Day: April 18, 2012

Wyoming Equine Terrorist Tests Legal Limits in Latest Libelous Meltdown

Most folks change their underwear everyday, not Wyoming’s radical, ranting, small town, part-time, State representative, “Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis. Instead of donning clean undies, everyday, she prefers to fabricate and reinvent a new organization in which to hide behind, everyday. Yup, that’s right, in only the last few weeks she has gone from “United Horsemen” (AQHA spawn) to “Unified Equine Equine” (a failed front to bring in foreign investors to slaughter U.S. horses) to now the illustrious “International Equine Business Association” which consists of ole $ue, (who never gets out of Recluse, WY on her own dime let alone go anywhere “international”), a Canadian horse slaughter big-wig and some dude who is supposed to represent the “Eurpean Union (honest, that is how $uzie spelled it, remember her limited education) Mexico, Argentina (I know there should have been an “and” there but I am pulling direct from Wallis’ debacle)

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