Tragedy Ends at Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue

Update from Jerry Finch ~ Founder/President of Habitat for Horses

This Saturday is the final auction of the Montana Large Animal Sanctuary and Rescue. Everything – absolutely everything, is going.

A letter to the HfH Membership:

One who did not make it ~ photo by Jerry Finch

There are words to be said here, partly of a deep anger at the staff and management of MSLAR for all the death and destruction they caused, for the lies told to those who sent their loved animals to live their final days in peace, only to have their days end in the cold and misery from starvation while the caretakers stayed warm inside their luxury home with an indoor swimming pool.

I spent three weeks in that death pit, working along side some wonderful people, trying to salvage what we could of the 1,200 lives that were as close to death as life can come without crossing over. 130 of those were equine, 700+ were llamas, 35 were cattle. In addition, there were sheep, goats, exotic birds, pigs, camels, bison, chickens, geese… the list was almost endless. Those were the animals that were still alive when we took over. Many didn’t make it, far too many were too weak, too far gone to make it to another home. Horses had to be put down, llamas died by the dozens, donkeys couldn’t walk another step, cattle fell on the glazed ice and couldn’t stand.

In the cold grounds of the Montana mountains, the deep freeze makes digging a hole impossible. In addition, the Native American Tribes do not want animals euthanized with the “blue juice.” Humane euthanasia is carried out by gunshot. Done correctly, it’s quick. That gun went off far too many times, each sound bore a hole through those of us who pulled the trigger and those of us who watched. Each shot was another broken promise, a lie told to a former owner and even worse, a lie told to an animal who was totally and completely dependent on the caretaker for food, water and health care.

The emotional wreckage of those who came to save what they could truly hit home when one of them handed the gun to me one afternoon and, with tears streaming from swollen eyes, said, “You have to do this for awhile. If I do it again, I’m afraid I’ll use it on myself.”

This was once a dream sanctuary. It could have been perfect, it could have provided exactly what it meant to provide – the safety and protection of a forever home for those few animals that, for whatever reason, were picked by caring and loving humans to live in peace.

This is a link to the auction, with dozens of pictures of the equipment. The snow is still there, although most of it has melted down to a few inches. If you look at it, picture the hundreds of animals once crying out for help. It took the efforts of a lot of us. In the end, every blessed animal still living was put in a trailer and moved to another location with, God willing, caretakers who give a damn about things other than themselves.

Somewhere around 20 of the horses will be coming to the ranch later this month, the first load around the 17th. I’d love to have you be here, not to do a “lookie see” but to be part of a welcome, to help them understand that humans, for the most part, really are humane. Life has not been good to them for a long time.

Now God has seen fit to place their care in our hands. That’s a big responsibility, but together, we can and will do it.

Jerry Finch
Habitat for Horses, Inc.
PO Box 213
Hitchcock, TX 77563

Fringe Horse Slaughter Cult Begs for Cash

(In My Most Amused Opinion ~ by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Killing and Eating Horses Proves to be a Costly Business

Wallis and Duquette fan collecting for the killing

Plagued by scandal, ethics complaints and law suits Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis and alleged horse trainer Dave Duquette plead with the public to finance their ongoing horse abuse campaign.

Desperate to bring unwelcome horse slaughter to the United States the “United Horseman”, formerly the “United Horseman’s Front” and formerly the “United Organizations for the Horse”, etc., etc, have issued a statement claiming that their controversial “Summit of the Horse”, held last January in Las Vegas, has left them bereft of funds and in serious fiscal straits:

We pulled off a very successful national event, the Summit of the Horse, in Las Vegas, that still isn’t paid for entirely. All of the presentations of experts from all over the horse world at the Summit were videoed and are posted on the Summit of the Horse website, but we don’t have the funds to do the editing necessary to use them most effectively.

In the same statement they say that the meagerly attended meeting was a success yet they don’t have the money to pay for it. This is typical of the double talk and distortion of the truth that these two renegades are famous for and the methodology that they utilize in an effort to ignore the truth.

And they are right, they sincerely need to edit those tapes as they do not speak to their dance as their main speakers, the Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Bob Abbey and Temple Grandin did not support or condone their solution for a non-existent over population of horses via the predatory business of horse slaughter.

To watch the videos is a cold and slimy walk on the dark side where paranoia runs amuck and passion is delivered over protecting puppy mills and the joys of eating companion horses.

We prevented a victim of out-of-state HSUS abuse from…being convicted of felony animal abuse, and losing her entire livelihood and twenty-five horses in Arkansas.

Now there is something to be proud of.

We stopped a so-called “horse tripping” bill in Oregon…Now we’re facing an almost identical bill in Nevada

There’s a notion, why not just go nationwide in the promotion of the inhumane and cruel treatment America’s equines.

We fixed an animal cruelty bill in Wyoming that was…ambiguous and made-up terms designed to limit animal owner’s property rights like “puppy mill,” “animal hoarder…”

Wow, we sure would not want to call a spade a spade and actually identify animal abusers for what they are, more double talk is in order.  That’s why these deviants refer to blood horse slaughter as “processing”, isn’t that sweet?

We continue to work to remove …regulations blocking horse meat inspection.  This is the major roadblock to sustainability for the entire horse industry, and where we really need to focus our energy. It takes dollars!

Yup, broadcasting lies and attempting to sustain a false premise as a lifetime center piece takes blood money, lots of bloody money.

There is a huge problem with too many feral horses all over the country, but especially in the West, where they are destroying ecosystems on state, tribal, and private lands more so than on federal lands

Has anyone seen these bands of murderous and dangerous horses?  I personally just witnessed several small bands of horses ripped off from over a million acres only to be replaced by hundreds and hundreds of private cattle.  Hmmm…maybe the cows could be the culprits but none the less, we need to be on the look-out for those gangs of unruly horses tearing up people’s flower gardens.

We are consulting with a number of entities to bring together an economical and environmental small scale processing solution that can be quickly put together, and which can be used to process multiple species, including horses.”

Hey, ‘economical and environmental small scale’ not only doesn’t the sentence make any grammatical sense but what in the heck does it mean?  Do they plan to put a portable slaughter thingy in the back of that Dodge truck that they couldn’t get enough money for to the tune of over a year?

We are working with our international partners to ensure that horse processing facilities are using humane handling standards in the plants…

They totally gloss over the carcinogenic drugs that reside in the flesh of U.S. horses and how the EU no longer will accept it.  The truth is simply not an issue with these maniacs.

We can’t keep doing all of this without your help. All of this, and more, is going on RIGHT NOW…and in order to be effective, we need financial resources…

Send more than you can afford, and send it TODAY! Use the button below, or send a check to PO Box 454, Hermiston, OR 97838.”

Interesting closure, ‘send more than you can afford’ and be sure to send it to Oregon, not to Wyoming where “Slaughterhouse” Rep. Wallis is under investigation for fraud and ethics charges from her Wyoming based horse meat club and also where she is being sued for alleged assault against a benign wild horse advocate…more under the table dealings with potentially explosive repercussions.

So that is as much that I care to pollute this piece with, it is already beginning to smell pretty bad in here but for those who have a strong stomach and would get a kick out of watching these flea bitten rats go down with their stinking ship then click (HERE) to read their bloody, begging propaganda in it’s entirety.

For me; I am going to sign off, pour a Wrangler Iced Tea and offer a toast to all that is good in the world, may they be equine or human; hats off to the good guys and the losers be damned.