Wyoming Equine Terrorist Tests Legal Limits in Latest Libelous Meltdown

Opinionated Intro by R.T. Fitch ~ Author and President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis Puts New Org at Risk with Rant

Most folks change their underwear everyday, but not Wyoming’s radical, ranting, small town, part-time, State representative, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis.  Instead of donning clean undies, everyday, she prefers to fabricate and reinvent a new organization in which to hide behind.  Yup, that’s right, in only the last few weeks she has gone from “United Horsemen” (AQHA spawn) to “Unified Equine Equine” (a failed front to bring in foreign investors to slaughter U.S. horses) to now the illustrious “International Equine Business Association” which consists of ole $ue, (who never gets out of Recluse, WY on her own dime let alone go anywhere “international”), a Canadian horse slaughter big-wig and some dude who is supposed to represent the “Eurpean” Union (honest, that is how $uzie spelled it, remember her limited education) Mexico, Argentina (I know there should have been an “and” there but I am pulling direct from Wallis’ debacle)

Stunned and in a tail-spin from multiple defeats across the United States Wallis is seeing her coveted, bloody horse meat slipping between her pudgy little fingers and while in her death thralls she is lashing out with defamatory accusations at well respected animal welfare organizations across the land.  If not careful, Wallis will find herself back in bankruptcy, once again, when lawyers come knocking on her commune’s door.  The firewall that protects her inflammatory computer’s rhetoric will not protect her from the truth and the very laws that she pledged to uphold for the state of Wyoming and the United States.  She has failed, miserably, to represent not only her fine constituents but the office that she holds and the American political system overall.

Below is her latest insane, in my opinion, and defamatory attack that reaches so far as to issue a petition to veriify her madness and please, take note of the nice beefy “Meat Horse” in her logo.  A good friend of mine observed that the poor horse is not on the proper plane to represent $ue’s true intentions.  Although running away, as depicted, might seem appropriate to us the equine would better represent Wallis and her disturbed henchmen if it was hanging from a hind hoof on a chain with it’s throat slit, that’s the sort of image that lights this denizen of perversity up and truly portrays her wretched life’s legacy.

You be the judge but be sure to put the cup of coffee or Coke down because any sane person will surely choke when they read this crap.  Honest, you just couldn’t make this stuff up:

Petition to Support the Horse and Livestock Industry
Submitted as is our Constitutional right, to all governments asking for the protection of our right to own and profit from horses and other livestock, and for our families to lives free of threat, harassment, and fear.
Livestock businesses, particularly those businesses which buy, sell, and transport horses, or seek to humanely process horses to serve a legitimate worldwide market under USDA regulation have been singled out in vicious, unprincipled campaigns of stalking, harassment, and threats promulgated by radical animal rights organizations.
In order to accomplish these terroristic activities the Humane Society of the United States, their affiliates such as the Equine Welfare Alliance, Animal Angels, and many others trample on the rights to life, liberty, and property guaranteed to equine owners and businesses by state and federal constitutions, and by the rule of law in the United States.
The International Equine Business Association is being formed to protect an ancient and honorable way of life, and to promote a valuable sector of animal agriculture. The opportunity to become a Charter Member will become available on May 7th, 2012. In the meantime, you can find information about the Association and membership at IEqBAssn.org.
Please take the time to sign our Petition to Support the Horse and Livestock Industry:
You can sign it online in a system that will automatically mail letters to your congressional delegation, or you can print it out, take it to your local sale barn, arenas, feed stores, ag meetings…wherever horse and agriculture people gather.
When you have signature sheets ready to return, please scan them and email them to petitions@ieqbassn.org.
We support those who seek to enrich their lives, and their fortunes, through the legitimate ownership and use of the equine species and other livestock.
We are petitioning for protection of businesses and families from the unethical activities perpetrated on livestock owners and enterprises that include abuses such as:
Illegally trespassing on private property for the specific purpose of videoing privately owned animals, and then editing, taking out of context, and adding commentary that is designed for the sole purpose of defamation.
Edited videos, manipulated images, and inflammatory rhetoric are held and strategically released to media and internet outlets in such a way as to inflict maximum harm to reputations, to seek the imposition of criminal charges with the resulting financial, emotional, and societal harm, and to destroy any ability to profit from equine businesses.
Posting of the personal contact information of business owners, their family members, clients, sponsors, and customers, including addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and websites of private individuals and their family members and inciting others to harass and threaten innocent, law abiding, citizens.
Targeting legitimate businesses and individuals and circulating lists of names, locations, and information for the sole purpose of encouraging the stalking, harassment, and interference with legal commerce.
These self-appointed vigilante groups prey on the hard-working, tax-paying, legitimate business people of the livestock and equine industry, use misleading propaganda to raise funds and garner support, and seek to completely destroy the viability of the equine industry.
Therefore, we the undersigned are calling upon the President of the United States, the United States Congress, and all state, federal, tribal, and local governments to protect and uphold our constitutional rights. On behalf of our businesses, our families, our children, and grandchildren, we the undersigned ask that our rights, our privacy, our ability to make a living in our chosen profession, and our spiritual, emotional, and bodily safety be protected and ensured by all means necessary:
Click HERE to sign online
Click HERE to print a .pdf file
The International Equine Business Association works to protect the international horse industry, and to promote the use of horses and equine products in commercial enterprises


$ue Wallis, United States . Bill des Barres, Canada
Olivier Kemseke, Eurpean Union, Mexico, Argentina
Equine businesses that have experienced adverse and negative impacts to their business, or to their personal lives as the result of animal rights activist abuse are encouraged to contact IEBA – info@ieqbassn.org

“May I Barf, now?” ~ R.T.

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Slaughter Promoting AQHA is Disgraced Over Leading Exhibitor and Breeder’s Arrest

from WIFR.com
Org that Allegedly Spawned Infamous “United Horsemen” Reels Under Implications
Dixon’s Comptroller Arrested–Charged with Misappropriating $30Million

The Comptroller for the City of Dixon, Illinois was arrested today by FBI agents on a federal charge for allegedly defrauding the City of Dixon of more than $3.2 million in public funds since just last fall and more than $30 million since 2006.

Posted: 5:38 PM Apr 17, 2012
Reporter: From the Department of Justice

DIXON (WIFR) — The Comptroller for the City of Dixon was arrested today by FBI agents on a federal charge for allegedly defrauding the City of Dixon of more than $3.2 million in public funds since just last fall and more than $30 million since 2006.

58-year-old Rita Crundwell has been Dixon’s comptroller since the early 80’s. She’s well known in the community and breeds world champion horses on her ranch; someone most people couldn’t imagine embezzling $30 million dollars.

“I was dumbfounded, I was speechless (when I found out),” said Dixon resident Amy Jones.

But that’s exactly what the FBI says she did. She’s accused of stealing more than three million dollars of taxpayer money in just the last few months and more than $30 million since 2006.

Crundwell was arrested at city hall this morning, where FBI agents gathered evidence most of the day. Mayor James Burke reported Crundwell to authorities in the Fall.

FBI agents wouldn’t comment today on the complaint they received from Burke. But the complaint says in October, while Crundwell was on vacation, a Dixon city employee discovered an unknown bank account, one Crundwell allegedly used for her personal life.

Dixon resident Christopher Ray said, “It’s disheartening, I mean taxpayers they work hard for what they do.”

The FBI says Crundwell bought a $2 million motor home, a horse trailer and paid off $2.5 million on her credit card. They say she also bought at least 11 vehicles. It’s something that even surprised Dixon police.

Dixon Police Chief Dan Langloss said, “I just became aware of this this morning from the FBI. Those are all things that are being looked into, and the mayor will have the answers and will be speaking to the city.”

Mayor Burke will answer questions tomorrow at Dixon City Hall.

Crundwell was in federal court in Rockford today, where two U.S. marshals escorted her into the room in handcuffs. However the bond hearing was continued until tomorrow.


The Dixon City Council is meeting in executive session tonight to discuss the charges against their comptroller–the mayor, Jim Burke, will hold a news conference tomorrow at 10 am. 23 News Reporter Lauren Kravets is in Dixon and will have an updated report for you tonight.

DIXON (WIFR) — A Dixon city official is in jail tonight for fraud after allegedly embezzling 30-million dollars.

The comptroller, 58-year-old Rita Crundwell, was arrested by FBI agents in Dixon just hours ago today.

She’s been the comptroller since the early 1980s. She’s accused of taking more than, three million dollars in public funds since the fall and more than 30 million dollars since 2006. The Department of Justice says she used that money for a personal horses breading business and to buy a motor home, jewelry, and vehicles.

In fact today, agents seized; ten trucks and trailers and a thunder bird convertible. 23 News attended Crundwell’s bond hearing in federal court today–that’s where two U.S. Marshals escorted her in handcuffs. However, the assistant U.S. attorney asked for a continuance, she will be in court tomorrow.

Dixon Mayor James Burke reported Crundwell to authorities last fall after a city employee discovered another account.

That’s the account Crundwell allegedly used to misappropriate city money.

DIXON (WIFR) — The Comptroller for the City of Dixon was arrested today by FBI agents on a federal charge for allegedly defrauding the City of Dixon of more than $3.2 million in public funds since just last fall.

In addition, a federal criminal complaint alleges that the defendant, Rita A. Crundwell, 58, of Dixon, has misappropriated more than $30 million in city funds since 2006 to finance her own lavish lifestyle, including operating a horse farm.

Crundwell handles all finances for the city and has held the appointed position of Dixon comptroller since the early 1980s.

She is paid an annual salary of $80,000, according to the complaint charging her with one count of wire fraud that was filed last Friday and unsealed today following her arrest.

Also today, agents executed search and seizure warrants at various locations including, Crundwell’s home, office, and farms in Dixon and Beloit, Wis., and seized the contents of two bank accounts she controlled. Among other items seized were seven trucks and trailers, three pickup trucks, a $2.1 million motor home, and a Ford Thunderbird convertible, all of which were allegedly purchased with illegal proceeds.

Crundwell is scheduled to appear at 3 p.m. today before U.S. Magistrate Judge P. Michael Mahoney in U.S. District Court in Rockford, where the issue of bond will be addressed. Dixon has a population of approximately 15,733 and is located in Lee County, about 42 miles southwest of Rockford. The arrest was announced by Patrick J. Fitzgerald, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, and Robert D. Grant, Special Agent-In-Charge of the Chicago Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Dixon Mayor James Burke reported Crundwell to law enforcement authorities last fall after a city employee assumed Crundwell’s duties during Crundwell’s extended unpaid vacation. After reviewing bank statements for September 2011 through March 2012, the FBI expanded the
investigation and began reviewing the city’s finances dating back to 2006. The investigation is continuing, officials said.

According to the complaint, Crundwell receives four weeks of paid vacation annually and she took an additional 12 weeks of unpaid vacation in 2011. In October last year, while Crundwell was away from work, a Dixon employee who served as her replacement requested all of the city’s bank statements. After reviewing them, the employee brought the records of a particular account to Mayor Burke’s attention. The September 2011 statement for that account showed three deposits totaling $785,000, as well as 84 checks drawn totaling $360,493, and 40 withdrawals totaling $266,605. Mayor Burke was unaware that this account existed, the complaint states, adding that he then went to law enforcement since none of the withdrawals appeared to be related to any legitimate business of the City of Dixon. Although the bank records show that the primary account holder is the City of Dixon, a joint account holder is listed as RSCDA, and the checks written on this account list the account holder as “R.S.C.D.A., C/O Rita Crundwell.”

2012, in her capacity as comptroller, Crundwell wrote 19 checks totaling $3,558,000 on the Capital Development Fund account payable to “Treasurer,” and deposited these checks into the account listing RSCDA as the joint account holder. She then allegedly took $3,311,860 from the RSCDA account by checks and online withdrawals, using only $74,274 for the city’s operations. Crundwell allegedly used the remainder of those funds, more than $3.2 million, for her own personal and business expenses, including approximately $450,000 relating to her horse farming operations, $600,000 in online credit card payments, and $67,000 to purchase a 2012 Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

After discovering that Crundwell allegedly had recently transferred $3,558,000 in city funds to the RSCDA account, the FBI obtained additional bank records showing that between July 2006 and March 2012, Crundwell allegedly deposited a total of $30,236,503 in city funds into the RSCDA account, and paid out more than $30 million for her own personal and business expenses. The complaint alleges that she used fraudulently obtained funds to make additional purchases, including a 2009 Liberty Coach Motor Home for $2,108,000, a 2009 Kenworth T800 Tractor Truck for $146,787, a 2009 Freightliner Truck for $140,000, a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck for $56,646, and a 2009 Featherlite Horse Trailer for $258,698. Between January of 2007 and March of 2012, Crundwell incurred charges of more than $2.5 million on her personal American Express credit card account, including more than $339,000 on jewelry alone, and allegedly used Dixon funds to pay the entire amount of charges.

Wire fraud carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison, and a $250,000 fine, or an alternate fine totaling twice the loss or twice the gain, whichever is greater. If convicted, the Court must impose a reasonable sentence under federal statutes and the advisory United States Sentencing Guidelines.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph C. Pedersen. The public is reminded that a criminal complaint is only a charge and is not evidence of guilt.

The defendant is presumed innocent and is entitled to an indictment by a federal grand jury and a fair trial at which the government has the burden of proving her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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