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International Equine Conference Announces Strategy Sessions

Presenter Agenda Finalized

The three-day symposium held at the Marriott Residence Inn in Alexandria, VA from September 26-28, will address issues related to equine cruelty, slaughter, and America’s wild horses and burros.

Described as the first event of its kind, the International Equine Conference will bring together members of the equine welfare movement to discuss the political, scientific and legal implications of current international equine issues.

Presentation topics will include: horse slaughter, abuse and neglect, horse racing, wild horses, the Bureau of Land Management, the Government Accountability Office‘s 2011 report on horse welfare, and equine sanctuaries.

Special events during the conference include a banquet dinner, awards ceremony, a screening of “Wild Horses and Renegades” and an advance private screening of “Saving America’s Horses: A Nation Betrayed”, presented by Katia Louise, of the Wild for Life Foundation and evening strategy sessions geared to addressing the issues of bloody horse slaughter and the plight of the American Mustangs.

The event is sponsored by Dr Ann Marini, the Equine Welfare Alliance and Animal Law Coalition.

Presenters will include congressional and state lawmakers, equine cruelty investigators, wildlife scientists, veterinarians, physicians, animal lawyers, advocates, authors, filmmakers and equine rescuers.

Scheduled are US Senator Mary Landrieu (D-La.); US Representative Jim Moran (D-Va.); Montana state Senator Dave Wanzenried; Madeleine Pickens, founder of Saving America’s Mustangs; Sonja Meadows, executive director of Animal’s Angels; Jo Anne Normile, founder of CANTER; Susan Wagner, president and founder of Equine Advocates; and representatives from the American Society  for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and also The Humane Society of the United States will be present.

The three day event will be co-hosted by EWA Vice President Vicki Tobin and WHFF President R.T. Fitch.

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Click (HERE) for Listing of Presenters

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  1. Are Ken Salazar or Bob Abbey going to be invited to speak? Better yet, maybe since they haven’t been to any roundups, they can mosey over to a conference that’s in D.C. and talk with advocates and learn something.


    • It really frosts me that virtually no one from the upper eschelons of the WH & BP attends roundups. If any do, they’re treated to the BLM Theater of the Absurd. That’s what happened with the Designated Humane Observers and occurs on press days. Once the performances are finished, its back to the “Old Normal” for the roundup contractors.

      After reading the Cloud Foundation posts and seeing photos from their recent trip, I wish the BLM folks would visit the Pryors and some of the other HMAs. They should witness for themselves the individual animals who will be most impacted by their decisions and actions. In fact, I think this should be a mandatory annual trip for the Director and each member of the Advisory Board.

      Perhaps, if they sat quietly among these amazing horses and kept an open mind, some would appreciate the Mustangs … and burros … as we do!


      • I understand what you are trying to say, but do you REALLY think the holocaust machine would change their minds? Seriously, if they went and watched? Honestly? They’d beatch that there weren’t enough dead and mangled equines.

        They know what is going on and LOVE IT!


      • I would worry also. With their mind set they would probably be thinking about how they could remove the rest of these animals from their homes. I know the first time I went up there I was totally hooked and haven’t been able to stay away since, but then I had a different mind set than what these gov. agents are doing these days.


      • Janet, I don’t know, but, IMO, it would certainly be worth contacting them. I have all their email addresses and other info. I’d really like their take on how their “recommendations and suggestions” have been followed, especially about the helicopter pilot working like a “sheepdog”. Still can’t get the image of “Rover at the Controls” out of my head!

        If they turn the opportunity down, at least we’d know more about who they prefer to work with regarding wild horses and burros, and equine welfare in general.


      • If anyone would like contact information and other things I’ve learned about theses 4 women from Internet research, you can contact me through Mar Wargo, providing that’s okay with her.


  2. Yes, neither of them have been to a scheduled maim, harass, needless round up , how could either offer anything intelligent to say…………..They should come for a learning experience……….


  3. Well since this event has the words welfare, preservation and public health in the header I really doubt they would be interested….but I guarantee you that they will be following the event more than just a little interest.

    Vicki could probably answer why they were or were not invited as they are not on the speakers list.

    Besides…those people loathe advocates and spend their time with extractors, livestockers and Farm Bureau….it pays better, right?


    • We are only releasing the names of confirmed presenters. The list of who or who wasn’t invited to present will remain confidential. The agenda was driven by topics and who we felt would be best to present. There could be any number of reasons a presenter was unable to attend such as schedule conflicts, financial reasons, personal reasons, etc. There is enough gossip going around and we don’t want anyone to feel uneasy or have to explain themselves. I will say that of the few invited presenters that were unable to attend, they were all very much in support of the conference and are promoting it!

      We want the focus on who IS presenting and we think we have a stellar cast!


  4. I would love to know what this is all about and is it here in Atlanta and explain to me and I would love to help out that would be greatfull


    • Hi, Margaret. The registration fee is $150 for all three days, including a banquet on Tuesday night. Individual days are $75 and do not include the banquet.

      There are reduced fees for students – $75 for 3 days or $40 per day.

      You can email if you have any further questions.

      We hope to see you there!


  5. The BLM are hired for precisely what they have been doing for the last several decades. Those that have reached the upper levels of management are very well paid for their services and have no interest in the beauty or sanctity of these magnificent Wild Herds. They have already compromised their integrity. The only thing that will bring about positive change is our constant vigilance and unwillingness to let them destroy what belongs to the American People.


  6. There are very good hostels in DC and they are less than $40.00 a night. I think anyone going who is on a budget should consider them.

    Thanks for adding these sessions, RT. I just wish I could swing the trip. Helping Laura in the field will be primary for me. I would love to come but I need a minor miracle to pull it off. Many of us need to be there and will not make it. This really saddens me. There is so much that needs to be done!!!


  7. This is absolutely wonderful news and I’m thrilled to see all those attending! It’s time to join forces and educate the public of what’s really going on. This could not have come together at a better time. A big thank you for all those involved..we’ll be there! (-:


  8. Hopefully this conference will get some good solid media coverage. The agenda and scheduled presenters as listed above should be very informative and well worth attending for all who possibly can. The big honchos from BLM or DOI will probably not bother themselves to be there but you can bet there will be some lower level bureaucrats there with instructions to report back on just what the looney advocates are up to. I hope they get their money’s worth.


  9. To get more attention for the wild horse, we need to change our way to promote it! Getting more attention from the publice can be reached by lots of trail ride outfitters, dude ranches, rider groups etc. in the west or near HMA’s by bringin more people to a “Mustang sight seeing” trail ride. It sound crazy, but imagine how much people going on vacation and try to be a “Cowboy for a week”. Why not involve this folks and make then sensitive about the problems of our wild horses?
    On the other hand, we need to bring more wild born Mustangs to shows, riding events, anouces thenm as trail horses and so on. We can’t get the attention we want, if we only talk to an inner circle or some equine advocats or organisations. We need to get more attention and tell the world that these horse are better then most breeds. Let us start promoting these fine horses to the world! I by myself riding a mustang mare and will never miss this feeling of the great mount she is. Need some help or suggestions? Ask my!


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