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Burros to Deliver Petitions to Governor Rick Perry

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Wild Burro Advocate Wants the Killing to Stop

Marjorie Farabee and photographer Terry Fitch protesting in D.C. ~ photo by R.T. Fitch

Tomorrow, 1/18/2011,the Wild Burro Protection League and Red Horse Nation will be herding burros to Austin to deliver more than 100,000 signatures to Governor Rick Perry.

The signatures are part of a petition demanding that the Presidential hopeful stop his administration’s  wild burro slaughter in Texas’ Big Bend Ranch State Park.

The campaign began when Marjorie Farabee  with the Wild Burro Protection League and Wild Horse Freedom Federation learned that Texas officials were gunning down wild burros with the intent of eradicating them from the state park to make way for Big Horn Sheep for hunter’s pleasure.

“What BLM is doing to wild burros and horses out west”, said Farabee, “pales with the bloodshed that is taking place in Texas with Rick Perry’s approval.”

Farabee has been working with locals near the park to help save the burros and believes that bringing the message to the state capital will make the difference.

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  1. Great job!! I wish I lived in your state because I would be right along with you. RT, thanks for keeping us posted on issue. Although I don’t live in Texas, I have made calls in support of our wonderful little burros. How sick! They are such gentle creatures…My prayers are with you..I hope to see some documentation on your campaign. Good Luck….


    • We have run into opposition already. Although all permits were pulled, and each department was asked if I had done everything required of me, and the answers were that I had, I received an e-mail early Tuesday stating that they had visited, and they suddenly had an issue with the wagon, stating it was too big, and permits were now denied! An all day battle ensued, resulting in a tepid approval which may or may not result in dropping the wagon on Congress Ave. and continuing the delivery by stacking the signatures with comments (3,500 pages) on a sled, and snigging (driving) Miss Abby into the Capitol grounds. I do hope this is not what happens, but it might. We will not be turned back. We go, period. We have not been approved for delivery to Governor Perry’s office, although we sent a formal request, but Lt. Gov. Dewhurst’s office agreed to accept the 2 full CD’s for him. When I asked for an e-mail confirmation of this approval from Dewhurst’s office, I was denied. Vicky (in his office) stated she gave approval by phone and that was all I needed. I asked again for e-mail confirmation, and once again was denied.

      I will keep all of you posted, but it looks like (surprise, surprise) they don’t want us here. Come if you can, we need the warm bodies showing solidarity with the embattled burros of Big Bend Ranch State Park. Without all of us, they don’t stand a chance. Rod Rondeaux who lives there stated to me tonight that he spoke with the shooters there and they reported to him they are going through 50,000 rounds of ammo EVERY WEEK. They are shooting from helicopter everything that moves: elk, aoudad, burro, bobcat, and cougar are their top targets. 50,000 rounds! Think about that.


      • Only in Texas can you bring a gun anywhere you want, but they worry about the size of a donkey wagon. You go, girl! Don’t let the good old boys stop you!


      • Marjorie, yours is a mission of truth and right. Thank you for digging in your heels and not being pushed aside by those who would deny you.

        You are as stubborn as a …. well, you know the rest. Those of us who cannot be beside you are with you in spirit. Go. Fight. Win!


  2. I’m HERE! So excited to get to be a part of this. Thanks to Marjorie I will get to lead Nancy, a white donkey from the Wild Burro Protection League. Keep signing the petition & keep up the prayers!


    • Good! We had many problems today, Naomi, so the best we will be able to do in the morning is vacuum her. It will be too cold to bath her as I had hoped, but she should clean up nicely. The state preservation board who had approved all of our permits last week, had a change of heart this morning, and decided we could not bring the wagon through. I had to spend hours on the phone, and did not get it cleared until this evening. We are good to go.


  3. Take heed, Governor, not only do the American people want a change, but even the
    burros want change. Stop the talk, talk and begin the walk. Equity for all;, not just those
    that have the power and the money.


  4. It is all completely pointless and lost on the public if it’s not on the news. Please, please, please call every single TV station and let them know you’re doing this. They can’t all be reading every post of every activist site all the time. It’s up to y’all to get that done to educate them so they can educate everyone with more than three brain cells between their ears.


  5. All the best Marjorie, and everyone connected with the Petition delivery. I hope there will be a video showing this event.


  6. If you believe in Karma or poetic justice, there is a recognizable parallel between the order to shoot the burros on sight and Governor Perry’s inability to perform well in the national spotlight. He has no idea of the number of people in this country for who, the ever helpful, humble burro represents the qualities of kindness, gentleness, empathy, service, and humility. In contrast, Governor Perry has appeared (at times) to be a cocky, willfully killing cowboy who forgot to load his own gun. Conscious, either his or the nation’s collective conscious, has tied his tongue and kept him out of step.

    He could learn lesson from Marjorie and Terry. Without courage to do what is right, it doesn’t matter what else you vying with you.


    • All I can think is this: Gov Perry also said that the Marines caught urinating on dead Afghani soldiers shouldn’t be held on criminal counts. Disgusting yes, but no criminal act happened! To which I can only reply HOW ABOUT DESECRATION OF A BODY!

      Scary that Perry the Bozo wants to be Prez… He has shown he’s not willing to listen to the people! That should be a big red flag!


  7. I’m proud to say my signature is on that petition. What is happening to those burros in Texas is disgusting and immoral and would horrify the American public if more people knew about it.


    At a Statehouse dominated by elephants, the donkey got some love in a short parade in downtown Austin on Wednesday.
    The occasion was a protest of the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s shoot-to-kill policy concerning feral burros in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Marjorie Farabee , founder of the Wild Burro Protection League, had a helper drop some 103,000 petitions against shooting the burros at Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s office.
    “Because GOV. PERRY’S OFFICE REFUSED AUTHORIZATION OF DELIVERY.” Farabee said. “Be sure you write that.”; 445-3603


    • Amazing that a sitting governor can refuse to be petitioned by his constituency (and his staff helps).

      This is what this country has come down to….pretty sad.


  9. These innocent animals deserve to live in peace…Our representatives in all states need to realize this fact…. It is not acceptable to deny any animal or human being the crutial fact that they matter to us…. And that they deserve to be treated as such….with much dignity…Shame on the United States of America for treating their animals and humans with such indifference…….And shame on Pres. Obama for re-inacting the opening of horse slaughter plants in the US………


  10. Okay though I have worked hard collecting 15,000 signatures to ban dog auctions and indirectly put a stop to the puppy mills (Ohio is the 6th largest puppy mill state), after God’s purrfect animals, donkeys are my next favorite animal, (sorry R.T. horses I do love but they rank next). Burros are gentle souls and though no animal or yes even the humans, don’t deserve to suffer, I just cannot fathom burros being shot! Check out the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue at a superb organization.

    One bit of good news for ya all, Perry is no longer running for president-Celebration is in order!!!Hey did you all hear about how Romney travel hundreds of miles with his Irish Setter tied to the car’s roof, but he explained the dog was in a carrier-so of course that made it okay-NOT!

    A question, who in the hell am I going to vote for president-so far no one?!


  11. any man that has a hand in killing these poor creatures should be ashamed of themselves it take a man and a gun to put one down but it takes a REAL man to realize that this is wrong,,, if man keeps killing off what ever animal that stands in his way to building whatever has no balls !!! A real man doesn’t kill innocent creatures but pulls up his big pants and puts his foot down and says enough!!! i am so ashamed to a human ,,,if we keep killing and taking everything for the idea of making a profit at the cost of loosing and wiping out animals ,,,,i feel bad for you,,because the younger generation are turning out to be like me tree hugger,,,and you guys are gonna get old and alone with nothing but your money but it wont buy you into heaven ,,but good deeds to all humanity will make you remembered for kindness and not a murder :O)


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