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Nevada Anti-Horse Tripping Bill May Get Second Chance

Verified Lies During Testimony Raise Government Eyebrows

Video taken AFTER testimony that Horse Tripping does not occur in Nevada

Below is a forwarded email from Eric Mills calling for action in breathing life back into the Nevada Anti-Horse Tripping Bill.  Tuesday you proved that faxing and calling worked, here’s another run at making a positive difference in the lives of hundreds if not thousands of horses.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what true horse people do, we care for our charges and want the very best life and future for them, unlike those who consider them property and can’t wait to slit their throats and stick a fork into them.  Wallis and Duquette support horse tripping, slaughter and any other practice that hurts and/or harms American horses, be they domestic or wild, so here is your chance to, once again, strike back at the sickness and perversion that is “Slaughterhouse” Sue and her lap dog “Doink” Duquette. ~ R.T.

[Begin forwarded message]

Thanks to the tireless efforts of lobbyist Beverlee McGrath, and Senators Mark Manendo and Allison Copening, there’s a good chance that Senator Copening’s bill to ban horse tripping, SB 364, could be resurrected in the next day or two.  But the effort needs your help.

As you likely know, the current Nevada Legislative Session ends this Friday, June 3.

I got a call from Beverlee late this afternoon with some promising news.  It seems that SB 364 may be brought up again this week for A VOTE ONLY (no more discussion, no amendments, since the bill has already had a full hearing in the Senate Natural Resources Committee chaired by Senator Manendo).

Here’s the deal:  Senator Steven Horsford (D-Las Vegas), Senate Majority Leader, together with Assemblymember John Oceguera (D-Las Vegas), Speaker of the Assembly, must BOTH sign the waiver to resurrect SB 364, apparently for another committee vote, followed by a full floor vote.  A long shot, but possible

PLEASE EMAIL AND/OR CALL THEM ASAP (PREFERABLY TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY MORNING), and ask that they do just that:  “PLEASE SIGN THE WAIVER TO RESURRECT SB 364.  Emphasize that this bill would in NO WAY affect American-style rodeo, and that nine other states have already passed similar legislation.  It’s time for Nevada to follow suit.

SENATOR STEVEN HORSFORD              —      tel. 775/684-1429

ASSEMBYMEMBER JOHN OCEGUERA  —    tel. 775/684-8595

And please ask all your friends to do likewise.  These abused horses should not have to wait another two years for relief.

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  1. Thanks, R.T….I’d been trying for over an hour to get emails sent following the link in an email from Beverlee…not sure waht was wrong, but I COULD NOT send it, nor could I send anything to the info@helpanimalsnv address that came in that same email. YOU saved the day with your post, because FINALLY, by usning the addresses you posted, I was able to send my emails.

    I’ve contacted Beverlee to let her know that something in the email she sent may have been flawed (the response my email system kept giving me when I tried to send from the link in Beverlee’s message was :“Your message does not conform to RFC2822 standard”). I have no idea what that means, but someone else might…just hope that others weren’t thwarted as I was and that your post reaches the masses in time. Whew!


  2. If people can remember a month back! when the evidence video came to us and showed all of us that the testimony had been untrue… then I believe there is a real chance for this to vindicate all who saw said video and were shocked. It seems to have generated a great response; enough in getting this re-introduction. Impressive. Thanks to all and they know who they are!!


  3. I am so sick of hearing that it is a “culture” thing, so they think its ok to treat horses and women like crap!


  4. I’m still waiting for the “perjury” charges for those against this bill, speaking specifically to mislead the committee members and said testimony is now part of that committees official record.

    Afterall, the bill wouldn’t have to be reintroduced if the anti-bill witnesses hadn’t lied in the first place….right?

    Hope it passes; just don’t understand why we have to find a special way to reintroduce. I would have thought those committee members would have been outraged and would help to get the bill passed…..unless of course, they are just anti-animal anything at their core.


  5. Contact the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, 3150 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109; phone: 702.892.0711; fax: 702.892.2906, and the Nevada Commission on Tourism, 401 North Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701; phone: 800.638.2328.

    Foreign supporters of America’s wild horses should also contact the U.S. Office of Travel and Tourism to let them know that they are very disappointed with the United States’ treatment of its wild horses and that they would be more likely to visit the country if they knew that healthy herds of wild horses still roamed the West.


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