Interview: Reporter Scoops Story on Wyoming Horse Slaughter Politician

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Part One: Simone Netherlands Speaks Out on Wallis Case

Simone Netherlands at recent Wild Horse advocate press conference in Phoenix, AZ

Several months after filing charges against the pro-horse slaughter Wyoming politician Sue Wallis reporter Simone Netherlands sat down with SFTHH founder and Editor R.T. Fitch to make public the course of events that unfolded during the failed pro-horse slaughter fest inappropriately called the “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas, last January.

R.T.:  “Simone, we want to thank you for not only standing up for your rights but for taking the time to speak with us, today, and fill us in on what is happening with your legal action against known horse slaughter supporter, Sue Wallis, aka “Slaughterhouse” Sue.”

Simone:  “No worries, R.T., I thought it was time to clear the air and my attorney has given me clearance to do so.  We are totally transparent.”

R.T.:  “Great, can you tell us why you where attending the infamous “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas last January?

Simone:  “Certainly, I was attending, along with my producer Lorna Moffat, in the capacity of reporter for the “Meet  America Series” which airs on Thursdays (9:30 pm) and Tuesdays (3:30 pm) on AMP Channel  17 in Santa Barbara.”

R.T.:  “Great plug, Simone.  Did you have appropriate press credential?’

Simone:  “Sure did, Lorna had acquired a press pass for me, only problem was there was a typo on one letter of my name but I didn’t think that to be a big deal.”

R.T.:  “What day did you arrive and who did you interview?”

Simone:  “We attended on the 4th of January, I interviewed Wallis with no problems but there was not much to report on, there.  The real prize was to be able to sit down with the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, Bob Abbey, and interview him face to face.  I asked some very pointed questions about the plight of our national icon, the wild horses and his responses were interesting to say the least.”

R.T.:  “Did his interview make it to the air waves, or should I say cable these days?”

Simone:  “Not in its entirety, I intend to upload it to YouTube, soon.”

R.T.:  “I am sure a lot of folks would like to see it.  Did anything else transpire on the 4th?”

Simone:  “Yes, we had held a press conference earlier in the day.  It is well known that I have been fighting against the deception propagated by the few pro-slaughter advocates, of which Wallis is one, for years so being that this “Summit” was all about killing and eating horses I felt it necessary to voice the other side of the story.”

R.T.  “I have seen several of the clips and you came off very well, your professionalism showed.”

Simone:  “(laughing) No, it’s more like the news room editing that did it, but George Knapp did an excellent job, as usual, of telling it like it is.  But all of the local networks carried segments of my arguments that evening.”

R.T.:  “So what happened the following day?  I know that you were there because I was on the phone with you and won’t even refer to the incident as “alleged” as I heard Wallis in the background.”

Simone:  “That you were.  I had made an appointment to speak with the day’s major speaker, Dr. Temple Grandin, after her speech.  I was looking forward to both here speech and the interview but when I entered into the “Summit” room to take my seat, after going through the security process, Wallis came barreling over to me before I could even get 15 feet into the room.  She began to speak harshly and loudly at me while repeating “I saw you in the news, I saw you in the news.”  She was absolutely fuming and it took me off guard, I was both startled and shocked.  She grabbed me by both my arms and started do shove and jerk me out of the room.  I cried out in pain as only 3 months prior I suffered a severe fracture to my arm and elbow, in a horse related incident, and had a metal plate and 9 screws installed to hold the shattered bone together while it healed.  Although I had stopped wearing a sling my arm was still very tender and healing.  I told her that my arm was broken but she did not stop.”

R.T.:  “And?”

Simone:  “She got me out into the hallway and she hollered at me saying that I was a liar and that I lied about my press credentials and one cannot be the interviewer and the interviewee.”

R.T.:  “Did you respond?”

Simone:  “ I asked her where that rule was written and if she would have adequately checked my press credentials she would have found out that they were totally legitimate, meanwhile my arm was really hurting.”

R.T.:  “How did she process that?”

Simone:  “She said ‘I’m taking your press pass away!’ and she spun on her heel and while fuming returned into the room at which point I sat down on a bench in the hallway and then called you.”

R.T.:  “And I am glad that you did.”

(to be continued)

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