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McWhinney Burgers Anyone?

by Barbara H. Peterson of the PPJ Gazette – LIVE LINK

If Wyoming’s Representative Sue Wallis gets her way, the answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” will be:

“Why HORSE of Course!”

From the horse’s mouth, so to speak:

Representative Sue Wallis

PO Box 71, Recluse, Wyoming 82725

Letter to the United States Congress, and to the State Legislatures

I am writing to ask you to avoid legislation that would further impact the private property rights of livestock owners, including horses, to market their animals, or to transport them for any purpose, including for their processing to be used for food. Read more…

Barbara H. Peterson

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  1. Slaughterhouse Sue was all over the place in this letter. Does she want to become a farmer that raises horses for slaughter or is she a beef farmer? Dear Slaughterhouse Sue, What if everyone started raising horses for slaughter and loving the taste of McWinney horse meat then what would happen to your beef farm? Are you trying to tell us you want to raise horses for slaughter? then the price of beef and the price of horses would bottom out. Slaughterhouse Sue, if I were you, I would stick to ranching beef. Why cause more destruction of the National economy?


  2. Nice. This letter was written right at the beginning of her starting her lobbying group. Oh, and BTW – my question about her ties to lobbying were deleted immediately from the facebook page, no attempt address the issue, even though I was very polite in my question.


    • Ya gotta love the Graphic.

      Sorry to hear about censorship but it comes as no surprise.

      As you may note, we allowed Dave Duquette’s comment to come through on your first article and I was ecstatic to see him refer to himself as “Doink” which means he recognizes himself as the official “Duke of Doink” who sits at the right hand of the “Evil Princess”.

      Their egos just love the attention regardless if it is positive or negative.


  3. I find this woman (and her side kick male weirdo) so vile and horrible its hard to see any reason and humor.

    I can sub the word “dog” or in all due respect ‘mexican’ in all her writings and that kind of explains how frightening and vile her kind of people is to me.

    So unamerican and lacks basic respect to the majority of americans feelings.

    I pray to God this woman has no respect at all from her washingtondc bid to kill our companion animals. Be they tame and in our stables and fields or wild running free.


  4. In Defense of Animals is running 2 wild horse petitions– I think one of them is for (against!) the Clan Alpine etc. round-up–these must be submitted now. Keep signing/calling. Keep fighting for freedom– that’s an American principle!


  5. Carol Walker has done some absolutely BEAUTIFUL photography of the Wyoming Wild Mustangs–this is on the Cloud Foundation blog.

    The Cloud Foundation has the new 2011 Calendar by Carol Walker available on our website. Beautiful horses! Thank you for your support of The Cloud Foundation and all wild horses. Click here to order


  6. Please understand that it is entirely possible that Sue will have her way in Wyoming. The Wyoming legislature and many citizens believe that her proposed method of ‘disposal of livestock’ is acceptable. I have written to all of them. Many do not respond. Those that do respond, support her cash for carcasses approach of wild and ‘unwanted’ horse management. Sue over breeds her horses with the intent of producing valuable champions. Her United Organization of the Horse is a group that follows her principles. They want to cash in by slaughtering the horses that do not make the grade. The only way these people will be stopped is through external pressure. It is doubtful that Sue reads any of these letters. Actually, I’m surprised that Sue reads! It may be helpful to write to;
    James L. Schwartz, Director-CEO
    Wyoming Livestock Board
    1934 Wyott Dr.
    Cheyenne, WY 82002-0051


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