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The Silence Before the Storm

(In My Humble Opinion)  by R.T. Fitch

Advocates and Press from around the Nation at Twim Peaks ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Without any drama and absent of any fanfare I would simply like to state that behind the scenes there are many, many people actively engaged in attempting to do what is right for the wild horses.

It goes on 24/7 with a variety of organizations and multiple individuals doing what they can to make a difference for those who cannot speak for themselves.  But in regards to our most recent law suit, against the BLM, the safety and well being of the horses involved is first and foremost our primary concern.  We have had a standing plan in place, we are working that carefully constructed plan and the recent deaths of innocent horses has only intensified our efforts and focus on this landmark legal battle.

Rest assured that the silence from our camp, over the past 24 hours, is not a telltale sign of inactivity but instead quite the opposite.  While the rest of the sane world experienced a nice Friday evening and Saturday off to enjoy family and friends there was a group of advocates and a legal team that knew no rest nor are they taking any time off to call their own, today.  Due to the complexity of the legal issues and the slow movement of the legal machine I cannot go into detail but I will share with you a comment made by a member of our team at day break, yesterday, which I think tells it all.  Just four simple words that speak volumes:

“We are on it!”

Keep the faith, we are doing all that we can do and thanks to all who lend a supportive word, it is greatly appreciated

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    • I am riding on Lori’s comment up here to tell people where to go to help the new Habitat For Horses Advisory Council that is spearheading the new suits in Colorado to stop the West Douglas and the East Douglas/Piceance roundups.

      The page can be found when you click on the little pic of horses on the hill on the top right and go to “Join Us” and find their address. Snail mail works fine. Please contribute to the effort.

      Remember that HfHAC and Grass Roots Horse are the folks actively pursuing lawsuits to stop the roundups and help us gain access to our wild horses where ever they are. Everything is done by the individuals involved and the donations from the public. MAKE THESE LAWSUITS YOURS BY SUPPORTING THEM! Please be generous. We are must fight to save our wild herds NOW! mar


  1. Please don’t go into detail. Those bastards are monitoring your every move.

    “Did it ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote.”
    ~Paul Harvey


  2. Blessings to you all. May the sun shine on your face and my the light of the starts lead you in times of darkness. You are appreciated and loved for your generosity of your hearts to help the beloved animals.


  3. Keeping the faith. Thank you RT for all you are doing. Simple words cannot express my gratitude!! Am doing what I can on this side.


  4. I never had any doubt that you were……..keep up the good work. Persistance, persistance persistance. I will pick up the slack where I can, RT, as far as keeping the public informed.


  5. Thank you, R.T. , Terry, Laura amd others. The wild horses and you all are in my prayers and small efforts to help “right the unrightable wrong”. We will not give up.


  6. Animals may not be able to vote but we can.And in my opinion animals do count, the human- animal bond is undeniable. I pray for the horses in sweat lodge everytime.
    I will keep the faith and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you horse warriors.


    • Anna (06:14:00) :

      ps I won’t be online for a while; updating my computer; thx.!

      been a pleasure reading other people’s opinons; Anne 1951

      “Save the Mustangs; Burros; Colts; Rhinos; Sheep; Mt. Goats; Elk; Deer; Rabbits; Elephants; all creatures great +small ! ! @

      Save the Gophers; The Sea Turtles Save the Mountain Sheep !@


  7. /\o// You All… Are ” AWESOME” R.T. /\o// 🙂 Keep Fighting The ” Good Fight” * Though I can’t be there physically speaking …I am right there ” 100 Percent”
    In ” Spirit” { Smile } What kind of a world is this, that we are having to ” Good Fight” for…the ” Well Being” & ” Protection”…and ” Very Life”, of ” Beautiful, Wild, Nobel, Intelligent, Feeling Horse’s…Burro’s, Mule’s, Donkey’s ” ???? A ” Very Sad & Unfeeling World” I think 😦 We are their ” Only Voice” …They Are Defenseless & Helpless * These are ” God’s Beautiful Creature’s ” 🙂 Thank’s Again For All That You Do..For The Loving Sake..Of These Beautiful Animal’s /


  8. RT et al please rest assured that you all and the horses are never out of my thoughts, it consumes most of my life so even when I have my “time off” it is with you all included. ((((Hugs)))) to you all.


  9. I have been asking for help in reviewing over 500pgs of documents that the BLM has supplied me in regards to the over 600 wild horses removed from the Seaman, White River and Caliente Herds last year. Ideally, I need someone familair with BLM documents, freeze-brand marks, transport procedures, etc as these things are greek to me. I started to scan them onto the Wild Horse (and Burros) Warrior site also asking for some help reviewing the but took them down for apparent lack of interest. Is there no help for me on this? We are talking hundreds of missing branded and unbranded horses here. Is there no one to help me review the documents and crunch the numbers and try to make some sense of them? I have only begun to scratch the surface of (about 1/3rd the way through) of review, and could really use some help on this humungous project. Volunteers can email me directly at or call (collect if you have to) Chris @ (518) 753 – 7791


    • Mustangs 4 us has some information posted about how to read are doing some very important work, I am interested in this as well and think you should contact mar,


    • Valerie James Patton has been working with brand identification and had an article up here this past winter.
      Chris, I have someone who wants to contact you who is Very interested and has experience, too. I will be telling her to contact you. There Be Help!! Hold on. mar


  10. Another amazing piece by Cindy if you haven’t already seen it –

    Devoted To The Preservation of Wild Horses & Burros
    America’s Heritage Species

    New Post: “GUBMINT CHEESE”
    The following article is solely an opinion piece of the author and does not reflect the thoughts, feelings, opinions, attitudes or beliefs of any other wild horse, burro or equine enthusiast across the globe.

    To read more, Click Here
    or http//


    Click the photo to learn more.

    Submitted to the GAO by Equine Welfare Alliance,

    Texas State Parks pick up their guns again!

    Long time wild horse and burro enthusiast, Wildlife Ecologist Craig Downer flies the Twin Peaks HMA after BLM removals. Guess what he found!



  11. Thanks RT for being the voice of those who can not speak for themselves. Wishing I could be there too, however Kentucky is a bit far away. May the Lord bless you all and keep you safe while you watch over His creation.



  12. Thank you for all you are doing. Keep me informed on new information regarding BLM and the mustangs. I am informing everyone I know about this horror and anguish our beautiful horses are going through. They will not die in vain. Ruthless people have no place with loving and compassionate horses that just want to be free. Let us keep on facing the devil and praying for our horses to be cared for. We only want them to be well cared for, fed with the right food, fresh water and lots of tender caring love. Only then will they earn our trust once again.
    It makes my blood boil the way they are being treated and rounded up like pigs in a pen. I will not stand for this. I will continue to fight for their freedom everyday. WE ARE THEIR VOICE AND THEY NEED US TODAY, TOMORROW AND ALL THE TIME TO CARE ABOUT THEIR FREEDOM, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS. FOR THE HORSES.


  13. To All those who are so very busy doing the things that they can do to help this cause for this countries wonderful wild horses
    Thank you thank you


  14. As a two time Cancer survivor (Breast & Liver) I had an overwhelming sense to get things done today, no longer waiting for a better time, because you might not get it. For all my 54 yrs on this earth & according to my Mother (God rest her soul) I have been the keeper of the animals since 2 yrs old! I never do days off, no vacations, no other time for myself as my joy & gratification comes from the care taking & well being of all living creatures. The horses are very special to my heart as they stand for freedom, life, liberty for all of us, not just them! God Bless all of you in your fight against the powers that be & praying, praying, praying, night & day for something to be done to help all of the animals in the perils of humans! I was confirmed St Francis in my Confirmation at Catholic school at the age of 6 yrs old, so it was even then I chose my journey & I will live, breath, protect just as St Francis did for God & his creatures. May the angel of St Francis be with all of you in your journey to stop this degradation of our beautiful animals!


    • There are many people out there with a smaller version of the drone plane that has digital video equipment on board. They also have night vision cameras & recording equipment as well. You can hear a pin drop or see a Nat on a birds butt with these things & they are completely silent & fly so high they are undetectable to the eye. The military uses them but there are plane buffs out there that I am sure would be able to help!


  15. There ARE Angels on the Earth and they have shown up here and everywhere to protect the animals. Our Tuesday Night Vigils have been heard.


  16. RT, silence from you -indicates something is cooking on all 4 burners- Leaders are not annoited, self proclaimed or chosen, they rise to the surface, by the force of their nature passion and commitment, you are not just floating on the and Terry are Flying Fish! LOL


  17. Thank you for encouraging us – we know you all work hard every day, your devotion is inspiring and keeps us afloat. We were holding banners and signs in Boulder yesterday and most folks who found out the appalling truth on BLM and the crimes against mustangs and burros, were ASTOUNDED and ANGRY !!!
    What a dirty secret this government is, hiding the atrocitities from the public eye, keeping tax-paying citizens in the dark, most who picked up a flyer yesterday felt a sense of betrayal – is it any wonder – rogue BLM, your cardhouse will go down eventually – better sooner than later.


    • Thanks to the feisty dedicated Colo..wild horse community..may the word spread like a plague on the BLM and their house of horrors!


  18. When out and about–ALSO be certain to let people know that the Department of the Inferior is making a claim that public lands are NON PUBLIC FORUMS.
    HORSE RUSTLING AND CLAIM JUMPING are still punishable by law


    • There are some states where old laws are still on the books stating horse rustling is a hanging offense, I should check into our western states and see if the laws are still there..I have no problem attending a kneck tie party, and anyway that sounds better to join that party than the tea party


  19. The quiet before the storm – perfect words. None of us can be lulled into a sense of satisfaction until the horses are returned safe, kept safe, and live out their lives and their descendents lives in peace forever and those who have perpetuated these acts of lawlessness and inhumanity are made accountable according to the law. Our children and their children will know of this time and how it happened. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  20. Thank you to all of you that are attempting to stop these murderous acts upon our beautiful wild horses (and we will prevail). Please know that if monies were available for we to do more, I would do it. If I had all the money that it would take to free these animals to a large ranch with range access, the money would be there to acquire that land and give them back what this reckless agency is trying to take away from them. God Bless You. I can’t do more with money but I will do it with my voice by these means. Let’s continue rolling to the ultimate release of all these gorgeous animals back with their families on the land they love and know. Unfortunately, their will be to many that have lost their lives and families from this murderous agency. We must prevail to see that those causing these acts get their just rewards for their disasterous acts.


  21. Friend do it this way – that is,
    whatever you do in life,
    do the very best you can
    with both your heart and mind.

    And if you do it that way,
    the Power Of The Universe
    will come to your assistance,
    if your heart and mind are in Unity.

    When one sits in the Hoop Of The People,
    one must be responsible because
    All of Creation is related.
    And the hurt of one is the hurt of all.
    And the honor of one is the honor of all.
    And whatever we do effects everything in the universe.

    If you do it that way – that is,
    if you truly join your heart and mind
    as One – whatever you ask for,
    that’s the Way It’s Going To Be.

    –passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman


  22. Thanks so much to all of you who are doing your best to help our herds survive and thanks to all who take the valuable time to keep us up to date. I know many of you have invested more money and more time than I have available but please know that there are many of us out there who do our best to spread the information you provide and to hound our legislators.

    If people are critical, please put it down to ignorance and know that most of us are so grateful for and so proud of the hard work you do. It is not unappreciated even though I know it must feel that way at times.

    I am so thankful for all of you.


  23. RT, Ginger, ASPCH, and everyone else involved in the New York Lawsuit; sending good vibes and BLESSINGS for success!!! THE EVIL WILL NOT WIN!!!!


  24. RT, I know still waters run deep and never doubted for a moment much more was to come…. Focus on your mission and know so many are behind you 100%

    To all the people who commented here today: know that YOU are noticed, it is noticed that there are many new names who have come forward to lift their voices in support of wild ones right here, names we do not typically see every day. THANK YOU! Please stay and keep speaking, please donate and keep supporting and please continue to spread the word.

    All of us must keep shining the light on these dark evil people so changes can come. It’s all been hidden far too long and we may have driven them back into the dark corners a bit with the light we’ve shined so far. With multiples of all of US shining ever more light, there is no way they will be able to continue their horrific business. PLEASE KEEP SPEAKING, KEEP SHARING and NEVER GIVE UP!


  25. thank you for giving us animal lovers some hope. I have been following this some time now and I wrote a letter and put in an article to 20/20,Primetime, and 4 other national media to shed some light on this situation. We have to be the horses voice. We all know the BLM isnt really rounding them up for lack of food and water. It comes down to one thing: big ranchers and cattle. Im terrified that the BLM will slaughter the ones that arent adopted


  26. Instead of spending my time arguing with “a person” today… I spent my time for the wild ones by reseaching and writing an opposition letter to the BLM regarding their upcoming proposed sale of 160 acres in New Mexico. Our public land belongs to you and I and without it our Wild Ones will have no natural habit to live. So although this is not my favorite subject … I have written an objection letter (below) to the BLM regarding their proposed sale of 160 acres near Lindrith, NM which belongs to us. I have requested a copy from BLM of the EA for this also because I could not find it online. This letter must be received by BLM by the 25th and must be sent US mail – emails not accepted. I have printed it and mailed it off immediately in order to meet the deadline even though I have not read the EA. I hope you will modify the letter any way you see fit and get it into the mail also. Thanks and wish us luck! [PS Sorry to take up so much room on this blog … but letters need to be written and mailed ASAP]

    Bureau of Land Management
    Field Manager, Farmington Field Office, 1235 La Plata Highway, Suite A
    Farmington, New Mexico 87401
    October 20, 2010
    Re: [LLNMFO100 L5874000.EU, LXSS041G0000;NMNM 121548]
    Notice of Realty Action: Modified Competitive Sealed Bid Sale of Public Lands in
    Rio Arriba County, NM
    I write to object to the proposed sale of the above referenced Public Lands described as 160 acres in Lindrith, New Mexico, USA, for the following reasons:
    1. The sale of these public acres will be a significant loss to an area of outstanding high desert scenic landscape that is currently available to the public for their pure enjoyment of the land. I personally think that the western United States desert is quite extraordinary and I have visited it throughout my whole life with much satisfaction. The sale of this land would prevent others and myself from ever enjoying this public land again.
    2. Future historical and biological studies on this land will forever be off-limits to the scientific community.
    3. Significant negative impact on local and migratory wildlife including deer, elk, and many bird species by the likeliness of fence construction and water confinement.
    4. Recent BLM sales are documented and verify that public lands are being sold to large energy corporations for the purpose of mining, natural gas and oil exploration. These corporations are known not only to temporarily scar the land in their pursuits but it is widely believed by the scientific community that their actions cause long term and permanent detrimental effects on the land that cannot be reversed. Your proposed sale does not guarantee this land will be used only for farming, ranching or recreation and obviously could be resold to energy corporations.
    5. Recent sales of our public land are sold at prices that are drastically under evaluated. I refer in particular to the BLM sale of September 10, 2010 when the land sold for prices ranging from $2 to $18.50 per acre. Unimproved property in the Lindrith, New Mexico area is currently being offered in the cost range of approximately $1800 per acre for an 80-acre parcel; $1500 per acre for a 175-acre parcel; $809 per acre for a 617-acre parcel. [Reference available online: Coldwell Banker and United Country Real Estate companies in the Lindrith area]. BLM has appraised this parcel and is proposing to sell this 160-acre property for $600 per acre, which is obviously well below the similar property value. I request a copy of the appraisal report that was done on this proposed land you wish to offer for sale. I ask what market approach was used, by whom was this report done and what brought BLM to the conclusion that this Public Land is far less valuable than the above comparable properties I list.
    6. There is no benefit to the citizens of the United States to sell this land.
    7. This tract of land was not acquired for the specific purpose of a private land sale. It is designated as Public Lands for the ownership, scenic and recreational use and enjoyment of the Public. This can only be served is maintained under Federal Public Land.
    8. This tract, because of its location and other characteristics is not difficult or uneconomic to manage by BLM as part of the public lands.
    9. How does BLM justify this sale to be in the public’s best interest?
    BLM must discontinue selling off public treasured land that is of great historical and natural significance. I am completely opposed to this sale. Please sustain, vacate or modify this realty action immediately. Your receipt of this written notice of objection is requested in addition to your written response. Thank you for allowing me to respond to this land sale notice.
    Very Sincerely,


      • Shirely,
        Of course you could have done the same research and probably even better but the BLM has a new budget of 1.1 billion dollars … and most of us who give a d___ about our wild ones don’t have that kind of big money! So we must learn from each other and share whatever we can … to protect the wild ones … and we already KNOW that is the right thing to do. Thank you.


  27. The silence before the Storm.On October 19th it shall always be a historical day when we vote and we call to save all of our majestic regal beautiful wild mustangs and all equines from slaughter, neglect, abuse and mistreatments of evil unkind individuals.THE STORM is brewing in the cauldrons pot.We are going to all come together and courageousl;y as Equine Angels and Equine Warriors put an end to the gathers of our blessed national treasure , ‘The Wild Mustang” May God bless every equine, Untill all horses are safe from slaughter.


  28. Former Senator regrets his part in BLM wild horse and burro program
    Posted on Jan 28, 2010 by Vivian

    Clifford Hansen, a former U.S. senator from Wyoming who introduced the bill to create the program, said he now wishes he could remove his name from the legislation. The law was intended to recognize the significance of wild horses and burros,” said Hansen, now 84, “but talk about a waste of public funds!


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