Day: June 21, 2011

Letter to Horseback Online: EWA Official Calls Wallis Facebook Information Bogus

CHICAGO, (EWA) – I would like to personally thank Rep. Sue Wallis (WY) on behalf of equine advocates for the recent emails sent to her supporters [published on this website], her facebook page outbursts, but more importantly, for the below comments she posted on a facebook page. She has provided us with documentation for Congressional members that leaves no doubt that those involved in the horse slaughter business have never, and have no intention, of ever following food safety laws or acknowledging the facts surrounding horse slaughter. One can only imagine that if she has such little regard for food safety, how she will twist and spin animal welfare laws in her proposed “regulated” horse slaughter plant.

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Equine Advocates Be Heard

Here is a great site to be heard. It requires registration but it is important that you comment and vote. Please keep in mind on your comments that the audience for this site is Congress so keep it short, factual and professional. You can register as an organization or as an individual. I noticed that quite a few of you have commented on our slaughter legislation since yesterday. Great comments vs the same tired illogical statements from the dark side.

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