Day: April 15, 2011

I Cry for the Wild Horses

By Lisa Friday, Witness to the BLM Butterfield Wild Horse Cruelty I Cry… I close my eyes at night and still see all the horses suctioned deep in the urine soaked manure. I see that little emaciated mare whose eyes just cried out to me, “please take me […]

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LUKAS Joins Equine Welfare Alliance

Walnut, California – Lukas, the World’s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record Holder, has been honored as the first four-legged member of the Equine Welfare Alliance . Lukas’ owner/trainer Karen Murdock and her world-famous gelding have vowed to support the E.W.A’s pledge to create a collaborative global community based on love for animals.

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