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Photo of Willie Nelson Adopted Horse Wins Award

Press Release by Force of the Horse®, LLC

Photographer Hopes Notice will Highlight Equine Welfare Issues

Award winning "First Bite" by Terry Fitch

HOUSTON (SFTHH) – A photo snapped the first few minutes that a newly adopted horse was released on Willie Nelson’s Texas ranch gained notice at the Equine Ideal 2010 Winter Photo Contest.  Sponsored by the Equine Photographers Network the black and white photo titled “First Bite” by Terry Fitch of Magnolia, Texas has won the “Peoples Choice Award”.

“I was both surprised and elated” said Fitch, “This is a special picture as it is of a horse rescued by Habitat for Horses and kindly adopted by Willie Nelson.  Jerry Finch and Rebecca Williams of HfH along with my husband R.T. and myself transported the horses to Willie’s ranch.  This horse, in particular, was so glad to be let out of the trailer that he ran about for a second or two and then zeroed in on the round bale of hay.  He looked up to see where all of his buddies had gone and that’s when I captured his pose.  It was a really neat experience.

I was also excited to find out that the photo snagged  5th place in the Black and White competition.”

Terry hopes that the publicity from the win will draw attention to the rescue and equine rehab work that Habitat for Horses does while showing the kind heart of Willie Nelson and his family.

Terry Fitch witnessing Pryor Mt. Wild Horse round-up in Montana - Photo by R.T. Fitch

“Willie now has a herd of almost 70 horses and about half of those came from or through Habitat for Horses.  To ensure their care Willie has hired a full time equestrian specialist who tends to the needs of the herd on a full time basis.  They are really great people.” Fitch added.

A horse rescuer herself, Terry Fitch served for many years as an officer for Habitat for Horses, helped in the rescue of horses after both hurricanes Katrina and Rita, is an outspoken advocate for our native, American Wild Horses and fully supports the efforts of the Equine Welfare Alliance and the Cloud Foundation.

“It’s time that we Americans stand up and let our voices be heard on the issues of horse slaughter and the mismanagement of our wild horses.  Like Willie Nelson, I will not be quiet on these subjects as the horses cannot speak for themselves.”

Fitch has donated many of her works to help equine related non-profits and her most recent endeavor has been to supply all of the photographic work for her husband’s recent book, “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”, where the bulk of the proceeds are donated to Habitat for Horses.

To learn more about Habitat for Horses visit www.habitatforhorses.org

Video of the release of “First Bite” at Willie Nelson’s Ranch

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  1. Terry, when you ran across the high ridge at Pryor Mt. with us to capture the unspeakable moments of terror inflicted to the horses – you showed a determination and strength that struck me as very unique. You document what others can only imagine in their minds with assumptions and imaginations. Your photos are strong and send a message and I do hope you reach many to let them know the truth and the plight of these magnificent horses – beautifully done and congrats.
    Keep up the good work.


  2. SPECTACULAR AND sublime all at the same time Terry! Congrats!

    Much work to do; much more truth to be told and disclosed.

    Until they are free from roundups w/death via RU or secondary sale to the SH…hang in there folks. The horses are waiting for us to fix this mess.

    Terry, RT…keep up the good works.


  3. Congratulations and so many thanks for all you do. You are there for us so that we can see the beauty and unfortunaley the heartbreak. And the wonderful endings that this picture portrays that we all must hold dear and hopeful for so many more horses.


  4. Congratulations on your award. This is such a wonderful image of a beautiful and relaxed horse “just bein’ a horse.” You really captured the moment – the goal of every photographer.

    And thanks so much for being one of our witnesses to not only the beauty of our wild ones, but also the heartbreaking fates government agencies have thrust upon them.


    • P.S. – I lived in Montgomery for about 5 years in the ’80s, and enjoyed many hours riding the country roads. Reminded me of growing up in New England, and I sure do miss it!


  5. Thanks, everyone, for all of the kind words. RT and I have discussed it on several occasions about what a good team we make in this effort as he likes to write and I like to photograph. It’s all about getting the word out and trying to get some narrow-minded people to open up their eyes to see the real truth about our horses, whether it be the wild horses or the slaughter issue.


  6. Thank you both for everything you do for the horses. I have rescued seven and they bring a love and joy that can not be compared. Will keep doing what I can as long as I can. And a thank you to The Man, Willy Nelson. Have loved his music for many years. And now have another reason to love him. I wish there were more like him!


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