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BLM Plans Annihilation of Cloud’s Herd

Information supplied by the Cloud Foundation

BLM Only Accepting Snail Mail Comments to Increase Difficulty

The BLM Billings Field Office mailed a Scoping Letter to interested parties on July 28th, stating their intent to reach an “Appropriate” Management Level (AML) of 90-120 adult wild horses, one year of age and older in the Pryor Mountains. If they carry out this plan 45 to as many as 75 horses would be removed in 2012. We cannot allow this to happen.

Our position is clear—there is absolutely no need for any removals.

It is important that you respond to an action which would threaten the continued existence of the Pryor Wild Horse Herd. Please write a factual letter to the BLM using some of the information provided here. Remember that BLM will not consider your response unless it is clearly your message — no copying of the list supplied here. Please use your own words to communicate your polite outrage at such an unwarranted proposal.

You will note in our list of recommended response topics, the support of PZP, the one-year infertility drug. This comes as a departure for TCF. However, the remotely delivered drug given at the correct time of year has reduced the foal population and it has given us a good argument to fight for no removals. We still strongly believe in the long-range goal of natural management without helicopters or bait traps or drugs. We see PZP as a means to an end, and that end is a hands off strategy in which Mother Nature calls the shots as much as possible.

Please read on and create a powerful message on behalf of Cloud, his family and herd. BLM will not allow emails, so send your letters directly to the BLM (see address below). If you can only send an email, send it to us at and we will copy it and mail these emails to the BLM. The reason for BLM opting out of email is that we crashed their server last time. Well, let’s send enough mail to bury them in recycled paper this time around!

Letters need to be postmarked to the BLM by August 30th.

Thanks so much for standing up now to avert a disaster for the herd in 2012.

Happy Trails!

P.S. – If you mail your letters directly to BLM, please consider emailing us a copy for our records. Your comments are important to us and, on more than one occasion, we have used an idea from a supporter comment that never occurred to us. We strongly recommend you ask for a return receipt to your letters. 

You can mail your letters to:
Jim Sparks, Field Manager
BLM Billings Field Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, MT 59101

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  1. The BLM is accepting fax comments also at 1-406-896-5281 but we might crash their fax machine. Maybe we ought to send a letter and fax both.


    • Might have a point…during Antelope I was preaching “turn up the volume” and Laura was screaming “clog their fax machines” and we got to come home 3 days early as they called the rest of the stampede…so it just might work.


  2. R.T. I am personally convinced that the BLM is targeting Cloud and this iconic herd in retaliation against Ginger and the Cloud Foundation. The fence was the first move in the game plan. What a wantonly cruel example of an out of control Federal Government Agency. If we ever needed your 1m viewers to step up and send a message, now is the time.

    Best, Will


    • I agree with you, Bill. Actually, I saw it in the stampede in 2009. They lied to Ginger about what they were going to do, they were VERY rude to advocates and treated the Humane Observer, Elyse Gardner, like she was trash. Horrible.

      It also seemed they targeted Cloud’s get for removal. And unnecessarily removed older horses like Conquistador and Grumpy Grulla. These horses might well have gone to slaughter if enough money hadn’t been raised to purchase them back.

      All in all, it was a VERY ugly situation.


      • If this round up goes on, I think it is time for all advocates to go to this round up in force. Maybe we need to stand in protest in between the helicopter and Clouds herd. If they get their way and take out Cloud’s herd they will know that they can continue to do what ever they want to all others because we are powerless. The BLM is only afraid of public opinion as has been proven in the past. We NEED to get everyone we know to take just a few minutes to to send a note to the BLM. We need to save Cloud if we are going to save our wild ones at all.


  3. OUTRAGEOUS!!!! I just called the White House again today and left a message for the President. I am composing my letter right now and will send it
    return receipt requested so that I have the name of the person receiving my
    letter. Wonderful idea about the fax!!! Lets JAM that up on them too!! It is about time that someone other than the Representatives in that district see what is actually going on. Has anyone from Cloud thought to invite a congressional group? They go everywhere else in the World so I don’t see why they couldn’t make arrangements to see what really happens. As Americans the BLM does not have a right to keep us from seeing what goes on. To those of you who that can be there, don’t let them push you around anymore. The door swings both ways, we PAY THEIR salary through are taxes, It is quite evident that they WANT ALL OF THE HORSES AND BURROS GONE FOREVER! Thank God there was enough money to purchase Conquistador and Grumpy Grulla. God sped to all of you who are present
    during this disasterous fight! I pray for you and the horses and burros every day.
    disasterous fight who are present.


  4. “Remember that BLM will not consider your response unless it is clearly your message”
    So this means that they actually DO read the letters? Someone is going to assess as to whether we “use our own words”. Do they have an English teacher on their staff?


  5. I’m sending these guidelines and address to friends in Germany, Italy and Croatia. (None of whom eat horses or think its okay to slaughter them). I’ve made a display of “Cloud” round-up related information at my office, and distributing informational flyers to all the businesses in the vicinity. I’m hoping to make a speech and tell the story of Cloud and his family at my nephews (Montessori) school. I hope to get permission to sponsor an “adopt a herd” event.


  6. This is throwing insult to injury! THIS is an OUTRAGE!! I appreciate the fact that “everyone should write polite letters”, & send them via snail mail, but, do they really read them? Do they really care what you or I think or say? HELL NO!! They don’t even need an English teacher, because they won’t be reading anything we mail to them, even if they knew how to read!! Why do you think they specified no emails, only written letters? Good excuse to carry on with their evil doings while everyone is hard at work composing polite letters!! The ONLY way to stop these insane IDIOTS is by physical force!! We have 1million viewers, & we can’t come up with a stronger method to stop them, versus writing letters?? Why can’t whoever can be there in person, form some kind of human barrier? Better yet, since our own federal government, aka the “BLM”, breaks the law non-stop, why can’t we? We go in, round up these national treasures (which are owned by every US citizen, they do NOT have sole ownership by our stupid government, which means, legally we’re not stealing what already belongs to us!!), put them safely & securely on PRIVATELY owned lands, & protect them as they should have been in the first place, & continue to hold LOUD PROTESTS until we get through to them, & they back off!! Excuse me, & my opinions, but, our government SUCKS!! It’s a good thing for “them” that I can’t personally be there, because I would be right there in the front lines. The BLM is a killing machine, the only way to stop a machine is to take it apart!!


    • Yes — this is the point where they are to be stopped. The BLM and their cohorts have been sticking it to us and enjoying every minute of it. They are corporate psychopaths who will do this over and over until “mission accomplished” So, now they want “only” personal written snail mail, well then they will be getting letters, faxes, emails, phone calls until their useless agency crashes. These horses belong to us and they have no privileged right of ownership of any living thing. They don’t get it, there are thousands people is this country that do not hide behind the facade of a crumbling, failing gov’t. see what is happening here, and around the world they are foolish to think they are safe if they continue this slaughter? Our horses and burros will not be pushed to extinction.


  7. I think the polite part will be the problem. It’s hard to be polite to people who stick their fingers in their ears and hum so they can’t hear you, or close their eyes so they can’t see what you’re saying!
    Let’s not stop at BLM. Who else can we write? What does PBS have to say about this? Animal Planet? Any news media? Does anyone have any actual names we can bombard?


    • Louie, there are now more than half a dozen very negative posts in the comments. Lisa L. has a wonderful comment there worthy of a blog post here.
      go back and friends and kick a little butt that has come out to whine about too many wild horses on the range!


  8. Completely agree with Valeria – we’ve got find a way of taking them apart because they don’t want to listen. Nigel wrote to the FAA about dangerous flying by Sun J helicopters (the films on you-tube and other sources) but they just said BLM was entitled to do anything it wants.
    The FAA should slam them because BLM was flying way below legal height on public land, and harming public property; a tired and old mare not to mention the horses,burros, and foals before her. Its on film for all to see, but they don’t want to listen. Want make them listen somehow soon.


  9. Ginger may have to do a new documentary tracing Cloud through his capture, potential slaughter and ultimately being served as a cheeseburger. Expose the greedy cowmen as the butchers they are.


  10. So the numbers warrant going in every 2 years and removing another 50%, 75%, 80% of horses? Do they think they breed like rabbits or what? THis is not management or stewardship. I know of no program that goes in every 2 years and completely decimates the population, especially when there isn’t an overpopulation issue to begin with.


  11. Thank you for bringing this issue to light. The BLM is committing a crime against nature by destroying these majestic animals. Part of the problem is the consumption of beef in this country. Do you suppose that if everyone who wanted to protect the mustangs stopped eating beef or made sure that they bought beef that was not grown in mustang habitat, that the BLM would be less motivated to convert the land to cattle grazing?


  12. How many acres are in this Pryor Mountain sanctuary which is one of the few areas managed principally for the horses according to BLM?


  13. Can someone tell me the specifics of Cloud’s herd’s HMA? Isn’t this one pretty off the beaten track and rather high altitude? Are cattle an issue in this HMA? In otherwords, is Cloud’s herd bothering anyone or anything even remotely? Or are they running out of horses to round up that the round ups are practically doubling up on each other now just so these people have something to do every month with those millions of dollars Congress keeps giving them?



    I don’t normally use wikipedia as a research source, but when I googled Gus Cothan, Ph.D. regarding herd viability for the Corolla horses, I found that his comments for the Pryor Mountain Horses—then googled the Pryors—anyway, I ended up here and I think that there are a number of resources embedded within the document that would be useful for our letters. The informated here is linked and sourced which may make it even more useful.


  15. very sad for the horses the blm is the same for over 40 years.
    No modern gov agency can demand only ‘snail mail’ that is an absurd corruption of power. shows a plan to chill, limit or hide any decent.

    I think people should still email- and be sure to copy everything you send to more than 1 single person-about the issue and the ‘snail mail demand’ to every gov agency you can. Perhaps inform/ask for help from the international human rights agencies, perhaps they can help get our basic right back to observe gov at work.

    This needs to be tweeted over and over..DOI/BLM demands only snail mail contact. and name him directly so someone over his head notices.

    If they get their way again, and you know they will, more wild horses will die untill they are all gone.


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