to protect fish (even after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service flagged serious environmental risks).

    “It’s not too late to stop this terrible project from moving forward,” said Center Endangered Species Program Director Noah Greenwald. “If the pipeline ruptures at a stream crossing, it could have devastating consequences for endangered fish and other stream life.”


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