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BLM/El Paso Corp’s Controversial Ruby Pipeline Project Hits a Snag

Delay Comes Too Late To Save Wild Horses’ Freedom

Houston, TX – (SFTHH)  To the delight of environmentalists and wild horse advocates the construction of the $3 billion Ruby Pipeline Project has been delayed.  The pipeline is slated to run through pristine wilderness from Wyoming through northern Utah and Nevada to Oregon.  The project has been the reason that wild horse advocates claim the BLM has been gutting the publicly owned northern Nevada ranges of their native, American wild horses.

Houston based El Paso Corp had planned to begin the controversial project this past spring but the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has yet to work out proper agreements with all involved states that wish to protect cultural and historic sites which may be disrupted or destroyed.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the target of the wild horse issue, claims that Wyoming and Utah have come to terms with the FERC and they hope to establish agreements with the other two states, soon.

“It’s a big step at least getting those two states completed,” said BLM project manager Mark Mackiewicz.

While the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are working on a plan to protect endangered species many environmental and wildlife advocacy groups oppose the pipeline.

Katie Fite of the Western Watershed Project claims that the route crosses too many undeveloped lands when it could be built along current highways and other developed corridors.

“Basically they’re opening up this remote and untouched area with this proposed pipeline route,” said Fite.

Western Watersheds Project filed a motion for rehearing back in April and if the FERC does not respond to the motion within the next week the motion will be dead.

Habitat for Horses President, Jerry Finch, stated, “In my opinion, this is clearly another example of the BLM subverting federal law by removing wild horses from public lands to accommodate the wishes of special interest groups.”

Wild horse advocate and author R.T. Fitch added, “2,000 native horses were removed from the Nevada Calico Complex to either die in pens or be imprisoned for a lifetime to accommodate this project.  So far nearly 100 horses have died from the ill-fated BLM roundup.  The surviving horses should be released and returned to their lawful land.”

The controversial project may employ as many as 10 people at each of the four proposed compressor stations.

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  1. so 40 people v 2000 horses, amazing how somehow people are always more important than wildlife and wild lands for a project that dowsn’t have to go that way and really isn’t necessary at all,


    • Spot on, Jan.  Of course they will tout the temporary and transient construction jobs that would be created but it really is by no means worth the price.


    • Jan, that first photo put me back on my heels! Then I read the article. Continuing destruction of our wild lands c/o the Cheney/Bush administration. Hardly any O&G slowdown under Obama, plus so much public land being taken for alternative energy development.

      Recently, a local gas developer wanted permission for 4 different sites on each corner of a busy intersection of 2 scenic boulevards well-within our city limits. People went nuts at the council meeting. The guy shrugged his shoulders and said, “Okay, how about directional drilling from a single site?” Simple as that – well drilled, one site, one road, people happy, problem solved. We do need the energy, but there are sensible ways to go about it.

      Re: Sage Grouse: I swear, we should paste feathers on the wild ones. Maybe then people besides ourselves would care about what’s happening to them!


      • And according to the article, there is a simple solution or two to all the devestation, but the energy guys won’t do it, this area is slated, I think for a roundup later this year, we see why, BLM can say multi-use all they want, there is only one use for these lands and that is energy, oil and gas, the way they do oil extraction from shale is devestating to the environment, but govt. is determined to extract every last bit of oil and gas from this earth. And then what???? I’m not feeling relieved that the oil isn’t washing up in my backyard, what’s happening in the Gulf IS affecting all of us, our children and their children, this area will never recover from this, and god knows how far this oil is going to go; there is still oil in ALaska from the Exxon spill and at least that was a finite quantity, who knows how much oil will end up in the Gilf/ocean systems from this well? some species in ALaska have never recovered. The total cost of this disaster is overwhelming, and there is no end in sight, and seemingly, no sense of urgency from SAlazar, the president and BP. the dispersant they are using down there is a toxin with unknown ramifications, this is affecting all of us, just as what’s going on out west is affecting ALL of us.
        the thought that deep water offshore drilling is even being considered is absolutely mind-blowing to me, and that this pipeline is still in the works is so stupid. Will we never learn ANYTHING?? WHoever needs to be contacted , it needs to be done NOW, because what’s happening in/to AMerica needs to STOP NOW,


  2. BP just said the same spin about stopping drill permits in the gulf costing ‘jobs’ its their scare tactic that works on the general public.

    I still say there is no way they can protect miles of pipeline from attack, domestic or otherwise. It is a crazy waste of taxpayer money to place this kind of pipeline. We do not need to move anything in this way. Use trucks and trains like they always have. Those give jobs to a lot of people.

    What a waste of billions of dollars and ruining so much land for no reason!! plus this pipeline will be a target!! what if it breaks?


    • Just to clarify…it is a gas pipeline and anyone who fiddles with a gas, or any hydrocarbon pipeline, would have to have a screw loose as the result could be catastrophic.  I have seen it happen in Nigeria, many times, when the locals try to drill or disrupt a pipeline and end up as dead as can be.

      A pipeline is not an issue, for myself, if they simply utilized existing corridors as recommended by the The Western Watershed Project.  The real rub is the destruction of the Calico herds by the BLM as it was an act of collusion with El Paso clean and simple.  There is no excuse for such unlawful behavior by a federal agency, but then again, the BLM is no stranger to breaking the law.


      • I’m not so sure that the Ruby Pipeline is the only motivation for the Federally Sponsored Equine Terriorist Organization, aka BLM. In fact, I can’t recall any EA or statement from DOI/BLM expressing the removal was specifically related to RP. I can only recall BLM saying (1) the equines are starving (2) there is no grass (3) equine population numbers are far beyond mangeable forage level or HML.

        I realize you said that many mustang/burro supporters believe RP is probably the real reason for the rabid pace of removal, death, warehousing, etc. And it may be. I just think there is actually no rhyme of reason to their equine whackin’ behavior….they just want as many as possible gone, as quickly as possible. :


      • They never stated the reasons for removing the horses from the calico or anywhere else..they didn’t have to the BLM made it clear right up frount there was no need to address the issue of the wild horses in that 600 miles-because most were being removed..we read every document coming out of the RP..It was apparent from their lack of mention of the horses..they were not being taken into consideration and they were not being accounted for..the only discussion was that the forage replanted at the end of the project for 600 miles would be plants inedible for the horses..and that the horses would be fenced off of any improvements.


      • Sandra, see The Cloud Foundation, search RUBY – see number 7. TCF also posted a BLM report (I think) also somewhere and it does state that BLM will remove the horses in the Ruby area.

        From that post: “In a written response to questions posed by the Office of Energy Projects (an agency within the Department of Energy), a Ruby natural gas pipeline project consultant, Dan Gredvig, stated that “Ruby will work with BLM to minimize wild horse and burro grazing along the restored ROW (right-of-way) for three years. Possible management actions would be to . . . reduce wild horse populations following BLM policy in appropriate management areas. BLM wild horse and burro specialists were consulted in developing this management approach.” The document is dated February 23, 2009.”

        I agree that this is just a good excuse in their crummy minds to get rid of more horses.


      • TMP has been working on this for months..tracie flew out from texas and attended the ruby pipeline meeting in Winnemucca, I listened to it online as it was taped..we have talked to Katie Fite at WWP, and tracie met with native americans while out there..I think WWP will be filing a lawsuit, Ruby thought it was all sewed up and the last thing they needed was for Winnemucca to sign off..which they did, and then an environmental group lodged a complaint from Oregon and that stopped things from moving forward in Oregon…Ruby asked for an exception to start moving their pipe and equipment into staging areas..when this final EA came out..the crap hit the usual, thats where the bombs get dropped-and at this point lawsuits can be filed..this is what happens when you hear the word ‘fasttrack”-the 2 areas hardest hit are the calicos and the alternative route through The Sheldon Wildlife preserve.


  3. A temporary reprieve. But you know the the other end is working fast and furious to get this pipeline going. Meanwhile our wild ones languish in holding pens with no shelter and no proper medical attention. They are dying every day when they should be free. We don’t need a pipeline. It will be another disaster but as long as greed rules, these cruel and dangerous plans (off-shore drilling, pipelines, etc) will be on the table as “improvements” for mankind.


  4. Does anyone know the # families or the size of the area this gasline is going to get gas supply to? I have heard it really isn’t that much for all the damage they are going to do. Just like the amount of oil from the Deep Water Horizon is not worth the destruction it has brought with it.


    • The whole Ruby report is on The Cloud Foundation. I recall 150,000 homes being served. The report also indicates the removal of the horses. Read it and weep.

      Hallaburtan involved in this Ruby deal too!


      • 150,000 homes. So a mid size city will benefit from this destruction? Wow.
        And yes, all diasters in this country point to Dick Cheney.


      • no where in any RP documention did it talk about removing the horses..It was already a done deal..IE, the roundup schedule..HMAs being zeroed out, taken to low end and below AMLs..there was an ominous silience about the horses that said more than if they had mentioned them..Like any of these energy projects, they can and are done on private land without removing livestock or is totally unnecessary to remove the horses..I have seen it all coexist on private lands..This is a convience factor..I have no objections to energy projects..we need them and public land is a perfect solution..what is using it to eliminate the horses.


  5. They would like to make a quick grab for a monopoly and get a strangle-hold on the rights. They were hoping to make a get-away before anyone noticed.
    The Calico round-up was illegal on so many levels.


  6. I don’t understand why this is being allowed.

    I can not imagine the amount of blasting that will have to be done to the land to bury a 32″? diameter pipe underground and which will be so destructive to the natural beauty of this undeveloped mountainous land.

    All the equipment, roads, the dust, the water relocation for usage for cooling and dust containment/ management. The construction of four stations that take up a good amount of land each one.

    The EAs? who is buying them? Like the oil companies? Undetermined pollution happens… numbers matching or not!

    Why can’t they put this where there are already roads and railroads in existence, instead of disrupting what is supposed to be preserved?!

    This is as despicable as the removal of our wild horses and the deaths and the lifetime of inhumane imprisonment that they have facing them… thanks, to the greed of corporations and officials who have no morals.

    Why are we left with our hands tied and helpless with these folks in control!

    The Sierra Club will not even respond and they are aware of this going to happen…

    We need to contact Al Gore for help! Jimmy Carter! Jimmy Carters daughter and Carolyn Kennedy… There was discussion of doing some of this, but no follow up. Maybe Sentator Landrieu’s office could help in finding out how to contact these individuals.


  7. The nefarious Safari club and the Sierra club came out against the wild horses, siding with the BLM and agreeing with the round-up policy. Many advocates debated that article online.


    • I understand that Audubon groups and National Wildlife Federation are anti mustang and burro also.

      Somebody here wrote, “….we should glue feathers on our magnificent mustangs and burros; maybe then they’ll treat them with more respect.” Sadly, isn’t that the truth.


      • So you have alink to this info? I would be very interested to read it. Wonder what Audobon says against wild horses and why – wierd.


      • Thanks – good to see all the outrage over the article from the pro wild horse advocates. The only thing I could open were letters about the article, similar to our blogs here. I could not find the actual article. Seems very odd that a bird person would have a position against wildhorses. Perhaps one of our orgs should write a paper against birds – things that poop all over my windshield! Anyone a member? Should write to Audubon and ask for a formal position over one article that, perhaps, does not reflect the society or its membership. Or ask them to publish an article from say, The Cloud Foundation, for a balanced story. Anyone ever see a wild horse attack a bird? Just saying…

        Can we just not alienate possible supporters? This is already hard enough. However, if bird watchers cannot appreciate our wanting to view wild horses in their natural habitats, the same love they have for thier birds, then they are prejudiced and small minded and we need to work with facts to gain them over.

        Example – I wrote to Sierra Club about their supposed position against wild horses. In their response they made it clear that the Sierra Club had NO such position, that however, individual STATE CHAPTERS (Nevada) may have taken specific positions on many topics that are not endorsed by the NATIONAL. Further research on their web site indicates several pro wild horse/anti BLM position papers, not even one anti wild horse article. Yet WE keep bashing Siera Club? No offense intended Louie, but please go there, see for yourself – type in search “Wild Horses”. Or write to them yourself – this was early on in my advocay and I did not keep the response.

        I’ll be researching National Wildlife Federation next – never heard this before.

        PS I am not really anti bird or their pooping on my windsheild.


      • Naitional Wildlife Federation, Proposed Resolutions 74th Annual Meeting, April 8-10, 2010 (I suppose they were voted in, I have capitalized several of their misconceptions, and some items that might give us some hope):

        “At each of the annual meetings … calling for the removal of feral horses and burros (FH&B TO PROTECT WESTERN RANGE-LANDS FROM FURTHER DETERIORATION were adopted. Now, almost thirty years later, FH&B populations still OVERWHELM the rangeland and continue to expand…the DAMAGE from OVERUSE resulting in the displacement of mule deer, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and sage grouse.

        The major factor contributing to the deterioration of rangeland is the HIGH REPRODUCTIVE RATE, … Land management agencies have to feed, provide veterinary care, and obtain pastures …is expensive – over twenty-seven million dollars last year. … Three alternatives to the current program are:

        (1) Stop gathering ….
        (2) Continue gathering excess FH&B and destroy those animals that are not adopted. This would trigger such a negative public reaction that it is infeasible.
        (3) Reduce the reproductive rate of the FH&B to the level of the adoption rate. …fertility control and sex ratio manipulation … However, it has the potential of establishing FH&B herds as part of a balanced and healthy rangeland ecosystem.

        NWF Staff Commentary

        … In a way, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has been a VICTIM of its own success, although THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF MISMANAGMENT OF THIS PROGRAM.

        …We are working closely with BLM to ensure these new reforms ensure healthy wildlife populations for the benefit of sportsmen and wildlife enthusiasts alike.”

        There is more, please read it all. They have bought into the NON SCIENCE/DOCTORED SCIENCE of BLM word for word. Every “problem” they quote about wild horses, are actually all MAN made problems created by BLM themselves, and agast – they are attempting to paint BLM as the VICTIM? I found no acknowledgment of cattle destruction or displacement of other wildlife from cattle mentioned.

        Somewhere they actually indicate that wild horses and burros are WILDLIFE. So what do do? Write on their blogs, respectfully with facts, over and over, asking them for peer reviewed and published science to back up their positons and statements. Perhaps attend any open meetings they have?

        Instead of cancelling memberships, perhaps we should be joining so we can have our say?


      • I am going to pick upm an order from a local chapter of Audubon on Sat. will ask their posistion on wild horses, not that an IL chapter has much influence out west.
        I have 3 huge mulberry trees in my front yard, while it is colorful here for a while, I love the multitude of birds it brings to my yard.


    • Try this:

      I don’t klnow how to do a hyper link so here is the article from Sierra Club, not too long:

      April 29, 2010
      Protecting Wild Horses on Derby Day
      To fully experience the Kentucky Derby this weekend, make sure you’re wearing a big hat, drinking a mint julep, and sending a text message. OK, so the last suggestion isn’t part of the typical Derby routine. But the folks at the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and Waterfall Mobile hope that the famous horse race will inspire activists to take a stand against wild mustang roundups. While free-roaming herds are protected by federal law, a management strategy of corralling the horses in government holding facilities persists. According to the preservation campaign’s website, there are now more mustangs in these holding pens than in the wild. By texting MUSTANG to 44144 you can join an effort to convince Congress to suspend the Bureau of Land Management’s roundups of wild mustangs.
      –Della Watson
      Recommended reading: To learn more about the historic fight to protect wild horses, check out our review of Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs: The Life of Velma Johnston.


      • As I recall the BLM had posted online on the calico EA, groups that supported their posistion on the wild horses, and they said Sierra Club-which caused a dust up at the time and it was disclosed it was the Nevada chapter, and not a national policy. The BLM took these groups on a specialized tour where they showed them a damaged waterhole..and said “see, the horses did this”..It is to their detriment that they were sucked in by those staged theatrics and didn’t perhaps look into all the evidence that western watersheds has presented that shows it is the cattle who are causing the problem-in court-in frount of a federal judge-and that for real proof?


    • Thanks for the link to the original article from Audubon. I do remember it now. What bunk and where did they even find this Ted Williams guy. He did not even do any research that I can tell, just “I asked Campbell” of BLM! And Teddy boy thinks BLM OWNS the land! I am sure a good portion of Audubon reads know better than this part and will question the rest. Good grief:

      “…Since the BLM is the primary caregiver for feral equids, I asked Campbell how they affect native ecosystems. ..

      The BLM rounds up feral equids—on its own land…”

      I did not devour every letter about his article, but was happy to see some outrage – unhappy to see some bought into this bunk. This is what needs to happen: 1) DEMAND equal time, an article based on facts and truth (though not everything he said was false, but was slanted and incomplete – BLM “speak”) 2) We need to flood Audubon National with letters asking for their position on wild horses. I hope they are smart enough to say we are about birds, not horses , best thing they can is to say they do not have a position and pull the article or write something official that it does not reflect their position – however I still want to know why they even have an article about wild horses in the first place – very, very odd!

      Anyway, everyone put TED WILLIAMS name on your watch list. This guy believes everything from a government agency on blind faith – that makes him seriously dangerous – Hey Ted, ever heard of Pentagon Papers, Watergate, Tobacco, WMD, oil spills?


  8. We all know what happens when short cuts are allowed. There is no deadline so important that proper planning, safe guards and due diligence can be overlooked or by-passed. We can not allow the pristine wilderness areas in the West to become our next environmental disaster. Can we at least learn something from the nightmare in the gulf?


  9. I would be glad to be wrong and find out that the Sierra Club is not against the wild horses and burros. They did come out in support of the Calico round-up in Nevada. As time goes on, that position will not be very popular, and perhaps the other chapters will want to distant themselves.


  10. The Calico round-up is still pretty painful and it is hard to understand the hard-heartedness of groups that came out in favor of it. They could have done so much to help stop it with the power that they have.


  11. According to the Audubon article cited above, while admitting that cows do more damage, it is justified in that ciws provide livelihood and jobs, the horses don’t provide anything but destruction of habitat. that’s an amazing misrepresentation of fact.
    Animal PLanet is airing a new series starting sunday evening titled “The Last Cowboy.” I will be interested in seeing the slant brought to this topic. I gave up on AP when they depicted coyotes as destructive, people attacking animals.


    • I guess my caution is not to believe everything that is written or reported, not there or even here – do ones own research. Many can be trusted more than others, but everyone can make mistakes.



    Our Conservation program has one of the greatest opportunities to save our wild horses on public lands. Our data after Princeton becomes involved will be undisputable. Here is what we are finding:
    Because of BLM’s lack of knowledge in managing wild horses, they have created a doubling of the fertility rates in 197 herds by their removal methods.
    BLM’s removal methods have destroyed the horses social structures which resulted in a severe lack of modeling to younger horses by the older and wiser horses. This has happened by younger and younger stallions taking over the harem bands. The best analogy is that the Harvard professors are no longer in charge of the harems which have given way to younger stallions who are the equivalent of grade school children.
    We have the answer as to why the fertility rates have doubled in the past 15 years.
    With our ongoing evidence, we believe we will be able to stop helicopter roundups of wild horses and BLM will have to manage wild horses in their best interest.
    We have started another study on our dysfunctional herd that had been nearly eradicated over the past ten years on Sheldon Wildlife Range. Our goal is to find out the best way to manage wild horses who have not had behavior modeling from the older and wiser animals. This is no small feat. However, when we are successful in this area, we will be able to transfer our findings to the public lands herds.
    We also believe that the future of the herds on public land are at great risk for survival over the long term because of the breakdown in their educational system through the destruction of their social harems.
    Finally, we will share our “model management” program with the BLM. Most of the programs that BLM have are from ISPMB.
    We believe our Conservation model has the greatest advantage now to save wild horses on public lands, more so than any other means currently in place from law suits to public protests. We believe that if we can work together, we can truly solve the wild horse dilemma once and for all.
    I hope you will consider helping us as we continue our work with Princeton in these first ever historical behavioral studies, helping us to make sure that our Conservation model continues. Working together can create a momentous change at a time when our wild horses need us the most.

    For the horses,

    Karen A. Sussman
    President, ISPMB
    PO Box 55
    Lantry, SD 57636-0055
    Tel: 605-964-6866
    Cell: 605-430-2088]
    Saving America’s Wild Horses and Burros since 1960




  14. Roxy, the article was in the Reno Gazette back in January. I looked, but it is no longer available–you would have to check the archives. The Cloud Foundation had posted it. It was an article that stated that the Sarari Club and the Sierra Club had sided with the BLM concerning the Calico round-up. Everyone went in and tried to defend the horses.


    • Yes, it is still on the internet, just Google Sierra Club Wild Horses. But it is dwarfed by PRO Wild Horse, Anti BLM Sierra Club articles. And it quotes a single woman who calls her self a Sierra Club apokeswoman – which she may be for the NEVADA Chapter, but clearly not for the National Chapter.

      Please, please just go the the Sierra Club website and see all the articles from the national. Write to them .

      Or not…done


    • Safari club has an article up claiming “they” were responsable for killing the lawsuit..and went on to condemn all the wild was quite a piece..I did not trust myself to respond.


  15. Sandra, can you post the link for that? Were that to be true, then that means the judge was not impartial. There should be no outside influence regarding any court case–this is supposedly all about the LAW, isn’t it?


  16. Roxy, I guess I’m still in combat mode. I would be very glad to find that the Sierra Club is not against the horses. I thought that they had certain policies that they all agreed on.


  17. Sandra, thank-you. If I am ever in a trench, I want you there with me–I guess this is sort of a “trench warfare”.
    You need to have your law degree.


  18. I’m not sure if some people understand the area can support only so many horses…….and the pipeline being constructed is UNDERground. So…how does that adversely affect a horses walking around the desert after the construction is complete? I am for making sure after the construction is complete that everything is cleaned up and restored to original. I guess many don’t realize the GAS they use in their homes has to be transmitted to their home by something other than magic. Of course if these individuals are willing to go without gas, electric, running water and the other amenities we enjoy in this country I’m sure there are third world countries that offer all this and more. I’m not a big oil/energy destroy the planet guy but I understand the process of having to get energy to the point of use. I see how some fish or some endangered wobleit takes precedence over people all the time…..but in the case of farmers we can always get our food from Mexico ect. Good luck…


    • Terry, Along with what Sandra has so well put, find YouTube “Bush, Oil, Mustangs”, then find Dianne Stallman’s You Tubes and her book Mustang. I can find only one conclusion, that this energy equation is just one continual Christmas to rev up roundups for the BLM WH$B program and their wild horse gather Contractors, Cook and Cattoor.

      There is NO need for “us or them” between wild horses and energy interests. Cohabitation could be worked out and has been in many instances. This is just another phonied up “Hay Day” for a self entitled few at the expense of society, the ecology and wild life.

      Not sure what your reference to “farmers” is about or how it relates – please enlighten – are the recipients of this natural gas farmers? If, so, do they produce for domestic markets, or do they ship out of country for profits.

      Even in Oregon solar panels would seem a much cheaper and certainly more environmentally friendly. Not to mention the upcoming cost for wild fire fighting that these gas line events will cause. Germany is going almost entirely solar and their solar capabilities are still much less than Oregon.

      How funny, I made a typo (yes I am still at it), and instead of the & in WH&B I put a $ – WH$B program!!!! Bumper sticker = “DOI & BLM WH$B program, that $ is your tax dollars being wasted”


  19. Terry, I have personally worked on energy projects..I am all for it..I do think the above ground gas pipeline is a very dangerous thing in Utah..That is a wreck waiting to happen..The issue that I have is that the ‘government ” in their usual way” has determined that it is necessary to remove the wild horses in order to ‘fast track’ these projects…need i remind you of the gulf situation and the consequences…Up until now-energy projects have been utilized on private lands..without the removal of livestock or wild everyones satisfaction..private companies are making money hand over fist and so are the land owners…given I have seen that model work..I can only conclude..the government is using this as an excuse to remove the horses..tho they deny it with their last breath.


  20. Also Terry, i want to assure you, many of us have read every word of every document generated by the ruby pipeline..we know exactly what the EAs, the NEPAs the FERCs have said..we are doing our homework..the none of us were “activists” before it became apparent that something was very fishy about these documents and the intent conveyed..It is stated that all these areas that will be restored..and that takes in alot of land roads and staging areas as well as a camp to house 600 workers in the desert..a mini city…will specifically be replanted with vegetation that is unedible for “THE WILD HORSES”..not unedible for deer antelope cows or elk..just mind you..this is in their HMAs..What does that say to you?..and contrary to what you have been led to believe..there is plenty of forage for the horses that are there and water unless they are fenced off of it or it is destroyed..we are hear spending our dollars and time to see that does not happen.


    • I believe they’ll be planting “yarrow”. My question is, will the horses, wildlife, cattle NOT eat it, or PREFER not to eat it. When the going gets tough, wild animals may resort to eating plants theyy would otherwise avoid. My herbal references indicate women should avoid using yarrow except in small amounts during pregnancy, as it can cause complications, including spontaneous abortion and allergic reactions when the individual is exposed to sunlight. Don’t know if this would apply to animals, but we’re all fellow mammals.


  21. so this is how they will get the natural gas for the Ruby pipeline to carry. A haliburton process, fraking. ruining water and land 😦

    …..”” Halliburton developed a way to get the gas out of the ground—a hydraulic drilling process called “fracking”—and suddenly America finds itself on the precipice of becoming an energy superpower.

    But what comes out of the ground with that “natural” gas? How does it affect our air and drinking water? GASLAND is a powerful personal documentary that confronts these questions with spirit, strength, and a sense of humor. When filmmaker Josh Fox receives his cash offer in the mail, he travels across 32 states to meet other rural residents on the front lines of fracking. He discovers toxic streams, ruined aquifers, dying livestock, brutal illnesses, and kitchen sinks that burst into flame. ……” LINK STORY


  22. The pipeline is for the benefit of humanity. The horses are wonderful, but if they get injured it is the fault of the idiots who put them in harms way to try to block the progress of the pipeline !!


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