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Rockville Horse Slaughter Plant Another Misfire for Sue Wallis

information supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance as it appears in The Sacramento Bee

Horse Eating “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Becomes National Embarrassment

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis

CHICAGO — Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) – Despite dozens of articles about the imminent opening of a horse slaughter plant in Rockville, Missouri, EWA has learned that the plant is not opening anytime in the foreseeable future.

The announcement by Sue Wallis that the plant was undergoing renovation and would be open in September turns out to have been as premature and misleading as her earlier announcements in Wyoming and Mountain Grove, MO.

Wallis has not in fact purchased the plant, and cannot legally do so (had she the resources) because its ownership is entangled in a complex web of civil and criminal issues involving dubious deeds of trust through a shell company called Six Bears, and criminal theft charges against its Canadian operator Vincent Paletta.

Paletta had already been charged with two counts of felony stealing by deception when Wallis’ announcement brought the plant to the attention of Mountain Grove attorney Cynthia MacPherson. It was MacPherson who uncovered the elaborate plan by the Palettas to protect the plant from creditors.

On behalf of one creditor, Elvin’s Refrigeration, MacPherson has sued the Palettas, asking the court to block all transfers of the property until the ownership can be determined and creditors protected. The petition claims the Palettas violated MUFTA (Missouri Uniform Financial Transactions Act).

Elvin’s has also filed a Nonconsensual Common Law Lien against the plant’s owner charging that the Palettas fraudulently used bogus deeds of trust, and even sued themselves through their shell companies to protect their assets from creditors.

Although Wallis and her Missouri attorney Dan Erdel did form two new companies and have requested federal inspections, they do not own the plant for which the request was made thus rendering the filing moot. Moreover, records show that they have made no application to Missouri agencies for the required permits.

Undeterred, Wallis has already announced a plant in Oklahoma, where selling horse meat or possessing horse meat for sale is illegal. This announcement too has been widely reported as factual.

EWA has published a comprehensive report on the Gordian legal knot encasing the Rockville plant.

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  1. I thought a county rep’s job was to protect and create JOBS in their OWN district. Why is she representing or trying to! other states and counties? That sure seems like a conflict of interest.


    • Good question,Margaret! I bet the people in her district that elected her are embarrassed and very disappointed in her performance and actions.


  2. What is wrong with this woman. Does she just like to grandstand for her insane ideas that always pan out as either downright lies or so deceptive that people want o tar and feather her; and run her out of town? When does she stop being just plain stupid? Slaughter House Sue…Get a real life.


  3. What is the matter with Wyoming residents that they are actually paying Wallis as a state representative while she spends her time on reprehensible private enterprise?


  4. RT
    I had a very interesting meeting tonight in Utah for the State wide public hearing. I was the only public present!

    I handed in Carla’s fabulous presentation from Sacramento last week with her permission. I chose not to read it because I don’t believe they’ll be a big announcement about the meeting. Besides I think we mostly covered just about everything her 20 point presentation makes.

    I asked for clear statements like in EA’s. How and why they reach their rationalization. I told them that legalease is super confusing to me.

    I also asked if we all could commit to working to make things the best they can. Maybe it won’t happen today but there is room to improve things.

    I also asked them to release like ten minutes of when the helicopter pilot picks up the horses. I’m told that all they do is walk and maybe slow trot. I expressed that this video is important to us. That it is the thing that we want to see.

    We chatted about having an advocate (even a fence line one–like a middle of the road advocate so to speak) go out in a truck with BLM. Not sure this will come to fruition but I had the field manager mulling it over.

    I also asked about how one becomes a specialist. You have to have a 4 year degree in some kind of environmental/lnd resource degree. I think I have that right. And you have to have a minor in some kind of horseolgy (my madeup word!). They have continuing Ed. within BLM, like training.

    Eric and Chad who are both Specialists were there. As was Mike the Field manager. We spoke for over two hours. AT NO TIME DID I FEEL GANGED UP ON. I really want to impress that point.

    It was hard at times on both sides. A lot of things have happened and both sides feel the pain. But I feel wonderful about taking the time to make this journey and I feel I got more than every penny I’ve spent talking listening asking questions.

    We chatted about horse counts and how some of the horses move in and out NV daily. It is tough. Because I saw 5 HMA’s on top of each other. Again not sure if they’ll change it to one HA–I know I heard the word complex. Not sure how it relates. I got the feeling that if they do combine it we could maybe suggest a name for it–like an acronym. This is only a feeling I got. So no one quote me.

    Most of this stuff is way over my head. I know that. I hope I was helpful to the advocates and to BLM trying to for explanations and clarity without all the legal jargon that’s so hard to grasp.

    They did ask me to clarify how I wanted it noted about Carla’s letter. I think I got them to understand that Carla wrote it and I was so impressed that I asked her for permission to present it. I hope that got clarified.

    I feel empowered. Maybe and hopefully it goes both ways.

    If anyone has questions please ask. I know I’m missing things. My head is so full! But questions are great because they’ll make me go back and revisit things.

    It’s late now and I have another long drive tonight. Please be patient with me if I’m not online for a couple of days. There are lots of things happening in my family and for me. But I will note this thread and come back to it to make sure I follow up on nyone’s questions.

    For Mike, Chad and Eric thank you for helping me understand your position. Thank you for not ganging up on me and just for being really cool about all of this. I hope I got this right and presented your side fairly.

    There are no guarantees for anything we chatted about. But brains and minds are churning. And that’s what I went to do.


  5. Wyoming take charge of your State, get rid of her hasnt she insulted and embarrassed your intelligence enough yet !!!!


  6. Western Watersheds Project Wins Stays Blocking Implementation of Four BLM Decisions in the Pahsimeroi River Watershed in Central Idaho !
    ~ Katie Fite, Biodiversity Director

    On July 20, 2012 Western Watersheds Project (WWP) received notification that Judge Harvey C. Sweitzer of the Department of Interior Office of Hearings and Appeals granted four Stays halting Bureau of Land Management grazing decisions on 48,000 acres of public land in the Grouse Creek, Meadow Creek, Rock Creek and Trail Creek Allotments in the Pahsimeroi River Watershed of central Idaho. The allotments are located in critical habitat for Greater sage-grouse whose numbers have been declining for many years in central Idaho.


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