Wild Burros

Easter Eve Donkey Demonstration Converges on Texas State Capitol

March for Mercy” Calls for an End to Wild Burro Shootings

R.T. Fitch with "Nancy" and Marjorie Farabee pulled by "Ms. Abby" during March for Mercy at Texas State Capitol

The day before Easter, Texas Wild Burro Advocates and domesticated donkeys converged upon Austin, Texas to march in protest against Texas Parks and Wildlife Department‘s (TPWD) policy of killing Texas’ last remaining wild equine herd, in Big Bend State Park, to make room for the re-introduction of Desert Bighorn Sheep for hunting permit dollars.  Under police escort the band of humans and donkeys paraded in front of the state capitol and circled the Governor’s Mansion while chanting, “Rick Perry Stop Killing our Wild Burros.”

“Currently the TPWD has declared a temporary ban on the policy of Park Rangers shooting wild burros on sight as they partner with the HSUS to do an aerial study and count of how many burros are actually in the park.

“They have stopped the killings for the past several weeks,” said Marjorie Farabee founder of the Wild Burro Protection League and Director of Wild Burro Affairs for the Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF), ” but if the TPWD performs as they have in the past they will be back to the killing in the very near future and there is no rhyme or reason for the shootings, the burros are not even listed as an invasive species.”

Wild Burro Protection League founder Marjorie Farabee speaking at Texas state capitol ~ photo by Terry Fitch

“We see similar behavior of government agencies out of control and making up their own rules as they go out west”, added R.T. Fitch volunteer president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, “currently the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in the process of eradicating the nation’s wild horses and burros from Federal land with similar bogus justification as utilized by TPWD.  At the end of the day it is all about ‘special interest’ dollars.”

After the parade the advocates held an rally on the grounds of the state capitol where speakers documented the issues that surround the controversy of killing the Texas wild burros.

“Even the residents of the towns that border the park want the burros to stay, they have been there even before Texas was a state.” added Farabee.

Fitch concluded, “The burros are as much a part of Texas history as the Alamo and Texans stand on the brink of losing a very important part of their heritage.”

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    • Christine, no effort is too big or too small. These resilient, and humble animals are up against an onslaught that is so unfair, it smacks of corruption. And HSUS is a big part of that corruption in my opinion. They only became interested in this issue when our petition hit 100,000 signatures, and made their first visit to the park in Jan of this year. Now, to hear them talk about on their blog they have made the only effort to save these burros. Yet, they have not asked the locals or our organization for input, even though we have put heart and soul into this issue for several years now. Removing all the burros is eradication. Period. Texans would lose a treasure whether they are shot or removed. It is not good for the environment either, since the burros who have been there for 500 years are an important cog in the wheel of life in this desert region.


  1. i haven’t experience with burros, but i know they have feelings and are very intelligent. my grandpa, Lovell, kept burros and loved them so much. he took them to town all hours of the night and they took his mules and put him in a rest home.


  2. Could the TPWD just drop the word “Wildlife” from the title? It’s really deceptive to the taxpayers who think that the department is protecting anything. I am all for protecting the burros, but who’s going to speak up for the BigHorns? And why are they bringing them in from somewhere else? And that’s not “invasive”? Status? Why don’t they just tie the sheep to trees, and collect the killing fees from the rich guys. (It’s really not about “hunting”—for food and life needs.) STOP killing our wildlife.
    Hooray for RT and Marjorie and their long-eared friends…and all the marchers.


  3. Re: “Currently the TPWD has declared a temporary ban on the policy of Park Rangers shooting wild burros on sight as they partner with the HSUS to do an aerial study and count of how many burros are actually in the park.”

    Perhaps start asking NOW for the TPWD and HSUS study plan and results of the aerial study and count reports and keep on until you have them and have examined them closely. Ask them if you can go on the aerial study flights as a public observer (they won’t let you but ask anyway). Ask what kind of aerial or other count method they will use and have someone (who knows about wildlife studies) examine the pre-plan and the plan’s results. Ask for all burro photos/video taken during their study be provided to the public online – or to you so you can do it. Ask yourself why they have temporarily stopped the killing. Is it because with the help of HSUS they will be bait trapping and applying contraceptives to all of the jennies or is there another plan?

    Perhaps read this wild horse contraception study report. The study said PZP was most effective but that they believed there would be a one-time (permanent sterilization) application available in the “near future”. This study was done over four years (starting 2002) and even at that time they said PZP was effective for four years as follows:
    100% year one
    83% year two
    83% year three
    83% year four
    It appears that PZP is FAR more effective than “we” have been led to believe. David Thain was one of the researchers and is on the NAS today – University of Reno.

    Click to access Cattlemens_Update_2009.pdf

    Yuma, Ariz. – The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Yuma Field Office has postponed the gather of 350 wild burros from the Cibola-Trigo Herd Management Area (HMA) that was scheduled to begin on Monday, April 9, 2012. At this time, there is no estimated start date for the gather. The postponement is due to the receipt of an Appeal and Petition for Stay that will be forwarded to the Interior Board of Land Appeals (IBLA). The Petition for Stay is a request to IBLA similar to a temporary injunction, which is a stop order on a proposed action.
    Best of luck!


  4. Reader’s comment on Wild Burro Protection League Facebook page. ALL of these killings and removals (Wild Horses and Wild Burros) are connected with LAND GRABS:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEWkPc4nRHQ&feature=related Turn your sound down this is a little garbled, but if you think Texas has given up on land grabbing, think again. Trans Canada wants to build a pipeline to Texas, and they need lo…See More

    Trans-Texas Corridor, Alex Jones on Lou Dobbs


    From Friday March 2, 2007. A report on Lou Dobbs Tonight about the Texas Independence Day protest against the Tran-Texas Corridor, part of the NAFTA superhig…


  5. Karma……what goes around ….comes around 2 BITE U IN THE ASS!!!!!!! AND IT WILL! No pun intended. Its all about the almighty $$$$$ wherever u go. Let our burros, mules,& all equines alone. There are various ways to keep the herds from growing. STOP THE SLAUGHTER of these precious animals! They deserve better treatment! We are supposed to be HUMAN BEINGS with empathy, & kindness born into everyone of us…..how about showing it.


  6. These people are crazy! When I called they made up their own reasons for the slaughtering of
    the burros such as trampling native plants and bringing in an equine disease. When I asked what type of disease and do they have any diseased animals, the reply was NO. They must think that we
    do not have a brain cell working. Burros are the gentliest creatures around. They are smart and have really great personalities once you get to know them. Remember the Holy Family rode them into Jeruseleum. I am told that after that time, a cross has been a part of their coat pattern. Thank
    you to all who are trying to protect them. If I ever get down to Texas, I definitely want to see them.


  7. 100,000 signatures to stop donkey deaths, 80% of americans oppose horse slaughter…….yet it continues. Politicians still continue pushing on against the citizens wishes. What does the future hold for America? God Bless the humble donkey this Easter Sunday.


    • So true, Mary. So, so many issues Americans are behind 70-80%, yet the politicians side with the 20% and the 1% over and over. It is getting really bad. This all could be solved easily if we got money out of politics and no lobbying/corporate money allowed. But this is just getting worse, not better thanks to the Supreme Court.


  8. Burro is returned native in North America. The authorities are blindly ignoring this. Burros restore the ecosystem. The authorities, (so called) are governed by their greedy, blood lust drive motives. They are the anti-thesis of truly caring and spiritually attuned people. They should contemplate the true meaning of Easter and Christ’s example! Or any other holy ones who have walked this Earth such as St. Francis of Assisi. They need a strong lesson in humility.


  9. I strongly recommend to all reading this blog. It will help with the horses too. http://www.circleranchtx.com Christopher Gill owns 32,000 acres next to the Diablo Wildlife Management area near Van Horn Tx. His property is thriving even in this drought and has a bio diverse presence of many animals while next door at the WMA the land is dead and de-stocked. What is the difference? Holistic management.


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