Horse News

Horse Slaughter Increased 38% Over Past Year

Information supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance

Anti-Horse Faction’s Propaganda Exposed

A 38% increase over the same period last year.


By week and Month:

1) Slaughter supporters frequently use the logic of a cumulative total of horses that would be roaming the streets over a number of years if slaughter ends.

Using their faulty logic, we did the same thing but started with 1990-the highest slaughter count recorded-as the base year and added the number of horses that weren’t slaughtered in subsequent years. With their logic, there should be 6,198,697 horses roaming our streets! Each year reflects the base year minus the number of horses slaughtered in that year. That begs the question, where did all those horses go?

2) The next column is a count of exported horses during the years the slaughter plants were open.

Although not reflected in this spreadsheet, here is proof once and for all, the slaughter option that they keep saying is gone, is nothing but a flat out lie. We took the 5 years prior to the plants closing compared to the 5 years after the plants closed.

2002-2006   534,156

2007-2011   609,205

Difference      75,046 or a 14% increase

If we take 6 years – 2001-2006 and include this year’s numbers annualized (April numbers) we get an even higher percentage.

2001-2006                            631,638

2007-2012 (April annualized)    745,951

Difference                             114,313 or an 18% increase

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  1. Just disgusting!!!!! We all know the truth. And the lies just keep coming…What do we need to do to get some of these lazy ass and greedy Legislators to do the right thing? I would be willing to bet that should there be some real movement in the legislation, I think you would definitely see an increase in the number of horses being sold at auction and going to slaughter. What puzzles me is that EU regulations and what is happening there. But of course there is Mexico besides Canada.
    However, both are supposed to be regulated by the European Union regulations which are becoming very strick. Is everyone in the World on the take?


  2. Thanks for providing the facts and figures. R.T., which should be shared with everyone, especially those in congress and the senate. What a nightmare it has been for our innocent equines and all of those who have been faithfully fighting this battle. So many times my heart has ached for these magnificent creatures and I feel so helpless, but my compassion and concern for their welfare will never die. My hope is truth, respect and common sense will prevail, after all is said and done. It seems hard to find anymore, unfortunatley, but there’s still a helluva lot of good people out there making a difference. You and many others are doing just that! (-: Thank you R.T.


  3. Horse slaughter MUST stop! And, it wouldn’t hurt those people responsible for the inaccurate figures to brush up on their grade-school level, or lower, math skills! Thanks R.T.!


  4. The ProSlaugter groups do not give 2 s@&$? about the horses, whatsoever. We know all they care about is their profits. The good people must stop all horse slaugter period.
    We must Stop Horse Slaughter Now!!!!


  5. Stop over breeding and the problem will stop. Until that happens this will continue. Simple and as terrible as that.


  6. May I make a suggestion? As a horse owner a bullet to the head is more merciful than slaughter
    There are marksman you could hire for far less than a vet. You could burn the body. Please believe that this is better for a horse than being sent to a slaughter plant. By the way I own 2 old horses that.I love and would far prefer them to die at home. Thank you


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