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Stop Cash Flow to Bloody BLM Wild Horse Stampedes

Press Release from the Equine Welfare Alliance

Call for Defunding of Round-Ups Validated in Wild Horse and Burro Report

Chicago (EWA) – A report compiled by wild horse researchers and sponsored by advocacy groups has shed new light on the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

Based on the documentation in the report, Equine Welfare Alliance and Animal Law Coalition call on Congress to refuse any further funding for roundups of wild horses and burros from their federally protected herd areas in the West pending completion of a study of the wild horses and burros program by the National Academy of Sciences. They also urge Congress to allow an agency other than the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or, preferably, an independent commission manage the wild horse and burro program.

By law, the BLM is only authorized to round up “excess” horses; the new evidence proves the BLM is instead rounding up, sterilizing and warehousing wild “non-excess” horses and plans to reduce the population on the range to a level far below a justifiable number.

The proof is in BLM’s own numbers. The BLM states in the 2011 Budget Justification the horses are in ecological balance with their occupied habitat at a population of 26,600. If BLM obtains funding for the planned removals for 2011-2012, the remaining population will be less than 5,700 horses.

The report states, “This is an internal strategy developed in 2004 without Congressional approval or oversight and is a clear violation of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act”. According to the report, the “long-term survival” of America’s wild horses and burros “is in jeopardy”.

Meanwhile, BLM will have 45,955 equines in holding pens creating yet another financial crisis. In FY 2011, roundup, removal and holding costs for the projected 10,746 horses to be removed from the range will be about $31M. The cost of holding and maintaining just the horses rounded-up in 2011-2012 will be $223 million over their lives.

Moreover, according to the report, BLM’s population estimates are inconsistent and lack oversight. BLM’s estimates are not based on the best scientific, peer-reviewed data or obtained using state of the art technology. The Department of Interior’s Office of the Inspector General validated this in an April 2010 report that stated “Interior Lacks a Scientific Integrity Policy”.

One glaring example of the agency’s lack of scientific integrity is the BLM’s use of an annual estimated reproductive rate of 20% across the board. The number, used by the BLM for years, fails to take into account the effect of fertility control, destruction of herd dynamics, viability of the remaining herds and studies reflecting actual reproduction rates of less than 4%. According to the report, this means “there are far fewer wild horses and burros on the range … than the BLM claims”.

If the roundups are not halted now, the NAS Study and any reforms to the Program will be pointless, as very few horses will be left on the range to study or roam free as components of the public lands and to enrich the lives of the American people as mandated by the 1971 Act.

When the majestic Mustangs no longer roam their land, we wonder what Congress will say when asked, why didn’t you do something?


The Equine Welfare Alliance is a dues free, umbrella organization with over 125 member organizations. The organization focuses its efforts on the welfare of all equines and the preservation of wild equids.


Animal Law Coalition is a coalition of pet owners and rescuers, advocates, attorneys, law students, veterinarians, shelter workers, decisionmakers, and other citizens, that advocates for the rights of animals to live and live free of cruelty and neglect.

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    That crud got that 60 million $s last year that we didn’t want him to have via “stimulus” monies

    Excellent work crunching those numbers and collecting FACTS.


  2. Wow never mind the precioous ones the horses & mules suffering,budget would probably get Congress attention first…
    Too bad it did not get Obama’s attention he is quoted in Rolling Stone as saying he would fire Ken Salazar after the November elections…LIAR!!!
    I am registering Independent whoever gets rid of Salazar has my vote!!!


    • Hi Delores, I share your hatred of the Sec of Interior and his terrible programs not only regarding the mustang and burro policy , but also his continued giving away of oil leases on sensitive lands in Alaska , not to mention natural gas leases all over the country which is causing the poisoning of water for people and animals. However, voting for ANYONE who would get rid of Salizar is not the issue. A Republican president would surely continue these policies as they were really stepped up at the beginning of the Bush Admin. and then continued by the Obama admin. The real push has to be from us to call our senators and congress people and the president to let them know how wrong and wasteful these policies are.


  3. The BLM needs to JUST STOP! For heaven’s sake how can any one organization have such power? We the people and our horses call for BLM to stop, take a breather.


  4. I imagine all the ones with their hands in the cookie jar are frozen in place right now – eyes bugged out. “Who me?!”. This is a incredibly important document making this agency and its contractors (all of them) accountable. The general public needs to see this. The politicians will follow. And THANK YOU!!!


  5. I hope the 54 Congressmen/women who sent that letter in July see this report. Make BLM accountable for every animal they’ve injured or harassed. 365 dead horses ( and more) this year–totally unacceptable. Great article–I needed this.


  6. The horses are no longer excess. They have achieved their stated sustainable levels and more, so why a 20% increase in removal numbers in 2011?


  7. My hats off to all who have contributed to this work and to all of you who continue researching and digging into the dirt to find more. We are alive and well and strong in passion and knowledge. There may seem to be many fronts but I look at it as there are many places we are needed and there is a someone attempting to get to each of those places and make themselves heard. Great work ladies. Thank you so much for doing this! I love you! mar


    • “Meanwhile, BLM will have 45,955 equines in holding pens creating yet another financial crisis. In FY 2011, roundup, removal and holding costs for the projected 10,746 horses to be removed from the range will be about $31M. The cost of holding and maintaining just the horses rounded-up in 2011-2012 will be $223 million over their lives.”

      When press was invited to the LTH BLM


  8. Outstanding research and excellent report – great job ladies!! Now THIS is science and data we can believe in. Do we know when the members of Congress and/or Appropriations Committee were provided a copy?

    The BLM certainly can’t call this “moot”!!


  9. Advocates will be protesting at the Summit of the Horse in Las Vegas, Nevada January 3-6. Send me a private email to and I can put you in touch with the woman in Las Vegas who is organizing this protest. I’m sure some of you already know her. Advocates are planning to attend from as far away as New York. Permit for all 4 days to protest is being obtained.
    Annie Mond


  10. Here are two more Appropriations Committee Members to call:

    Urge all members of the Appropriations Committees to earmark BLM funds for the wild horses in holding, range improvement, censusing, education, release of wild horses back onto their ranges and monitoring of public lands, but NO MONEY FOR ROUND-UPS.

    Rep. Allan Mollohan, West Virginia Dem.
    (202) 225-4172 D.C. Office
    (304) 292-3019 Home Office

    Rep. Harold (Hal) Rogers, Kentucky Rep.
    (202) 225-4601 D.C. Office
    (606) 679-8346 Home Office


    • Just called both of the members that you listed, both offices were excellent and did write down the comment and promised to deliver the message !!! Please everyone else here do the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  11. There are 8 more Appropriations Committee members and phone #s listed on the Cloud Foundation blog under UPDATED ROUND-UP SCHUDULES.


      • After reading the Report, I think the best hope lies with the power behind the Power – the selfless efforts of Volunteers.

        No one associated with compiling the Report was paid; all the research, field studies, & independent data were contributed by folks who did this on their own time and in some cases, with their own funds. It was constructed without grants or donations and certainly without ‘appropriations’.

        We may be a cash-poor Advocacy, but we are an intelligent, resourceful & passionate one. If an All-Hands were issued to conduct a census, you can believe all hands would show – backpacks strapped, cameras & notebooks & MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) on board, with each of us bringing whatever acumen we have to contribute and accuracy, the driving force.

        We are so much more than what we’re represented to the public and in the media, as this Report illustrates.


      • Lisa, Well, You know I realize this and my question and your answer are for Jessie and whom ever is a doubting thomas… We got some hot stuff coming off research now. Any minute. Like I said, my hat is off to our ladies and what they can do…. you included, kid. Sorry for any past misunderstanding on my part. said publicly. mar


    • I think there are us so called “doubting thomas'” because both sides say they have scientific facts and are using it against each other. Each side can take the same information and have a different interpretation of it. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but no one is reaching to make this meeting.


      • Jessie – I know this is way after the fact but if you get an opportunity to read the report, please do so.

        None of it was pulled outta the air; most of the data was compiled based on published reports by the BLM & other agencies. Other data was collected using the same methodolgy the Bureau uses – with vastly different results.

        While I may grasp at anything that looks like a life boat, I could not (and would not) endorse falsified or fabricated data.


    • I have read all of your ramblings since you have dropped yourself here, not one word ever has been dedicated to the Welfare of the Wild Mustang are you even American???? I doubt that also or you would have the common knowledge that our Mustangs were fundamental in the settling of the west , there services to us have proved time and time again they are essential to our welfare to be here , we owe them ……… They have been Our Ambassadors of Freedom, with every siting of these beautiful Magestic Mustangs is the pure sense of FREEDOM here…………… They make me Proud to be, and if for nothing else but of the mounting glory they have bestow ed on America they should forever be FREE, if you are not here to help this happen I would strongly suggest that you go and waste time somewhere else… Please do not stop the progress being made here…………….. The Wild Mustangs exsistance is on the line …………Everyone here is dedicated to them, so if you are not move it on ……… or open your mind up !!!!


      • You must not have read ALL my ramblings then, because my research is dedicated to field studies that will have significance for future research decisions. It’s a two way street. We have to help each other. Perhaps some of you might try opening your mind up to my ideas? Some have here, and I’ve gained some useful sources for my study.

        See my research:

        I am helping, or I will be once I can complete my studies.


      • The link worked for me and I found it very interesting. (There are several mentions to “our blog” without being specific) Jessie seems to be a well educated person. I have not checked all the resources she uses (yet) but will continue to reading. The one thing that sticks out is the lack of compassion, in her writings/blog. I could not find any reference to how inhumane the round ups are, or how the horses are so callously treated. Regardless of native/wildlife/re-introduced labeling they are LIVING, BREATHING, FEELING creatures who deserve better. They deserve to be handled with care, dignity and regard for their lives and families… their babies. AND another thing- the advocates have been trying to help the BLM not just “hinder” them for YEARS. AND have been blown off over and over and over. We all want to find a better way- but once again I have to say THE BLM IS NOT LISTENING!


      • Thank you for looking! I do try to stick with just facts and my research. Occasionally a post does pop up that deals more with emotions and the different sides of the issue…


      • These are FACTS: BLM employees and contractors routinely kill horses by their irresponsible behavior. Horses are harassed by the chopper pilots, by that I mean physically hit/pushed with the skids. Running horses to exhaustion. Pens not set up for the horses’ safe containment. Chasing babies until their feet fall off. Running pregnant mares until they abort their unborn foals. Agitating horses with those whips and bags so much they break their necks on panels trying to get away, or defending themselves and their families. Exposing horses to all manner of diseases in crowded holding facilities. What did I miss?? Anybody??


  12. Sorry that I couldn’t get the link to attach (hopefully someone else can?):
    Report to Congress
    The Wild Horse and Burro Program
    The Bureau of Land Management
    U.S. Department of the Interior

    The Report confirms:
    1) The BLM is using funding to roundup NON-EXCESS WH&B in violation of the 1971 Act.
    2) The BLM is bringing the numbers of WH&B down to dangerously low, non-genetically viable numbers for long-term survival.
    3) The BLM is not providing adequate or equitable forage or public land acreage to America’s WH&B for long-term survival on their legal Western public lands.
    4) The BLM numbers and data are inconsistent and non-credible and have been for many years, especially their estimated census numbers of WH&B left on the range.
    5) The BLM has NOT used the best scientific, peer-reviewed data nor state-of-the-art technology in the Program.
    6) The BLM has NO checks and balances, NO oversight and NO accountability for the Program.
    5) Millions of taxpayer dollars are being wasted on an acknowledged broken Program. The improper and inadequate management policies and protocols of the Program are actually causing the spiraling, out-of-control costs (3/4 of Program costs are for roundups/removals/warehousing).


  13. I agree 101% to let someone, with brains and the ability to manage horses and burrows in a way that’s conducive to the animals. From the little bit I’ve read about the roundups I can see the whole thing is a schist-er set up. Why we have to use our tax dollars to kill horses is beyond me. I’ve written letters to Barbara Boxer but only get her generic reply, how the Honorable Ken Salazar ( he’s about as honorable as an asshole) is looking into their mis-handling of some of the roundups to make sure it doesn’t happen again yada, yada, yada,BS, BS, BS!!!
    Grandma Gregg I read your post, that report shows how incompetent the Dept. of the Interior is, and how the money is being wasted. However I think its probably being diverted. Mr. K. Salazar is so crooked I’m surprised he can stand up straight. He’s had another agenda all along, and it has to do with the meat industry.
    Another sick, gross killing situation.
    Regarding the protest, KUDOS TO YOU ALL. If I can get off work, I would love to be there. I’m so happy to hear someone is protesting. I’ve been saying that we need to protest in as many places all across the U.S. as possible. I will be at as many in CA. as I can. I have read the BLM is preparing to do roundups somewhere in CA. I’m not as informed as I should be, but I work a LOT and don’t have the time to read all the information. But I am spreading the word, and making calls, signing petitions, and calling State and Federal offices. We have to STOP THIS before its too late.


  14. Here’s a link to the House’s Appropriations Summary, for 2011.

    Wild horses are mentioned twice. The first reads: “Adjusts funding to allow the Bureau of Land Management to maintain the thousands of wild horses and burros in it’s care.” For the uninitiated, this may sound good and kind (think politicians and general public) but what it means is that the BLM will continue with the roundups, PZP-ing, etc and just take the horses off the range. The second point goes on to talk about giving the BLM authority to give ranchers up to 10 year contracts … “reducing the cost to the government, increasing the certainty for ranchers, and enhancing conditions for the horses.” Members of Congress need to hear that this isn’t as “good” as it sounds, AND it will be more expensive than it needs to be.


  15. So very Welcome you are Louie !!! Called everyone on the list, lines were busy for hours but i got through……………All called were very receptive, and promised they would get the message to the person I called………………….. Now everyone else here needs to call !!!!! There were 8 of them……. I certainly hope the trolls will be gone soon!!!! Ive been harpen about them ever since they landed here , finally hopefully we will waste no more precious time with them…………………………Everyone was so gracious to try to help them, but i saw they were just wasting time !!!!!!


  16. Thank You RT I just wondered cause there has been nothing said about them.doing anything lately. Looks like they dropped out ???? If so very sad the wild mustangs need all the help they can get..


  17. “Lisa, Well, You know I realize this and my question and your answer are for Jessie and whom ever is a doubting thomas… We got some hot stuff coming off research now. Any minute. Like I said, my hat is off to our ladies and what they can do…. you included, kid. Sorry for any past misunderstanding on my part. said publicly. mar”

    Back Atchya, Mar. Onward and UP!!


  18. Congress, please use some commen sense!! The BLM has millions of acres out there ! Tell them to mange the horses ON their own PUBLIC LANDS! A savings of millions of dollars, right away!


  19. It is obvious to me and to everyone else, that the government could care less how the American people feel. They will spend our money the way they see fit.


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