Day: April 5, 2011

Ban Horse Tripping in Nevada

Horse tripping is an event where a horse, often a yearling, is released into a pen and the participant (on foot or on horseback) ropes the horse’s forelegs and brings him to the ground. Horse tripping can cause the horse fatal injuries and is incredibly inhumane because the horses are often submitted to electric prodding and are rendered too lame to walk prior to slaughter. Senate Bill 364 will ban horse tripping in Nevada, but we need your support to make this bill law in Nevada.

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Saving America’s Horses Film Receives Rave Reviews

Saving America’s Horses – A Nation Betrayed is about a journey of courage, honor and betrayal in a country divided; inspiring great hope for compassion and protection of all horses and burros from cruelty. This film explores the chronic absence of humane treatment for equines once designated as food animals in the US, and brings to surface two opposing arguments which are ironically are based on the same primary foundation of equine welfare. The film takes a look at economic and pollution history associated with the past operation of horse slaughter plants in the US; and also briefly explores the lethal health risks to humans as associated with the consumption of known toxic substances that are administered to US horses on a regular basis.

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