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  1. Another Holland production for the Emmy award.
    Merry Christmas to all advocates and pray there will be a Happy New Year for all equines.


  2. Merry Christmas all the horses and horse lovers of the World!

    all the little animals too, that means you dogs and cats and mice and all critters 🙂


  3. John, Thank you for this uplifting and heartwarming video – a treat for any horse lover for any time of year – you did it again.
    Wishing all continued strength and perseverance to reach our goals for our animal friends – may we see the light and never give up – remain strong and unite.


  4. This is what Christmas is all about. Everyone here understands the TRUE meaning of Christmas. We have the HIGHEST POWER with us.

    “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst” Matthew 18:20


  5. Merry Christmas John and to all that keep watch on our horses, wild and domesticated, as well as, the donkeys, burros, dogs and cats. May 2011 be a year filled with Love, Joy, and Wondermont for our four legged friends that are in corrals at the BLM holdings, and to the horses that are in corrals with futures that are uncertain. May the end of 2011 see all the wild horses and burros back on their ranges, hopefully with their families. May all domesticated horses needing homes find rescues, and sanctuaries awaiting their new found sought after homes. May a law be passed prohibiting all transportation of our horses across U.S. borders for slaughter. And may all the cattle that have robbed the horses of their homes be back with their owners even if they are crowded. The time has come for our horses to be First in Line for Love and God’s Blessings. GOd Bless all of you for your perserverance in these endeavors.


  6. What a heartwarming story not only for Christmas but also on this rainy Christmas morn. Oh wel, I could complain but not only would that not help but in the truth is we need the moisture. So its all good.

    And for anyone feeling really in the blue cause of lack of daylight can I recommend a sunlamp? The lightbulb is suppose to mimic the sun which may lessen any depression you may feel. It helps some people and others not. It’s worth a try if your’re feeling really blue.

    Happy Holidays to all!


  7. Loved the film, John and company! Season’s Peace and respect for the freedom of all wild creatures and safety and shelter to those we have with us. hugs to all, mar, Roger and kitties


  8. Oh—Spice isn’t really a bully–she’s just a Lead Mare in need of tempering. Think Santa would give her an exchange on her blanket? Merry Christmas!


  9. aaaaaahhhh! Very cute, VERY funny….good chuckle over this one. However, I must admit – I did feel sorry for Spice – even if she did deserve it….tee hee…


  10. The vid wouldn’t play for me this morning. Just watched it on a link from the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition. I always knew horses (and dogs) talked behind peoples’ backs. Leave it to John to catch them at it. What a hoot!


  11. Loved it! Horses are SUCH personalities! I sort of feel sorry for all those who own horses but never take the time to learn what each horse is really like as an individual. They’re only priorities are using the horse, not making a partner and friend out of him/her. IMHO, they miss the very best part of having a horse.

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas, and let’s all hope for the very best for our wild and domestic equine buddies in the coming year.


    Suzanne, Mike, Indy and Ami


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