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Wild Horse Mother’s Day

Our Mother’s Day Message comes to you from our very good friend and fellow Wild Horse and Burro Advocate, Ginger Kathrens of the esteemed Cloud Foundation

A New Cloud Colt is Born!

Dear Friends of Cloud, his family, and the Pryor herd;

Every trip to the spectacular Pryor Mountains is full of wonder, but no season holds the promise of discovery more than spring. A handful of new foals have been born and our friend and Pryor wild horse adopter (Cloud’s granddaughter Summer), Patty Hooker, sent us a picture of the latest foal to be born on the mountain, and it is an exciting one to be sure. Feldspar, who Cloud stole from Flint in December of 2010, gave birth to a colt this week, just in time for Mother’s Day! When we last saw Cloud’s family in April, Feldspar looked very pregnant.

This is just the fourth colt Cloud has sired. Of those, only Bolder survives, but he was raised by Shaman. I hope Cloud will be able to raise this little one, and that he will live his life in precious freedom. I can’t wait to see if he roans out. My bet is that he will. What do you think?

This weekend, we honor not only the Pryor mustang mothers, but moms everywhere–four-leggeds as well as two!

Happy Trails!

We at SFTHH and Wild Horse Freedom Federation join Ginger and the Cloud Foundation in wishing all mothers, a joyous and wonderful day!!

Photos, below, of other Pryor Mountain moms are courtesy of the Cloud Foundation, Elyse Gardner and Patty Hooker

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all!….we all have mothers and without them, where would we be? Thank you Mom, and grandma. Thank you to our wildlife mothers too…..without them we wouldn’t have the beauty that is Nature.

    Thanks, Ginger et al for sharing the beauty of these special gifts of Nature and the beauty of their wide-open space.

    p.s. somebody ought to shove Cloud’s reproductive history up DOI/USDA’s noses (I’d pick another bodily orifice). They keep insisting these magnificent creatures breed like coach-roaches or rats….oh, that’s right, don’t the equine killers call them “coach-roaches of the Plains” and “rats of the West”?


  2. Happy Mothers Day everyone !!!!!!!! Happy Mothers day To Feldspar and all The New Mustangs Mommies !!!!! WoW Feldspar Foals Right on Mothers Day Wooo Hooo…….What a wonderful Day it is !!!!! Isnt Nature Awesome !!!!! Only a Brainless Moron would call Our Living Legends and The True American Icons !!!! Such awful Names….. The Brilliance of the Horses Beauty is thing of Wonder to all that behold it !!!!!! (exception the True Cowards of America who wouldnt know a thing of Beauty if it slapped them in the face they surcomb to only Greed , how sad that is)


  3. “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 2 U !!!” Ginger……as well as ALL the mothers out there in the world ! Especially the ones who stand for horses no matter where they are…may The Force of the Horse be with us all.


  4. The Pryor Mountain moms and their babies are absolutley beautiful. To share these wonderful photos is a lovely Mother’s Day present in itself! (-: Thank you, as always, RT and Ginger for your loyalty and continued dedication to the welfare of our equines. You both are the greatest!!!


    • I agree Lisa , it is not an easy process for a mare to foal, most will lose there foals, they can lose them in an instant…. Mother Nature knows exactly what she doing , she handles the balance ….. Over Population Hog Wash !!!!!especially in the Wild !!!!!


  5. Our only hope is that God will help us in this fight to save all these beautiful babies. The thought of their happiness ending makes me ill, when it all can and should be avoided at any and all costs.
    What lovely pictures. Thank you for being there to bring us these pictures..This is why we fight so hard and will never ever give up! I hope when I do get a chance to visit the area there still will be wild horses there.


  6. still underpopulated – is it true 30-40 million horses were killed in the 1930’s for petmeat ? where are those numbers exact now ?


  7. What a beautiful blessing to see the Pryor Mountain Mom’s and babies!! And we keep viewing the adorable video of Echo! Of course he’s growing up now. We love all the photos, and continue in the efforts to preserve these beautiful lives in their natural habitat in the wild.


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