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Wild Horse Advocates Give Voices to Those Who Cannot Speak for Themselves

Videos by Simone Netherlands and YouTuber Triskal (let us know who you are)

Full Wild Horse Press Conference and Comments to BLM Advisory Board

Press Conference, March 10, 2011, Phoenix Arizona (in sequence)

Mix of Advocate Comments to BLM Board March 11, 2011

Rachel Reeves

Ginger Kathrens

Laura Leigh

Craig Downer

R.T. Fitch


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  1. Great speakers for the wild ones. I loved Laura’s comments in front of the board regarding their lack of attention and consciousness. If the “work” they are supposed to be doing doesn’t interest them certainly they should be removed. Was the issue of the expired terms addressed at any time?


  2. Thanks RT and Simone for all the video… I guess advocates were not ready for a boycott of the meeting this year… and it was good so many could come and speak their minds. Way to go Wild Horse Warriors… mar


  3. Annie’s Army/Navy–Our next generation to whom OUR PUBLIC LANDS, WILD HORSES AND ALL WILDLIFE BELONG. It is our responsibility to save it for them:


  4. The advocates speeches (short as they were) were truly telling. I just hope the advisory board listened.
    I loved Laura calling attention to their Inattention. Maybe that woke them up.


  5. All excellent! Thank you. Hopefully you woke them up. Literally and figuratively, but doubtful for a Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board that never goes to round ups.


  6. I’m so glad that someone got Rachel Reeves on camera! I was watching when she spoke and was as stunned as everyone else with her numbers. She really brought it home that the BLM can’t continue to just guesstimate numbers.


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