Day: June 22, 2011

Why Live Only to Eat a Horse?

If you are observant you may be blessed with seeing many spectacular sights as we slowly float and paddle down the river that we refer to as life. Of course, there are a multitude of stunning vistas that grace the shore line if we only take the time to focus and absorb the beauty and traveling with us, floating on the live giving waters of the river, are many souls and personalities that shine and amuse with their wonder and grace. But every now and then the glistening waters become polluted with the evil sewage of human greed and blood lust. Sometimes that evil is so intense and focused that it manifests itself into human excrement that fouls the air we breathe and sticks to the water line of our life’s vessel as we paddle to get beyond it and into the clear water downstream. And as we paddle we often feel a bump or a “doink” as we run over the floating sewage and strike a large floating patch of crap and today we have been bumped and “doinked” a couple of times by the floating turd many of us know as “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis.

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