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  1. It *is* a good show, Louie, you’re right. I listened to the entire 120 minutes. Those two ladies sure are a Truth Squad extraordinaire. No wonder they get along so well with you, R.T., and vice versa. The conversation about the BLM’s underhanded slaughter agenda and plans for the Pryor herd and drug-experimentation on the captive wild horses were especially hard to stomach. But, then, the whole idea of humans forming anything but mutually respectful relationships with animals is incomprehensible to me. Thanks for getting across so many important points, R.T.

    I’m glad Marti and Barb apprised listeners in the program’s first half-hour of some of the latest government offenses. We all need to know about the unconstitutional National Defense Authorization Act and the most recent antics of the corrupt Food and Drug Administration. Indeed, all the practices of all the federal agencies these days seem bent on proving two points: that they can freely break the law, and that they can freely use our tax money to fund their law-breaking schemes. God help us all.


  2. RT: Are you going to post just your part of this interview on your blog? The whole program is very lengthy and you did such a good job I’d like to email it to Obama, not that he’ll take the time to listen. He should know what’s going on with his BLM. Although, anyone smart enough to be elected president either knows exactly what’s going on and sanctions it or is dumber than I thought he is.


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