Month: April 2012

Rogue Wyoming Legislator’s Husband Brands Equine Welfare Advocates as “Nazis”

Still smarting after a dismal on-air performance, or lack of engagement, by self-appointed anti-horse/pro-slaughter mouthpiece, Wyoming state Rep. $ue Wallis on a PBS/NPR radio station, last Friday, a handful of her followers have been sending emails and making public posts on social media attacking the station, the host and her guests with defamatory comments and hate speech with Wallis’ husband, Rod McQuery, leading the way by going on public record referring to the show’s participants and anyone who displays care and concern for American’s horses as being “Nazis”

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The Sunday Trail Ride

“It’s Sunday and it has been a good week for the horses with the dark-side suffering multiple defeats and currently in hiding collectively licking some very deep wounds. But as the lost and confused wander without clear direction we move forward with purpose, dignity and truth as our shield. It is important for us to look around and re-energize ourselves not only with the strength of our numbers and great diversity but with the clear knowledge in our heart of why we fight for those who cannot speak for themselves, the horses.

Below is a story that has been around for years and I have danced with it many times but each time I read it, edit it and tell it I am healed as it speaks to the core of why we are where we are in the battle to save the American equine, both domestic and wild. We speak from the heart, we speak for the horse and we speak in concert with each other. Keep the faith and thank-you for all that you do.” ~ R.T.

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