I Cry for the Wild Horses

By Lisa Friday, Witness to the BLM Butterfield Wild Horse Cruelty

I Cry…

I close my eyes at night and still see all the horses suctioned deep in the urine soaked manure.

I see that little emaciated mare whose eyes just cried out to me, “please take me out of here.”

I could almost hear her screaming from inside, begging me.

I cry as I type this.

I cry for the downed mare by the hay that tried and tried to get up with out being able to get her feet under her because they were suctioned in the mud and manure.

I cry for the other mare who tried and tried to protect her, not understanding why she had to.  Each night I see the horses being run into the rusted chutes,placed in the metallic box and turned on their side, kicking and screaming.  I had never heard a horse scream before and now i hear it every night as I go to sleep.

I cry for the condition of their feet, the thrush that was barely odorous over the manure.

I cry for the foals I did not see and their Momma’s who want them to have a better life.

I cry for the unanswered prayers for these majestics to be living with their families where they are free to run, play, and feel safe with their stallions.

I cry for the burros who look so sad, dazed and confused as to why they are there.

I cry for the one baby burro who had no one to play with.

I cry for each and every pair of horses’ eyes that followed me when I personally walked through the urine soaked manure to see them.  Those eyes that were sullen and depressed that followed me as I walked away. almost screaming to me, “please don’t leave me here!  Don’t walk away, no one can see us, no one can listen to us screaming” Their eyes spoke volumes.  I cant even begin to explain it, but I know you know.  I cry for the ten horses that had a bobcat come toward them and were unable to free their legs from the manure to get out of the way.

I cry for the horses who were moved from pen to pen by that bob cat and a four wheeler while their friends were suctioned in the manure and mud.

I cry because of the numerous phone calls from Lily Thomas, the BLM, the PR folks and I cry because they blame me for not reporting it earlier.  I cry when I tell them that I DID report each and every horse, each and every tag number of the horse that was in trouble while I was there although many were un tagged or I was unable to see the number because of the filth.

I cry because of the thousands of dollars I donate each year that doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

I cry because the legislature just refunded.

I cry because I bother Ginger and Anne Novak and don’t want to say the wrong things to the BLM who keep me crying.

I cry for you who have to witness this over and over again and will continue to cry until every last horse is free.

I cry for the aborted foals and their Momma’s who cry for them; little foals they would have raised and taught, and loved every day of their lives, cut short because of the BLM.

I cry for all those set free not wanting to leave their families behind.

I pray for those left behind not understanding why their families left them there.

I cry for the sale horses who’s fate is unknown and I cry for those horses who’s fate we do know.

I cry for Rain who misses her mother Velvet and her father Cloud who both, I am sure, cry for her.

I cry because I cannot do more.

I am tired of crying.

BLM Attempts to Double Talk Way Out of Bind, Again

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Impotent Investigation Allegedly Clears BLM of Cruelty Charges

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone as a recent biased newspaper article from the Salt Lake Tribune indicates that conditions at the Utah BLM Butterfield Short Term Holding facility are “OK” and are no longer considered to be abusive and cruel to the captured wild horses held within.

With over a month to clean up the mess BLM Jared Redington and that a local Humane Society “official” says that things are just hunky-dory at the squalid concentration camp.

The article is written by one Brandon Loomis who takes a number of below the belt shots at wild horse advocates, The Cloud Foundation and Ginger Katrhrens herself.  Biased and misinformed Mr. Loomis extols the BLM for what they do and allows the managing government employee full rein of the article with no comment from the opposing side.  It is also obvious that Mr. Loomis made a phone call to the facility rather than taking the time to visit the location first hand.

Lisa Friday, the individual who shot the video and filed the report has not, to date, been contacted by any reporter or member of the Utah Humane Society.  She was, however, contacted by the BLM who wished to interrogate her, via the telephone, while a large number of personnel were on the speaker phone call in the background.  When Ms. Friday attempted to direct the BLM “investigators” to her report she was informed that she was impeding a federal investigation.

Twisted and one sided journalism such as displayed by the Salt Lake Tribune does not produce favorable or honest results for the horses nor for the campaign to stop the BLM from managing our wild horses into extinction and it must not go unnoted.

Please click (HERE) to read Mr. Loomis’ article and to comment on this case of poor reporting and biased journalism.

Updates to follow.

Federal Judge Orders Welfare Ranchers Off from BLM Public Lands

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

BLM Welfare Ranching Program Suffers Setback

Private "Welfare" Cattle being herded onto BLM Antelope Complex WHILE BLM was removing native wild horses ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Recently a federal judge dealt another blow to “welfare” ranchers by reaffirming his late-February decision to halt grazing of private cattle on 17 Bureau of Land Management allotments covering some 450,000 acres in southern Idaho.

Wednesday’s ruling by U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill also ordered that cattle be removed from the allotments by May 3.  The disproportionate number of private cattle allowed to graze on public lands versus the number of native wild horses to be present has been a sticking point with equine advocates for decades.

Western Watersheds Project director Jon Marvel said Winmill’s decision will protect thousands of acres of critical sage grouse habitat from livestock grazing.

Marvel’s group aims to shut down grazing on public land in the West.

This decision is the latest development in Western Watersheds’ 2005 lawsuit contending the BLM violated federal law by authorizing private cattle grazing in the midst of southern Idaho’s sage grouse country that’s been hard hit by wildfire in recent years.

Breaking News: Convicted Wild Horse Killer Reportedly Released from Prison

Story by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

SFTHH Exclusive: Jason Meduna may be Out of Jail Early

One of over 70+ victums of Jason Maduna

Houston (SFTHH) – Local Nebraska sources, close to SFTHH, have indicated that that convicted wild horse killer Jason Maduna , who allowed 70+ wild horses and burros to starve to death on his property in Morrill County Nebraska during early 2009, has been released from prison.

If accurate this is the second time this year that the Nebraska Court of Appeals has erred in the Maduna case and sentencing.  In early January of 2011 the Nebraska Court of Appeals issued a ruling that upheld Maduna’s conviction on 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal and likewise upheld his sentence of 40 months to 10 years in prison but for some reason, lacking any sense, decided to overrule his restriction from owning, possessing or residing with animals for 30 years once he is released.

This error was quickly overturned and Meduna was not scheduled to come up before the parole board until October of 2011.

Recent Nebraska documentation indicates that as of April 13th, 2011 Jason Meduna’s custody status was changed to ‘Community Release’.

SFTHH sources contacted the Nebraska Parole Board and asked whether correctional institutions can override the decisions of said board, as Meduna was not scheduled for review until October, and the source answered with a resounding “Yes”

SFTHH sources further reported that Meduna’s inmate records indicate that he has entered into a “Re-Entry Program” once released.

Further details will be relayed as this story develops.

For further info on the Meduna 3-Strikes story click (HERE)

LUKAS Joins Equine Welfare Alliance

The World’s Smartest Horse Gives a Face to Compassion

Lukas and Karen Murdock ~ photo courtesy of "Playing with Lukas.com"

Walnut, CaliforniaLukas, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder, has been honored as the first four-legged member of the Equine Welfare Alliance . Lukas’ owner/trainer Karen Murdock and her world-famous gelding have vowed to support the E.W.A’s pledge to create a collaborative global community based on love for animals.

The E.W.A. – “The Conscience of the Horse Industry” – is an international organization that represents equine welfare groups, equine rescues, and individuals involved in grass roots efforts to care for horses. According to John Holland, co-founder of the E.W.A., “Lukas’ membership will serve as a reminder of just how amazing equines are. Lukas’ playful brilliance forever puts the lie to those who denigrate equines as justification for their cruel treatment. Moreover, the loving relationship between Karen and Lukas represents the epitome of what horse ownership can and should be.”

Lukas is an ex-racer and former rescue who reached world-wide acclaim within months of his You-Tube debut in 2009. His touching story has spread to sixty-four countries with over one million visitors to his web-site, and his media links continue to grow. Lukas has been on NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN and Inside Edition, and in feature articles released by the Associated Press and America Online. His journey has been heard on Pet Talk Live Radio, Pet Life Radio, Pet Place Radio, All Paws Pet Talk Radio, RFD-Radio and the Horse Radio Network, among many others. Lukas was nominated for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the 2011 Equine Vision Award sponsored by American Horse Publications. Also, he received a certificate of recognition for his accomplishments from California State Assemblyman Curt Hagman.

Lukas and Murdock are dedicated to sharing hope and happiness with those in need and they donate their time and services to that end.

“Every age needs those who will redeem the time by living with a vision of the things that are to be.” Adlai Stevenson

Click (HERE) to view documentary on LUKAS

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