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Equine Mission to D.C. Deemed Success

update from Simone Netherlands of Respect4horses

SFTHH Exclusive

UPDATE: 83 co signers and the letter is officially closed.

These are the co signers:

Thank you, Thank You, Thank You! ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

Jim Moran
Elton Gallegly
John Campbell
Robert Andrews
Mike McMahon
Patrick Kennedy
Walter Jones
Shelley Berkley
Raul Grijalva
Peter King
Dan Burton
Jim Gerlach
James P. McGovern
Madeleine Z. Bordallo
Earl Blumenauer
Jim Himes
Dennis Kucinich
David Wu
Barney Frank
John Olver
Mike Castle
Mazie Hirono
Marcy Kaptur
Bill Young
Nick Rahall
Mike Rogers
Gary Ackerman
Mary Bono Mack
Judy Chu
Susan Davis
Robert Brady
Steve Israel
Maurice Hinchey
Edolphus Towns
Steven Rothman
Diane Watson
Harry Mitchell
Nita Lowey
John Lewis
Brian Bilbray
Betty Sutton
Rosa DeLauro
Gwen Moore
Sue Myrick
John Linder
Judy Biggert
Lois Capps
Roscoe Bartlett
Richard Neal
Joe Courtney
Emanuel Cleaver
Pete Stark
Eddie Bernice Johnson
Ted Deutch
Bill Delahunt
Vern Buchanan
Carolyn McCarthy
John Sarbanes
Steve Cohen
Janice Schakowsky
John Yarmuth
Mike Doyle
Dan Maffei
Alan Grayson
John Hall
Patrick Murphy
Gary Peters
Dina Titus
Eliot Engel
Frank LoBiondo
Adam Smith

but the letter is still being processed so the final count might be more than 71.

No more calling or writing from the public tomorrow, except for thank you calls to Congressman Moran’s front desk person. (not the legislative aid, he is too busy)

I would like to credit these organizations and people who all came together in a big way:

Respect4horses, EWA, Animal Law Coalition, S. Florida SPCA, AWI and the SFTHH Community

and these individuals:

Respect 4 horses Maria Kimble (legislative affairs)

Respect 4 horses Leslie Peeples (wild horse affairs)

and on the ground volunteers: Lauren Mayer, Valerie Stanley, Jean and Joe Civis, Margaret Stephanie and Randi Altman.

Please thank Laura Allen and the 20 determined people in the Respect4horses calling team, who have no voices left and no nails either.

Please thank every single individual in America and even some in Canada, that put aside their priorities yesterday and today and relentlessly called and emailed and faxed our wonderful cosponsors.

Please thank all the active Facebookers and tweeters and Myspacers and Emailers.

Please thank the wonderful legislative aid Barry (no last name) in Congressman Moran’s office,  and of course our wonderful Congressman Moran himself and the rest of the Congressman and Congresswomen who took the time out of their extremely busy election schedule to sign this letter as a clear and undeniable message to Nancy Pelosi. Enough is enough, they want to vote on it!!

It takes all of us, it takes every single horse advocate group and individual in the country, it takes every person telling 10 other people, it takes people putting their own lives on the back burner, it takes people putting aside their differences, it takes effort and action and determination, and we really came together this time. Legislators aids begged me to have my people please stop calling and emailing.

Even though the poor souls on the slaughter trucks are not saved just yet, I think tonight we can rejoice a little bit and allow ourselves a little smile on our face.

One more thing:

Please please reference our next mission within this post, because it is so important, I want to reach everyone who was instrumental in getting this mission accomplished, because those are the doers.

The mission is getting our BLM comments in Before Sept 23rd about the Pine Nut gather, Walker Lake Herd. Please attach the 2% article and copy the BLM comment page  for the Pine Nut/Pilot mountain, it is on the bottom of the 2% article.

These comments are soooo important as I am bringing them with me to my meeting with Chuck Matton and other BLM chiefs. When they say they didn’t get comments, which they always do, then I can whip them out.

I have only 38 so far. I need a lot more and there is only 2 more days. I am hoping I can get some school classes to make comments and pictures about this herd, I know its short time, but maybe we can come together like we did for this congressional letter. Please post that I need volunteer coordinators to get schools to make me letters and pictures of the Walker Lake Herd. Please Tell everyone to contact me.

It can be done. We have two days. The Walker Lake Herd is an example herd, we really need the BLM to be surprised, just like Nancy Pelosi is going to be when she gets the letter!!!

I also want just names, just names and organizations who want to be added as signers to the Respect4horses/ARM letter to the BLM, which will be copied to the BLM and to the president and to the first lady and to Bob Abbey and to Ken Salazar and to Harry Reid and to Nancy Pelosi, and to the governor of every wild horse state, the attorney general, the FBI, and to the DOI,OIG,AOG and to the Major of every city in Nevada, etc etc. and to every celebrity I can think of, and Ill copy every single legislator too if I have to.

Thank You guys,


“At which point do we start prioritizing our compassion and humanity over power and greed? For it is precisely at this point at which the world starts to become a better place.” -Simone Netherlands

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  1. We’ll never stop working until the horses are safe from slaughter and cruel round-ups! The horses are counting on us and we won’t let them down!


  2. Horse hugs (you know, when they sling their heads over your shoulder?) to all who offer their hearts, hands and heads to the service of mustangs.

    >>These comments are soooo important as I am bringing them with me to my meeting with Chuck Matton and other BLM chiefs. When they say they didn’t get comments, which they always do, then I can whip them out.<<

    Pretty sure BLM sees Chuck as a troublesome spokesman for the horses, not a BLM chief 🙂


  3. Way to go! When will we get an update about the total number of signatures gathered. I called my Representative, but I did not see his name.


  4. I hope we can save the walker lake herd My family and I attended the Hawthorne protest on Saturday THANK YOU Simone for making the beautiful banner.We ready to march in the Nevada parade if you need us. Thank you for all your help…Francie


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