Ban Horse Tripping in Nevada

Bulletin from Help Animals Nevada

URGENT – Nevada Horses Need Your Help

Horse tripping is an event where a horse, often a yearling, is released into a pen and the participant (on foot or on horseback) ropes the horse’s forelegs and brings him to the ground. Horse tripping can cause the horse fatal injuries and is incredibly inhumane because the horses are often submitted to electric prodding and are rendered too lame to walk prior to slaughter. Senate Bill 364 will ban horse tripping in Nevada, but we need your support to make this bill law in Nevada.

We need your support to BAN HORSE TRIPPING! Please TAKE ACTION one of two ways:

Attend the Senate Natural Resources Hearing on 4/6/11 at 3:30pm. The more people present, the more likely this bill will become law.

Send a Letter of Support. Click this link to submit your letter of support: Support SB 364. Please include your home address in the letter. Per Senator Allison Copening’s request, letters of support are to be sent to Help Animals NV individually, to be delivered to her office en masse.

Saving America’s Horses Film Receives Rave Reviews

Initial Screening Deemed a Success

Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed is about a journey of courage, honor and betrayal in a country divided; inspiring great hope for compassion and protection of all horses and burros from cruelty.  This film explores the chronic absence of humane treatment for equines once designated as food animals in the US, and brings to surface two opposing arguments which are ironically are based on the same primary foundation of equine welfare. The film takes a look at  economic and pollution history associated with the past operation of horse slaughter plants in the US; and also briefly explores the lethal health risks to humans as associated with the consumption of known toxic substances that are administered to US horses on a regular basis.

This film takes you on a compassionate journey into the hidden world of horses. We meet three horses; two former athletes… champion and loyal racehorses, and a wild horse that was once free to roam the open prairies. The stories about these majestic horses take us across the dramatic backdrops of America’s beautiful countryside and into the secret world where bidding circles change their lives forever.  You will fall in love with these horses and come away rooting for the world to respect them. The spirit of the horse is captured through the voice of America’s 1st Nations people. Expert testimony as presented by the nation’s top equine experts reveal the truth about what happening to America’s horses and also offers some viable solutions and alternatives.

On March 27th, 2011 at the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival the film played to a packed house and was later lauded as a shocking eye opener to all that viewed.

A revelatory statement of animal cruelty in the racing industry. From my own first hand experience as a former TB breeder and owner, I was unaware of this inhumane, common practice of the brutal slaughter of “non performance” racehorses.” ~ Cate Crismani, publisher of trueCOWBOY Magazine

This film tells the full circle story of the betrayal of the horse.  From ex-racers to mustangs, from profiteers to BLM this film tells it all.  Saving America’s Horses will stand as the mouthpiece of the horse for a long time to come.   This film will not only speak to the seasoned advocate but thoroughly educate the many that are completely unaware of the horrors you face simply because you were born a horse.  The interviews that detail the duplicity practiced by horse organizations, veterinary organizations and our very government still sound in my ear.  When Michael Blake was interviewed his statement included the talk he had with the ex-director of BLM who confirms that BLM does indeed send horses to slaughter.  With the education and the subsequent call to arms this is a very important film.  It would be impossible to see this film and not be angered and determined to speak up for the horses.” ~ Morgan Griffith, Wild Horse Advocate.

“”I very much appreciate this fine and revealing film on the horse nation and how both domesticated and wild horses are being treated in America today. The film is a tour-de-force of technical film making and covers an impressive scope of issues associated with horses. This film should be mandatory viewing for every American or world citizen!” ~ Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist

Official Trailer

800+ Montana Horses Sold at Auction for $380,000

Story by Amanda Venegas of

Most Horses Fetched High Prices

BILLINGS – Officials are calling this weekend’s massive horse sale of James Leachman’s horses a success after a majority of the horses were sold.

Crow Agency Superintendent Vianna Stewart says 805 horses went through the sales ring and were sold. Half of the remaining 24 horses were redeemed by their owners before the sale. Leachman was not one of those owners.

Stewart says BIA and Crow Agency officials are still determining what to do what the dozen or so leftover horses. They were too sick to go through the sales process.

Meanwhile, the overall sale brought in $380,365. On average, the horses sold for $466.50 a piece. Stewart says the costs of the sale and care, plus trespassing damages continues to grow and officials are not sure if their costs will be covered by the auction. The highest selling horse was a stud in his teens that fetched $6,000. One mare even sold for $6,000. The lowest bids accepted was $25 a piece for two yearling horses. Stallions brought in the most money, with 16 of them on average getting $2556.25. The 208 head of young studs sold for an average price of $555.26. The 418 head of brood mares brought in $418.06on average a horse. The 162 fillies got an average bid of $270.59.

Auction officials say demand was very strong among all classes, especially in the young studs (2-3 yr olds) and that brood mares sold well. Around 400 registered buyers signed up during the two day sale.