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Wyoming Horse Hater Retains House Seat

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

4 More Years of Horse Meat Lust

Photo courtesy of Sue Wallis on FaceBook

Horse owners and equine advocates from around the world shuddered when early polls indicated that horse slaughter promoter WY state rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis survived the challenge from two opponents for her house seat.

Libertarian Nicholas De Laat, a mechanic, and independent Travis Hakert, a rancher and tire store owner failed to stop the renegade representative from inappropriately using her office to promote the killing of companion horses for human consumption for another term.

Wallis won 60 percent of the vote with all precincts reporting. Hakert and De Laat had 26 percent and 15 percent of the vote, respectively, in unofficial results.

Wyoming’s District 52 will continue to be a hot bed of poor ethics and bad press as status quo with the re-election of “Slaughterhouse” Sue going forward.  An opportunity for a breath of fresh air was squandered on bloody rumor, innuendo and lack of a moral compass.

We respectfully tender our condolences to the state of Wyoming.

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  1. I realize that this sounds childish, but I’m frustrated at the stupidity; all I can say is that there must be at least 1,686 whackos in the 52d state district of WY. And that scares the hell out of me.

    That horseflesh eating troll got 60% of the vote out there. Good Grief!!!

    Across the country, it was a bad night for America and the equines (and just about anything else). And yes, I realize there are some good Republicans out there, just like there are bad Dems. What a mess…2 more years of gridlock and crazy.


  2. What a horror! More lives will be lost due to the harsheness of the voting stupidity. My heart mourns for those who are about to loose their lives over the decisions on the way. I wish that it were different. A different outcome for all those involved….everyone.


    • We now know about the 52nd District. Who was elected in the rest of the state? Will there be any help for wild or domestic horses from them?


  3. I share many of the views expressed here. Ignornace reigned as the least of us were voted for time and time again last night. In Missouri where the king of corruption Roy Blunt was elected, Prop B…the legislation to regulate puppy mills went through (yay!) and Viebrock the horse eating hopeful was elected to county commissioner. Now to implement and shut these puppy mill people down! The work has just begun in this very backward state.


  4. How disappointing… What tragic news for decent people who care for the well being of the horses and others. Sad commentary on the caliber of compassion and sense in Wyoming.


    • Are we just such an insolated community that our message does not often cross our borders???
      Would full or half page ads in pertinent papers do any good on voting issues.
      Sometimes I am shocked on T tube to see how few (253) have viewed a video.
      I was so sure SS and REID would go down.
      No, I won’t give up.


      • Lets start an online opetition to get Ole Harry removed as Senate Majority leader..start now before they caucus and decide..give some input..lets get Chuck Schummer, we need some backbone for the people..i seriously doubt the President has the backbone to Veto anything..Lets get someone who stands for something besides greed and compramise..”don’t make waves” philosphy is getting us no where but down the drain-contact the democratic national comittee website and start telling them this is what you want..Reid has been a failure, and must step down..and tell your senators the same thing


      • Reid needs to either step down or be replaced as leader. I am with you 100%. He is ineffective and too spineless. We need someone who can speak above a whisper who has a backbone!


  5. My coffee don’t taste the same this morning. I’m sickened that the state of wyoming chose a death loving leader again.


  6. Ugh! This is what happens when people just blindly vote that party line….they don’t even know who the hell they are voting for.
    This state is just a total disaster. All horses need to be moved out of state so they can survive the next 2 years….
    Just disgusting that someone like this can hold any office!


  7. It must be something in the water….

    Someone on ABR was sticking up for the BLM last year as they were just good ole boys and for the development of the Ruby Pipeline… born in WY and now up in ranks with a major oil Co.

    What are they thinking?

    Something must be in the water!


  8. I’m sure the rest of the state doesn’t necessarily support her like her locals do. What did you really expect though from a state that produces the likes of Cheney, gay killing, wild horse breaking contests and horse slaughter advocates, there is a reason there are only 500,000 people there and it isn’t the lack of scenery that is keeping people away.

    Proof in the pudding people, its past time for us to buckle down and start financially supporting our leaders, bureaucrats and organizations that support our horses. Words and blogs are not doing it, we live in a world of money over reason so we can only fight it with money of our own. Send that $5.00 or more to R.T. today, really today! He’ll know where to spend it and spend it well


    • Hey, now. Let’s not lump all Wyomingeons into one basket. She keeps getting elected in a very remote, backwater part of Wyoming where ‘folks don’t got no lernin’. There are good people in Wyoming, too, though. My daughter is one of them, and would be HORRIFIED if a horse slaughter plant went up in her state.

      Slaughterhouse Sue found a niche for herself in country where crazed mountain men can hide in the woods for decades and never be noticed. It’s not ‘rocket science’ country around her- unfortunately.


      • Thank you Elaine, my sister lives in Wyoming too. Although she lives in western WY, and I don’t think its considered part of district 52. But I confess I don’t know district lines in WY. I do know my sister votes democrat but she is far outranked.

        Also I went to a horse show in Jackson a couple of years back. There was a guy there with a retired QH from the track. He was now his daughter’s horse. He never sent a horse to slaughter even when it was legal.

        But this is Jackson Hole. Yes, Cheney has a house here, but then so does Harrison Ford, Heather Locklear, Sandra Bullock. It’s very expensive land. But prettier mountains would be hard to come by.

        Sue lives far east of there. You have to go up to Moran Jct.,then south to Riverton to get to any other place. There is no going over the mountain directly. Bighorn Canyon is beautiful.

        I was asked this summer if I would ever consider horse slaughter. NO WAY. There is nothing humane about it. I would not consider slaughtering a horse to eat it. I was brought up on beef not horse.

        As a matter of fact many Vietnamese/and others of similar cultures (for lack of how to properly express it) when they first came to CA 30 some years ago–many dogs and cats suddenly started disappearing. These folk had NO IDEA that dogs and cats were pets. Where they were from dog and cat were considered a delicacy. That soon stopped once they were informed that this country does accept slaughtering our pets.

        I sure wish that some of these pro slaughter people would accept the idea that to slaughter your pet is the worst betrayal known to man. If SS would slaughter her best partner what does that say about her trustworthiness in general????


      • I’m from Up state NY and caught a glimp’s of what this state Has the misfortune of possessing in the form of mentally unstable Slaughter house Sue. She appears to Love what she eats by her build. This part of the State Has never emerged from the dark ages. Too bad. I was under the impression that this state was for wild horses. Not eating them. I will make it a point never to visit this state just for the fact that this problem is in existence. I love horse and always will but I will not put up with some one who has a problem with horses. It is a sure sign of mental instability before moving on to humans as their next target. As far as disposing of unwanted horses I would rather euthanize mine before subjecting them to the torture of the slaughter process. Cattle get treated better.


      • Margaret, you are right – it (eating of pets) is sometimes very much a cultural thing. Still you have to wonder when does an emigrated culture finally decide to drop customs that are abhorrent to those in their new country? I think Asian immigrants pretty readily drop these habits. But apparently for the Belgians, they don’t care if they are breaking cultural taboo or not….. they are the ones still behind the slaughterhouses here, the ones which closed in the US, and those in Canada and, I believe, Mexico as well.

        My mom was raised during the Depression in Detroit. At that time, Detroit was a thriving newly industrial multicultural city with the French and English settlers, later immigrants of Irish, Scots, Germans, Belgians, Poles, Italians and many people who had moved up from the southern states to find employment in the auto industry. Most of these groups had their own little enclaves, neighborhoods within neighborhoods, where they felt most at home with others with the same cultural origins but there was still a lot of interaction and marriages across cultural lines so these communities were not really isolated. It was a vibrant city life but still room on the outskirts allowed many people to hunt deer and pheasant, fish for food and most did a lot of gardening and even foraging for wild foods.

        For the past 2 years, I have spoken at length with my mom, now in her late 80’s, about the propaganda spread by the horse eaters – specifically, the lie that “everyone” was eating horse meat during the depression and during WWII. I figure she would know, she lived during those times, is one smart cookie and was always very active and involved with family & friends & community. She also lived in many different neighborhoods all over the socioeconomic spectrum so she saw a lot more than someone who was more settled and sheltered in one spot. She says emphatically that acceptance of horse meat as food was NOT true and it was NEVER acceptable to eat horses, even when they had next to nothing in the depression and were severely restricted by rationing in WWII.

        Mom is not a horse person, has never ridden or even mounted a horse but she is a caring animal person, had a couple of horse oriented friends, watched a jumper show at the Grosse Pointe Country Club, cheered on Seabiscuit with family around a radio broadcast, saw a few horses still in commercial use (pulling wagons, cars took over Detroit beginning in 19teens much more quickly and completely than the rest of the country) and supported us kids when we were horse crazy. She tells of the Belgians in Detroit who were newer immigrants to the US (than her own pioneer French family roots going back to the 1700s) and said that “everyone” warned not to buy meat from them (apparently there were a lot of Belgian butchers and it might be horse!) and to be very careful with their cats because they were famous for not only eating horse but also killing neighborhood cats for food. Even with being confronted over this, she said the Belgians were nonplussed and apparently resolute to continue as they wished and so they did with all the others finding their tendencies disgusting.

        She said everyone looked down on this in her community and that no other cultural group had this kind of reputation, not the French whom she was a part of and who were already in Detroit for many generations by that time nor the Italians who, like the Belgians, were also newer immigrants to America. She even had close friends whose families were new immigrants from France, who returned there for visits annually, and it was not acceptable in those homes either. Today, we know that people in both France and Italy consume horse but apparently in the 1920s to 40s in Detroit, a virtual melting pot, immigrants and American born people of of French and Italian extraction did not do so.

        My conclusion: Not to paint an entire nationality with a broad brush but it is telling that Belgians are still the folks running the slaughter operations today. I think it would be very interesting to hear other stories from old folks who lived in NY, Philly, Boston, Chicago, St Louis, Dallas, Denver, LA, SF, Seattle during these same times. Maybe there is a pattern greater than the one I see. Or maybe the pattern I see is not valid, interesting to think about though. And I certainly do not mean to imply all Belgians fit this stereotype, the observation is just the truth according to a real person who lived in those times. So does anyone else wonder if despicable Sue and her horse eating buddies are of Belgian extraction?


  9. And more bad news, CT lost a house rep, who when I asked him if he knew about the wildhorse situation, wrote back saying that he’d read Ginger Kathren’s book and would be following up when he got back to DC …


  10. Until this Nation’s electorate realizes that they can’t steamroll everybody and everything for specific special interests, we are screwed.

    Everybody has to agree to find reasonable, pragmatic, affordable, enforceable solutions for the problems facing this country. The idea that “I’m in charge” with the one finger salute to the remaining does a diservice to this country, it’s residents, resources and most especially…a successful future.

    We have alot of people and entities in this country that are neither ethical or morally clean. It has always been the intent of our country’s government to legislate those things. Maybe it can’t be done; I think it can be done.

    I don’t mind paying taxes. I mind paying taxes for special interests that are geographical in nature or lobbyists that roundup wild equines, poor food safety, abuse animals, children, infirmed, poor, social security and Medicare fraud, illegal immigration, farm subsidy/pork barrel abuses, infrastructure neglect, competent education, outsourcing jobs, protecting the finance industry and so much more.

    112th Congress…you don;t have a mandate. You have a split country. Show us what you can do…if the special interests don’t corrupt you first.


  11. OK! Today!

    Snail Mail Address:
    Laughing Horse Farm
    14910 Wildwood Circle
    Magnolia, TX 77354

    RT, Next week, I will also send you some American’s Against Horse Slaughter t-shirts, some Kentucky Derby post position shirts for Barbaro’s Derby, other associated shirts and a 132nd. Derby jacket, so they may be used for raffles, yard sales, or any way you find to use them to help with funds to benefit the horses.


  12. Just not a lot of ‘nice’ I can say here..
    Hey Mar.. You ready to fight in SW Colorado!? That’s the place they’ll try to put up a slaughter house here.. *sigh*
    After yesterday’s raging ‘high’ from the Walker Lake herd, to this mornings, ‘What were they thinking’ sort of depression.. This is an emotional roller coaster that the Prozac Rainbow would have trouble getting a handle on!


    • Hey Joey, it would be fought tooth and nail. JP Brown spread his blood money around and tried to keep a lid on his past. This is serious horse country and the old ways are being challenged by the new. Parelli is here and many with open eyes who might create a strong backlash if a slaughter house were proposed in this area. The pollution would be huge factor in defeating such a thing here. mar


  13. On the optimistic side, we still have Barbara Boxer and Mary Landreau in the fight for our wild ones! We will have to take a pragmatic approach and prove to the newly elected GOP what a waste of taxpayer dollars exists within the BLM & Fish & Wildlife Service. (Two million dollars for a fence to keep wild horses out of Custer Forest?) Budget cuts are in the wind for certain. As soon as the dust settles and committees reappointed, there’s an “Oversight Government Reform Committee” I’ll be writing to.

    Doing something positive for the horses today: There are two mustangs on a feedlot in CA, headed to Mexico for slaughter or rodeo circuit if the remaining funds for transport aren’t raised today! It’s on Alex Brown Racing under SHI URGENT – 2 mustangs on feedlot. I donated $50 – anyone else able to dig deep also? These are four year old geldings who could be going instead to a sanctuary where they will be gentled by children and then offered for adoption! Let’s get ’em out of there TODAY!


    • That may be the only way to go.
      Government oversight and May another agency IRS to investigate cattoor contractors that work for the BLM in the round up , check to make certain that every penny is used to benefit these horses, Some end up in Mexico with out a happy ending.. Also back ground checks on ALL BLM Workers who are involved in the violent round ups that result in deny sustaining water and food for long periods to those that are stuck in the traps created by BLM.
      ASPCA rules basically state food, WATER! Veterinary care must be provided to All animals domestic or other wise. Zoo animals get better treatment.
      I like to see the BLM employees go for day’s with out water and be isolated. These people have no form of ethical code. Horses are wild for a reason. They are a part of our American History. Why destroy it for just greed?


  14. Not good news in wyo all over..demo. gov replaced by rep…generational “rancher”, course what else are you going to find there??/ and posted today -sales- 14, millon in oil/gas leases with more to follow..I agree with “run horses run”


    • Ironic isn’t it – speical interest generational ranchers living off a a socialist system, living off of welfare?

      And add irony to irony because this particular socialist system supplies profit wealth for a few at the expense of the many, with no contribution at all to the many since most beef is exported.

      I know I sound like a broken record but lets get to the source of the problem – seems to me we are only picking at and treating the scab, which is also necessary – but all the eggs can’t/should not be in one basket..


  15. I thoroughly agree with Musketman !!!!!! Just 5.00 come on people lets fight for what we believe in the Wild Mustangs ……………………… Hes got my 5.00 right now !!! Talk doesnt get us anywhere its MONEY that talks and people listen >>>!!!!!!!!!


    • Well, lots are unemployed, on the brink forclosure (maybe some help from the Obama mortgage plan – thank God – we’ll see) – should they go away and not talk, not “think tank” because they have no money at this time?


    • Sorry, Louie…no one to vote for is NOT the only or main reason people don’t vote.

      I’ll start with the obvious:

      (1) too damn lazy to make time to hit the polls;

      (2) too damn lazy to educate one’s self about the candidates OR issues;

      (3) too damn stooopid!;

      (4) too damn selfish;

      (5) insert reason here…

      And in some states, voters can choose “none of the above”…and that still didn’t motivate Nevada voters.


    • Louie, I did not vote one time as a statement, it was based on what I beleived at the time to be sound reasoning, not laziness or any of the other reasons. And I beleive that is a valid protest. However, if I had had a choice of ‘none of the above’ I would have chosen that route.

      I wonder – what if everyone selected “none of the above?” Now, that would be a protest!


  16. I know one thing for sure that Pelosi would not have lifted a finger to help pass H.R 503 or S.727 and she is out as speaker. We have been trying to pass anti-slaughter bills for years and it didn’t make any difference which party was in power they both are corrupt. And once the lobbying starts with all of the bribes it will be business as usual. Not a person on this blog will agree but I feel that the only chance we have to slow down horses going to slaughter is to educate the people that is eating it about the drugs. The horse breeding industry has very deep pockets and they have used horse slaughter as the underpinning of their horse over-breeding for decades and they feel that no one can touch them, and at this point they are right.

    In Canada there is one chef that removed horse meat from his menu because of the vet drugs if one will do it more will follow if they know about the drugs. I would suggest that all of us look up the emails of every restaurant in Canada, I know it will be a lot of work but there is mass mailing you know. Because introducing bills over and over to congress is not going to cut it, you are wasting your time and effort. Horses loaded with vet drugs from the US are still being killed, the EU is beginning to crack down on some of it but it will take drying up the the market for the meat. And that is the consumer that buys it and eats it.


    • I agree with you completely, Barb. The sales of toxic carcinogenic “food” destined for consumers, human and pet, it outrageous, immoral, unethical and certainly must be illegal. How can it be legal to sell poison as food for others to consume?

      The question is: what is it going to take to get it stopped now that this toxicity has been proven? (reference Dr. Nicolas Dodman/Ann Marini’s study released early 2010). Even with this study confirming what we all know, the wheels sure do not seem to be moving fast enough to stop this atrocity against horse and human and pet.

      This has been going on for years, apparently out of sheer ignorance on the part of consumers and out of greed and immoral lack of conscience on the part of the slaughter industry (all, from brokers to KBs to drivers to the slaughterhouses themsevles). Horsepeople have known for decades that horse flesh is NOT safe for human consumption — there are far too many warnings on every product we use on our horses to not know.

      The EU finally is beginning to realize this very high health risk BECAUSE WE ADVOCATES HAVE BEEN BROADCASTING IT. Apparently we need to keep it up and focus on the chefs, the owners of wholesale and retail food suppliers — can you imagine how many lawsuits can and will come against the people who have been supplying this poison? And those suits will not be against KBs and horse brokers – it will be the restaurant owners and food retailers and wholesalers who are put out of business because they are sued left and right by consumers (or survivors) stricken with cancer and other disease. If you think about it, this perceived risk and lack of that is why the brokers, KBs are pushing so hard to keep this — it’s their greed, their profit, they fight to retain and they feel they are not at much risk compared to the suppliers closer to the actual human victim consumers.

      I truly believe this fight will be won by focusing on the very real toll to human health from this. The masses will not stand for that once they are fully informed. While I would like to think people are becoming more humane, it’s elections like this one of this WY toad and a few others around the country in some of those “backward” places that prove we still have a lot of greedy, immoral, inhumane, stupid neanderthals to overcome.


      • While those of us outside Wyoming do not have a say in that state’s politics, I believe it’s appropriate for us to call attention to these issues with Wyoming’s State Ethics Committee.
        First, Sue Wallis is not only a state representative but she also heads up a non-profit group that will benefit financially from a slaughter/horse meat sales law that she’s currently trying to push through. That is a direct conflict of interest and an ethics violation.
        Second, it’s no secret that horse meat is contaminated. Mrs. Wallis knows this. To knowingly provide humans — or pets — with meat known to be contaminated is another ethics — and legal — matter.


      • Here is the contact information I was able to find on the Wyoming State government site for Ethics:
        State Capitol Building
        200 West 24th Street
        Cheyenne, WY 82002-0020
        Ph. 307.777.5860
        Fax 307.777.7640

        Now, the e-mail address reads “elections,” so I’m not sure exactly what that means. Perhaps ethics violations in elections ??? I wasn’t able to find a specific ethics committee. This was the info available under the heading of any kind of Ethics.
        However, my guess is that if you put something to the effect of “State Representative Ethics Violations” in the subject line, it may get some attention. By snail mail, address your letters to include ATTN: State Ethics Violations — something like that which will ensure it goes to the right area.


      • Nora, I believe someone reported that WY does indeed have legislation or an office that is supposed to deal with ethics in politics BUT that they never funded the position/agency. So therefore, there is no one to address reported ethics issues. Anyone recall the detail on this? I think it was their Governor Freudenthal who claimed nothing could be done about ethics issues for this reason but I could be wrong in that recollection….


  17. The R.O.A.M Act of 1971 needs to be restored immediately, I call the President everyday and ask that he restore it immediately, This law protects are wild mustang we must , i repeat we must get it restored immediately, How do we do that ???? Call our President every hour on the hour and ask that he do so…Once we get that restored , then we have power !!!! 202-456-1111 I call every hour and implore him to restore it, come on people help me with this, call him, tell him ,Please !!!!!! We must start at the beginning to get our wonderful ending !!!!!!!! Push congress on the HR 503 and SB 727 it has laid in congress much to long people !!!!! here is where we need to concentrate, this is the right place to start and stay till we get this done !!!! willy nilly gets us no where fast !!!!!


      • The ROAM Act is proposed legislation, it has not been passed. ROAM stands for Restore Our American Mustangs. There are apparently portions of it that will endanger wild horses even more than they are endangered now according to many who have analyzed it. But at the same time, it appears deceptively on the surface to be more protective for them.

        The 1971 Act was passed in 1971 and is named the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act or the WFRHB Act. It is also referred to as the 1971 Act, the 1971 Wild Horse Act, the 1971 Wild Horse Protection Act but these are just what people have chosen to call it instead of the long formal name it was given or the gobbledy gook acronym that translates too. It has never been called the ROAM Act.

        What happened during Bush’s administration is that the Burns Rider was passed which allowed unrestricted sales (in actuality, to slaughter buyers) in quantity of the older “sale authority” horses. It’s called the Burns Rider because it was a rider that Sen Harry Reid asked then Sen Conrad Burns of MT to write (see Horseback Magazine’s Steven Long’s interview with Conrad Burns for Burns telling of this story), which was then attached to another huge legislative bill as a “rider” just before Thanksgiving (2004 or 2005ish) and because of that attachment, it was overlooked when the entire bill was passed. So it became law because it was purposefully buried inside a huge bill pushed through at the last minute before holiday recess.

        The ROAM Act was created (~2007-2008ish) to address some of the safeguards that were taken away from the horses via the Burns Rider. It has languished in committees and over time, many advocates have come to see it is more important to reaffirm the original 1971 WFRHB Act because of concerns about how ROAM may indeed be worse in some ways than things are right now for the horses.

        Perhaps someone can pitch in here and explain the problems with the still in limbo ROAM Act…. I don’t have details, only the general concern.


      • Yes, I would like to hear the actual details of what is wrong with ROAM rather than inuindo – and please be specific.

        Right now I stand with Ginger Kathrens and Pickens in supporting it – perhaps there is something that they need to know that has escaped them.


      • Arlene, the 1971 law was the Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (Public Law 92-195).. I sure would like to see the original and each amendment date and sponsored by and voted in by whom.

        The original law was passed unanimously by Congress. Here is the version after all the amendments over the years:

        Burns Act passed by Congress during Bush term and not vetoed by Bush (it was litally insterted into an appropriation bill the night before voting – that if not signed into law would have frozen all Federal Gov) allowed “sale authority” of older and 3 strickes horses for $25 each in groups up to 25 horses (please anyone correct this if I am wrong on these figures), meaning that title is now passed to the purchaser upon payment rather than the 1 year required under adoption. The one year waite was a way to discourage kill buyers because the cost of maintianng the horse for 1 year would outwiegh slaughter profits.

        As I understand it at least part of ROAM guts the Burns Act of sale authority?


  18. Sorry Roxy , did not mean to imply that at all , all our minds are needed , but if we can dig deep and come up with $5.00 , it would be great !!!!! i some of us can then do it………………….


  19. sorry Roxy !!!! where do i send a contribution then for the horses at the auction tonite ???? dont wnat to mail it it would not arrive in time for them…………….


    • Arlene, try this link for the two mustang geldings they are trying to save:

      Her paypal info is listed under their picture. There were four, two went to another rescue, and these two are left. They do have a home waiting for them if the money can be raised. They have the bail money, just need to raise transportation money to the rescue that will take these two in.

      Please, can anyone help out? I’m sending a donation. Lenore, thank you for the heads up on these guys!


    • Please help get two mustangs off the feedlot and transported to a safe haven on Oregon.

      Here’s information to send donations to my friend Audrey. This is a good rescue run by a hard working lady, I know I go out and help her out. She not only takes care of her own rescued horses but goes around and gives extra to the other horses at the stables who have absent owners. She’s helped people in distress keep their horses from going to auction and helped feed horses in private hands until their owners get back on their feet.

      Saving Horses, Inc has the opportunity to rescue two unbroken 5 year old BLM mustangs geldings off a CA feedlot. There is no future for these two if they are left on the lot. Networking has found them a safe haven at Blue Sky Rescue in Oregon.
      The costs entailed in the rescue are as follows: Bail $200 each Transport to OR $850
      To date $615 has been raised. I am in need of $635 to complete this rescue and get them on their bus to Oregon.
      Any small amount is appreciated. Paypal
      Snail Mail: 8840 Hunter Pass, Alpine, CA 91901
      As soon as the funds are I the horses will be able to leave the lot.
      Thank you.


      • Here’s the website for Saving Horses Inc where you can click the donate at the bottom of the page.


      • Morgan, they’re down to $475 left to go now for the two mustangs! Please everyone, spread the word and donate if you can.


  20. Sad news to hear Sue was re-elected!! As always, it’s all about money, but that still doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. We must continuie to put pressure on, make calls, speak to people about the issue (many are not even aware) and yes, donate $ any amount you can, whenever you can! We cannot allow people like her to determine their fate!!!!


  21. after reading the post there for tonites horses , they are trying to save some that will have to be euthanize d also, at least they wont die a horrible death that way, one of them has recently had a foal , her Volvo is torn badly and she needs stitches , there was no foal present there with her, my God it was so sad there , these people are wonderful to save the unsaveable also………….


  22. Please anyone who can even make the smallest donation will add up for them !!! Use the link above that Robin posted !!!!


  23. Arlene, when you call the President, be certain to call for a MORATORIUM ON ROUND-UPS–we all need to do that. It needs to be ONE LOUD VOICE.


  24. not to worry i know the drill really well call there several times a day , usually even get the same sympathetic lady to take my call……………………..202-456-1111


  25. Sheeeeee….it! I can’t believe that whack job retained her seat. I looked in the paper today for any mention of the horse eater and saw nothing. (Casper Star Tribune) I was so hoping she was out on her fat horse swilling ass. God, there is no justice! There are also no educated people there. I live in Wyoming but not in that part of the state because if I did I’d have run against that foul person. She is still campaigning to make it legal to sell any thing you want for people here to consume. Raw milk, uninspected meat, who knows what you are getting. I have no desire to drink raw milk. Plenty of people have been sickened by it and to subject kids, old people and prisoners to eating horse flesh. No Thanks.


  26. I have one other comment to add to my earlier post. I have supported all anti-slaughter bills introduced to congress for the past 4 years. I have faxed hundreds of letters, made hundreds of phone calls to no avail. I am not supporting any more bills. I am putting my energy into educating the chefs, restaurants, grocery stores and any other establishment that sells horse meat cooked or raw about the drugs in the meat. I intend to mail a copy of Dr. Marini’s drug study to as many chefs as I can locate in Canada that serve horse meat this will give them a qualified study to take a look at so they fully understand what they are feeding their customers. I sincerely believe this will have more clout than butting my head against a stone wall which is what congress is.


  27. This cheered me up a bit. It’s by Howard Zinn who was a noted historian, activist.

    On Getting Along in Tough Times:

    You ask how I manage to stay involved and remain seemingly happy and adjusted to this awful world where the efforts of caring people pale in comparison to those who have power?

    It’s easy. First, don’t let “those who have power” intimidate you. No matter how much power they have they cannot prevent you from living your life, speaking your mind, thinking independently, having relationships with people as you like. (Read Emma Goldman’s autobiography LIVING MY LIFE. Harassed, even imprisoned by authority, she insisted on living her life, speaking out, however she felt like.)

    Second, find people to be with who have your values, your commitments, but who also have a sense of humor. That combination is a necessity!

    Third (notice how precise is my advice that I can confidently number it, the way scientist number things), understand that the major media will not tell you of all the acts of resistance taking place every day in the society, the strikes, the protests, the individual acts of courage in the face of authority. Look around (and you will certainly find it) for the evidence of these unreported acts. And for the little you find, extrapolate from that and assume there must be a thousand times as much as what you’ve found.

    Fourth: Note that throughout history people have felt powerless before authority, but that at certain times these powerless people, by organizing, acting, risking, persisting, have created enough power to change the world around them, even if a little. That is the history of the labor movement, of the women’s movement, of the anti-Vietnam war movement, the disable persons’ movement, the gay and lesbian movement, the movement of Black people in the South.

    Fifth: Remember, that those who have power, and who seem in vulnerable are in fact quite vulnerable, that their power depends on the obedience of others, and when those others begin withholding that obedience, begin defying authority, that power at the top turns out to be very fragile. Generals become powerless when their soldiers refuse to fight, industrialists become powerless when their workers leave their jobs or occupy the factories.

    Sixth: When we forget the fragility of that power in the top we become astounded when it crumbles in the face of rebellion. We have had many such surprises in our time, both in the United States and in other countries.

    Seventh: Don’t look for a moment of total triumph. See it as an ongoing struggle, with victories and defeats, but in the long run the consciousness of people growing. So you need patience, persistence, and need to understand that even when you don’t “win,” there is fun and fulfillment in the fact that you have been involved, with other good people, in something worthwhile. Okay, seven pieces of profound advice should be enough.


  28. As stated, it seems that in recent years it doesn’t matter what party controls Congress because the equines (even food safety) get humane and competent consideration. The bills languish in committee, proceedural special interest double-talk and wrangling.

    But with the takeover by the “cut taxes, less government” majority (in the Senate remember that there are many Dems that are big ag bought and paid for weenies and NEVER vote proequine) we may get some traction with regard to the money that Congress gives DOI and USDA to murder and exterminate equines.

    Just like the horsemeat inspection funding issue, demand that those agencies get no more monies, earmarked OR discretionary to roundup equines, future long term holding, etc until this problem is solved satisfactorily.

    If they want to cut spending and rein in the budget, Congress can start with the contracts at DOI and USDA.

    My House guy is going to be an even bigger “bigshot” in the next Congress and I’m figuring out what to write him as I post this message.


  29. Sorry….”that in recent years it doesn’t matter what party controls Congress because the equines (even food safety) get humane and competent consideration. …” Should have read, …NEVER get humane and competent consideration.


  30. All I can say is OH S____!…….but, what goes around ………comes around again and she will get come uppence…….I have FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 K


  31. Roxy, why not give a GOOD third party candidate an opportunity to break the gridlock?
    For those that don’t have a “none of the above” option, that would be another option.
    We are always told that you weaken the vote when you do that–but we have been told a lot of things–some are true and some are not. When you consider that compared to not voting at all–why not give it a shot?


    • Geez, I only did it once years ago – it was after I had voted Nixon in and then Watergate – my first exposure to the criminal nature of politics – I was leary at the time.


    • That’s not going to happen with the Supreme Court ruling granting corporations personhood and unlimited donations to campaign. Only campaign finance reform will stop the bought and paid for politiicians.


    • Louie, from you rlips to reality – if only!

      Yes, I search every day for some thing to do that. There are several movements – too often though they have other agendas lurking – I am very carefull, as I signed a petition early on in my wild horse life that said “tell Obama to make BLM follow the law (something like that)” – then I realized that the law, the 1971 Act as currently ammended is not a friend to our horses – so now I am very carefull, look up all the bios on board members and all the other writings onthe web and ask myself “who is paying them?” Example – one would think the United Org for the Horse had the horse’s best interest at heart by the title – a little time consuming – but necessary I think.


  32. This is not only sad, but, very scary as well! It makes you wonder, how?, &, why?? I can almost compare this election outcome to my state just barely passing Prop B, Missouri’s Puppy Mill law. So many people are apparently not only naive, & brainwashed by all the lies, they’re just plain STUPID!! Unfortunately, you can’t “fix” stupid. There are people I know personally who actually thought(?) the “puppy” mill law would affect their cows!! Maybe, some people are born more compassionate & caring than others, some are perhaps born missing important genes, or maybe missing part of their brains!! Since the animals depend on people like all of us for protection, against all those “other” people, this is going to be a lifelong, non-stop fight. Yes, we’ll have to have lots of patience, & every small victory will be a celebration for our animal friends, no matter who they are. There will always be a “Sue Wallis” in the world, even if she went away, someone else would take her place!


  33. Maybe when the idiots that vote to slaughter these majestic horses have to answer to God in the end they will all go to HELL and get what they deserve. KARMA IS A B**** and SHE and all of the rest of them will get what they deserve. All we can do is Pray someone with a heart helps these animals. We can only hope we can see it come around. Let’s all Pray to GOD He gets rid of her so others can live GOD forgive me for being so mad at what those we voted in do. Hopefully she will be exposed for the murderer she is.


  34. Part of what is being done is CONFUSION–spin the people around so much that they don’t know which end is up. So much is going on at all times–so many issues–all are important. Media is doing a very good job at that. Staying focused and spotting the central problem–all coming from the same source–that helps to keep your eye on the ball.


  35. I live in Wyoming and have the opportunity to travel throughout the state. Almost everyone I speak to believes that horse slaughter is the only viable option to horse overpopulation. They believe that wild horses are pests to the range. They want to cash in from the sale of ‘unwanted’ horses. ‘Unwanted,’ meaning the horses they over breed whose bloodlines have become devalued. ‘Unwanted,’ meaning the horses their children have outgrown. ‘Unwanted,’ meaning ranch horses that served them for years but have been replaced by ATVs. They actually believe that horse slaughter is humane!
    Change does not come easy for Wyoming. Our legislators argue that Washington has no knowledge of these matters. They assert that these decisions should be made by Wyoming. Legislators in Washington who are undecided become convinced by Wyoming legislators.
    I believe that the only way we can stop this is by putting National pressure on the Wyoming legislature. Please continue to expose the ugliness here. There are few people in this state, so write, call, and spread the word. I know that pro slaughter is definitely out numbered. Don’t give up!


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