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  1. RT you sound wiped out. If you aren’t asleep yet–GO TO BED! We can wait for the next step in the process. Safe journey to all.

    I have to admit I was amused by the one who spoke about how horses rip the grasses up roots and all. Horses are low mowers–they crop grasses not roots and all.

    I liked how several people to together and repeated the 12 step request–the one that included firing Sun J.

    RT you spoke so eloquently. I knew you’d be a heavy hitter and put breakfast off until you spoke.

    Then that rancher spoke about how we’re all radical animal rights advocates. That’s when Ginger spoke. Such a warm gracious kind woman. If she is the epitomy of radical horse advocates we should all strive to be like her. Just powerful.

    Laura Leigh you did a fabulous job. How tired you looked.

    I think one REQUIREMENT for this advisory committee is that they attend ONE roundup per year. No special considerations. They are given the same access as Laura Leigh. The same warnings. The same hands on the butts of the sidearms. They have to watch pregather activities, processing–EVERYTHING.

    I wonder what they would say when they saw the video of the mare being run into the ground and then harassed. Would they see the wrong doing?

    I also liked the idea of paying bonuses for bringing in HEALTHY horses. Not just every horse the helicopter can find–no matter what kind of condition the horse is in.

    All in all some very good ideas were expressed. Things I hadn’t thought of. But that made absolute sense. Time will tell if Bobby boo boo can get off his high horse and implement some of these fabulous ideas.

    Be safe driving. Pull over and sleep if you get tired Share the time driving. And please let us know as you get home that your safe and sound.

    Thank you to everyone that spoke today on behalf of the horses.


  2. Bless you all for having the insight to be professional and compassionate at the same time. Rest, regroup and restore your hearts and souls from great efforts and great professionalism.


  3. I watched the webcast and want to thank everyone, great job! To the advisory board…. for your information just because I don’t live in the west you are so wrong to assume I shouldn’t care because I’m not affected by the horse and burros. You couldn’t be more wrong and let me tell you why. First, I care deeply about my freedom and my right to express it for our symbols of it. Second, you are begging for money paid to you by my tax dollars. Animal abuse should not occur anywhere in the world especially using taxpayers money to accomplish your dirty deeds! Feed the cattle and remove the horses, WRONG, not how I want my tax dollars spent! I saw no change on the horizon for the horses, just the same old policy with your board begging Congress for more taxpayer money to continue your dirty deeds!


  4. I see them running, running,running
    From the Spanish caballadas to be free,
    From the mustanger’s rope and rifle, to keep free,
    Over seas of pristine grass, like fire-dancers on a mountain,
    Like lightning playing against the unapproachable horizon.

    I see them standing, standing, standing,
    Sentinels of alertness in eye and nostril,
    Every toss of maned neck a Grecian grace,
    Every high snort bugling out the pride of the free.

    I see them vanishing, vanishing,vanished,
    The seas of grass shriveled to pens of barbed-wired property,
    the wind-racers and wind-drinkers bred into property also.

    But winds still blow free and grass still greens,
    And the core of that something which men live on believing
    Is always freedom.

    So sometimes yet, in the realities of silence and solitude,
    For a few people unhampered a while by things,
    The mustangs walk out with dawn, stand high, then
    Sweep away, wild with sheer life, and free,free, free-
    Free of all confines of time and flesh.

    J. Frank Dobie (1934)


  5. Dear RT and all the Advocates in attendance at yesterdays meeting, I cannot begin to thank you !!!! I was so very proud of all of you !!!! I am sorry I couldnt be there with you !!!! But you guys were all amazing, just amazing !!!! Our Mustangs couldnt not have better representation…………………. I did listen and watch almost all of Meeting…………….


  6. Wonderful poem, RG. THanks to all who came together in Phoenix. It is my hope that you have found common ground to work on and know what your next steps are. There is much work to be done. Let’s get at it and make change happen. mar


  7. I was a bit disappointed when I heard Ginger from the cloud foundation speak , particularly the reference to her 9th year attending these advisory board meetings. Are these people deaf? In my opinion, change will only happen if Congress removes the BLM from managing the Wild Horses. The advocates, aspca or similar should be the main voice in what is best for our Wild Horses.


  8. You sound exhausted, R.T. and can certainly understand why! Great job, everyone! Thank you for the horses and those of us who could not attend.

    Please – DO get that sleep before you start home, R.T. We wouldn’t want to lose you!


  9. Could you hear all of us home? We were cheering with you. I heard lots of horns honking–more taxpayers and more Wild Horse and Burro advocates.


  10. I watched the live web cast, the advocates were a well educated, well informed, and a dedicated group of people. Most had done the research on their own, that the BLM is paid big bucks to do. Then this morning I go in to find out that while you were there being appeased by the board, rolling back in their chairs and crossing their arms, and writing in their notes, Salazar was out getting the money to continue to murder our mustangs. In R.T.’s video post he mentioned that there were plans in the works. Just my oppinion, but I think it is time to band together into one big group, under one name, little people, and little groups – no matter how passionate they are do not stand a chance against corperate/government rule. Therefore all the little groups need to meet and become one large enity with the funds that will enable them to get prominent legal representation and be able to lobby the government on our behalf, and to go after the BLM individuals that are responsible for this slaughter and misuse of American tax payer money. One organization – that needs to come together and organize our resouces much as the groups did in – money for haiti – because there are millions of dollars out there for the wild horses and I believe one large organization can cause a movement to get that done. Remember, just my opinion.


    • This is something we have been discussing a long time… questions I need answers to all depend upon advocates coming together and creating funds and ongoing goals… this is for all intensive purposes an ongoing fight and we do need to have a central .org that we can gather under. Agreed. mar


  11. Thank you all avocates that were there for our Mustangs & all the hard work you do.
    I have been sick in bed so I had no idea this meeting was live streamed until the
    Friday noon session. I did get to watch it.
    Will you be explaing some of the stuff BLM talked about? I still heard alot of what sounded like… I’ll be nice.
    I never heard them once say anything about VIABILITY, just what the land could handle & Robin Lohns said something really fast about SPAYING MARES.
    I heard a few things that sounded good but I still think they think we are stupid!
    Geri, lol, we do have our huge Mustang groups, R.T. & wife, Cloud , Laura L, Leslie P.( May have misspelled names, sorry) & I don’t know how many more out there that come together as one big group to fight the government & Courts.
    Yes, it’s hard on us little people to be heard but I do believe that we are herd to a point. It would be nice though if each state had a group that could get togather & meet every so offten then send their info to the big guys with the gun power.


  12. It’s time to watch this video again. The World is watching our Wild Horse and Burro story, too. The only difference is that we are trying to rescue ours from the government:

    Most amazing was these woman did not know each other until answering a posting on the internet – a call to help horses.

    This was more treacherous than shown, as the fences were still under water.


  13. Thank you all for your attending – letting us know. Let’s not let up and keep up the pressure to keep this in the public light.
    We know true change only comes from budget cuts, hierarchy restructure and public exposure and pressure.
    Thanks RT for your information. Best wishes to all.


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