Wyoming Horse Slaughter Politician Sued for Alleged Assualt and Battery

story by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Part Two: Simone Netherlands Speaks Out on Wallis Case

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Wyoming state rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis

Several months after filing charges against the pro-horse slaughter Wyoming politician Sue Wallis reporter Simone Netherlands sat down with SFTHH founder and Editor R.T. Fitch to make public the course of events that unfolded during the failed pro-horse slaughter fest inappropriately called the “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas, last January.  We now pick up where we left off during our first installment.

Simone:  “She wanted to take my credentials away but I wouldn’t let her so she spun on her heel and while fuming returned into the room at which point I sat down on a bench in the hallway and then called you.”

R.T.:  “And I am glad that you did.”

Simone:  “Me too and was glad for the help that others gave me, later.  But while I was on the phone with you she came back and didn’t like the fact that I was sitting in the hallway so she called the guards and ordered them to remove me from the hotel.  They told me to leave and I asked them as to what the possible reason was, I hadn’t disturbed anyone and I had my press credentials to verify that I was allowed access.”

R.T.: “I remember it all very well as you left your phone on so that I could hear the entire time.  You were level headed, professional and non-confrontational.  That is more than I can say for your alleged assailant.”

Simone: “Well as you recall I notified the police and they spent about an hour with Wallis and her cronies.  Ultimately they came out and said that it was not battery, in their opinion.

R.T.: “And while you were waiting Dave Duquette was in his normal form of passing misinformation about as he was posting on their Facebook page that Wallis never left her seat.  How stupid can you be when it was captured on security tapes?”

Simone: “I argued with the police that it was not his decision and that I wanted to file a report and he would not let me.  Meanwhile, in all of this mess, I had missed my appointment to speak with Dr. Temple Grandin and when I spoke wither later she said that if she had known that I was being kicked out she would have done something about it so that I could have stayed and heard her speech.  She was NOT very happy with Sue Wallis.”

R.T.:  “That’s understandable and Wallis wasn’t too happy that the good Dr. was not jumping up and down promoting the slaughter of horses.  Did you receive any medical treatment for your arm?”

Simone:  “I sure did, with the help of friends I went to the local Emergency Room where they X-rayed my arm and sure enough, the break was clearly visible on the x-ray although it had healed previously.  The hospital stabilized my arm and put it back into a sling with the requirement to wear it for an additional two weeks, that’s when I contacted an attorney.”

R.T.:  “Tell us about your case.”


Simone Netherlands and friends

Simone:  “I filed the lawsuit on January 27th and my complaint consists of 8 counts:

R.T.:  “Wow, that’s a plate full.  Any problems serving the slippery politician?”

Simone:  “But of course, the process server made several attempts at her home but she wouldn’t open up the door so the server finally went to her place of work where she was in a legislative session.  When she exited the chamber she was served.  The server said that she about came unglued.”

R.T.:  “Ahhh, good ole Sue Wallis, the gift that keeps on giving to the good folks of Wyoming, one embarrassment after another.”

Simone:  “They filed a response where they pretty much deny everything with a defense stating that I lied about my identity on my press credentials.  They base that on the fact that my producer had misspelled one letter in my name and that I usually don’t use my family name but use a writer’s name instead which is perfectly legal and legit in my capacity.”

R.T.:  “Understandable, I use my initials as going by the name of Rasdamutanous Theadormamoth Fitch gets a little clumsy.”

Simone:  “Seriously, they have never ever checked on those press credentials not before giving me the press pass nor after because if they had they would have found out that everything checks out exactly as was stated to them.  I still have that press pass.”

R.T.:  “It seems that you find their response to be rather strange, considering the source this comes as a surprise…how?”

Simone:  “Their defense just makes no sense because even if I was there under false pretenses and had made up all my personal and contact info she still never would have had a right to put her hands on me.  She would, however, have the right to ask me, politely, to leave.”

R.T.:  “Again, this surprises you…why?”

Simone:  “Well, once you give someone a press pass that means that you have checked out their credentials and decided to give you the pass, which does not mean that you can just take it away for no reason.  If they would have said we don’t like your credentials right off the bat that would have been a different thing then I would have entered as the paying public, however, they issued me the pass.”

R.T.:  “They are hungry for press and publicity, negative or positive and there has been little or none of the later as of late.  Well Simone, we are out of time and on behalf of sensible and sane horse owners and advocates across the country we want to thank you for your strength and commitment to see this through.  Of course, we hope that you prevail with your case and that “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis garners additional negative publicity so that the good folks of Wyoming can see exactly what they elected to put into public office; a severe case of international embarrassment.”

Simone: “ Exactly R.T., it is unbelievable to me how we can have someone like that in a powerful position as a legislator deciding upon important matters in this country. Anything she has ever done or said and even any bill she has sponsored and stood for, simply shows that she is someone without any compassion or regard towards others, neither animals nor humans. There is a complete lack of civility, decency or regard toward anyone, and her agenda of greed and funneling money into her own pocket (even through the bills she passes) seems to be the only thing that drives her. Then when something doesn’t go her way, (such as the publicity against horse slaughter) well, she just cannot control her anger. I am afraid of what is happening to America with legislators like that.”

R.T.:  “Agreed, Simone, agreed.”

Simone:  “Thanks for listening to me both then and now, R.T..  We won’t let this one go, not for a moment because in the end it is all about the horses.”

R.T.:  “And from our end; may the Force of the Horse be with you and be sure to stay safe.”

Simone:  “ I will…thanks.”