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Horse Slaughter Group Targets Wrong Industry with Propaganda

Press Release from The Equine Welfare Alliance

Lots of Bravado but No Substance

Chicago (EWA) – In an effort to appear credible, the United Organizations of the Horse (UOH) has created what it calls communication tools to “to help the horse industry counter hysterical anti-slaughter claims with sound science and common sense.”

The simple marketing rule of “know your audience” has eluded UOH which offers it “tools” to the horse industry that overwhelming opposes horse slaughter. A recent poll on Popvox, a barometer for Congress to assess support on legislation, indicates 76% support the legislation (S 1176) to ban horse slaughter.

One of the most egregious of Wallis’ “communication tools” is the total disregard of FDA and European Union food safety regulations. Wallis has actually written her own regulations on Phenylbutazone (bute), a medication routinely given to U.S. horses that is banned in horses intended for food. She doesn’t think it’s a problem for people to eat horsemeat that contains a known carcinogenic and which can cause other deadly diseases.

The “science and common sense” has already been determined and it is up to Wallis to follow the law, not rewrite it.

Food safety laws aren’t “hysterical anti-slaughter claims”. Wallis’ refusal to follow food safety laws by creating her own rules should be a red flag to Congress about the misinformation offered to support horse slaughter.

UOH also provides several resource documents that are outdated and do not portray current data on drug residues found in U.S. horses sent to slaughter. A glaring omission is the current report from the European Union that documents drug residues found in horses even though  the accompanying  paperwork, obviously falsified,  stated the horses were drug free [report Ref. Ares(2011)398056].

Wallis says the Humane Society of the United States has prevented her from opening a horse meat business. Wallis is referring to the defunding of horse inspections, without which commercial horse slaughter for human consumption is not legal in the U.S. The inspections have been defunded since 2006, and the House of Representatives voted earlier this month to continue the defunding.

Laws are not passed by a single organization but by the demands of constituents. This is what Americans want. U.S. horses are not raised or regulated as food animals and are not viewed as food animals except by those in the foreign horse meat business. Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) and Animal Law Coalition (ALC) applaud Congress for being fiscally responsible by not wasting taxpayer dollars to fund inspections of a non-food animal.

With slaughter supporters like Wallis openly admitting the food safety violations in the horse meat business, Congress must step up to take the lead on food safety by swiftly passing the legislation that will end the slaughter of U.S. horses.

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  1. I receive her emails ,(always keep the enemy close) they have always been really awful but lately have become contradiction to any reasonable sense, all a bunch of rubbish, that not even the most uninformed would ever believe..Just keep talking SS. you dig your own hole, that you just may have to crawl into very soon,…….. there is never any reason to eat a horse they have never ever been considered livestock…… Horses are environmentally needed and are loved and respected by America………………………………………..Nothing you can ever do to change it………………………….


  2. While I don’t consider myself a member of the ‘horse industry’ (only have two), I am a contributor to the industry & I have friends & associates who are involved. Rough polling through the accuracy of ‘barn gossip’ has shown, overwhelmingly, no one supports either transport for slaughter or slaughter for human consumption. And they do, overwhelmingly, support breeding restrictions or more pointedly, selective breeding and sensibility – that old skool pick-yer-best-bloodlines for the best possible outcome and don’t breed more than the market demands.
    They think of this as ‘responsibility’ – hand-crafting a ‘product’ of rareness and lasting beauty, well worth the price and a joy to own forever.
    Now, how ridiculous is that.
    I’ll admit – this is just a tiny l’il blip in the larger scheme but my blip cannot possibly the only segment of the industry who find this woman and every aspect of her campaign, well, just bloody distasteful.
    I’d be interested in knowing how many make up her membership because I’m pretty certain they, too, are little more than a blip.


  3. Slaughterhouse Sue is sicko. How anyone can advocate what she tries to push is unforgiveable by a sensible person. She will continue until she shows her “true, true colors” and how crazy her view are. Let;s hope that it is soon. I wish the citizens of Wyoming would come to their senses and get rid of her and her croonies. What a great day that would be for the horse loving people and the horses, donkeys, and burros ,


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