Rockville Horse Slaughter Plant Another Misfire for Sue Wallis

information supplied by the Equine Welfare Alliance as it appears in The Sacramento Bee

Horse Eating “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Becomes National Embarrassment

“Slaughterhouse” $ue Wallis

CHICAGO — Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) – Despite dozens of articles about the imminent opening of a horse slaughter plant in Rockville, Missouri, EWA has learned that the plant is not opening anytime in the foreseeable future.

The announcement by Sue Wallis that the plant was undergoing renovation and would be open in September turns out to have been as premature and misleading as her earlier announcements in Wyoming and Mountain Grove, MO.

Wallis has not in fact purchased the plant, and cannot legally do so (had she the resources) because its ownership is entangled in a complex web of civil and criminal issues involving dubious deeds of trust through a shell company called Six Bears, and criminal theft charges against its Canadian operator Vincent Paletta.

Paletta had already been charged with two counts of felony stealing by deception when Wallis’ announcement brought the plant to the attention of Mountain Grove attorney Cynthia MacPherson. It was MacPherson who uncovered the elaborate plan by the Palettas to protect the plant from creditors.

On behalf of one creditor, Elvin’s Refrigeration, MacPherson has sued the Palettas, asking the court to block all transfers of the property until the ownership can be determined and creditors protected. The petition claims the Palettas violated MUFTA (Missouri Uniform Financial Transactions Act).

Elvin’s has also filed a Nonconsensual Common Law Lien against the plant’s owner charging that the Palettas fraudulently used bogus deeds of trust, and even sued themselves through their shell companies to protect their assets from creditors.

Although Wallis and her Missouri attorney Dan Erdel did form two new companies and have requested federal inspections, they do not own the plant for which the request was made thus rendering the filing moot. Moreover, records show that they have made no application to Missouri agencies for the required permits.

Undeterred, Wallis has already announced a plant in Oklahoma, where selling horse meat or possessing horse meat for sale is illegal. This announcement too has been widely reported as factual.

EWA has published a comprehensive report on the Gordian legal knot encasing the Rockville plant.

Report link:

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Saving Our Horses from Slaughter

By Sen. Mary L. Landrieu (D-La.) and Prince Lorenzo Borghese as published on The Hill

Horses have played an important role in shaping our national character

Ginerous Legacy (Harley) rescued from slaughter by Terry and R.T. Fitch

Below the West Front of the U.S. Capitol is one of our nation’s most famous statues honoring Civil War Gen. and former President Ulysses S. Grant. In front of the White House is former President Andrew Jackson, and in D.C.’s historic Foggy Bottom area is former President George Washington. Carved into the stone with these famous riders are the horses that carried them into battle.

Horses have played an important role in shaping our national character, carrying us westward. They have served as our partners for decades. There is a unique bond between humans and horses. Horses are used for sport, work, companionship and much more. These noble animals have never been raised for the purpose of slaughter in the United States.

Horse slaughterhouses have not operated in the United States since 2007, but each year, more than 100,000 horses are trucked long distances across the borders to Mexico and Canada with the intent to slaughter them for human consumption.

This practice is not only cruel, as transport to these slaughterhouses is lengthy and inhumane; it poses serious health and food export risks. The Food and Drug Administration has prohibited certain drugs for use in animals that will be used for human consumption. Because horses are not raised for slaughter, they are routinely given these common drugs during their lives, posing a serious health risk to humans when the horses are ingested.

The American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011 would ban the export of horses for slaughter. It would also create a permanent ban on the inhumane killing of American horses for human consumption in our country — instead encouraging humane euthanasia when horses become old, sick or are no longer productive. Most importantly, this legislation is consistent with the views of 80 percent of Americans on this issue, who, according to a recent poll, oppose horse slaughter.

In recent years, our horses have been protected from domestic slaughter due to Congress’s suspension of funding for horse-meat inspections. This year, however, instead of an open, full congressional debate on the issue, a few members of Congress reinstated funding for these inspections during a conference committee on appropriations legislation. This action does not reflect the current public opinion on this subject, and it opens the door to horse slaughter in our country, increasing the need to create a permanent ban on the practice, as was one of the recommendations in the June 2011 Government Accountability Office report.

Public opinion has prevented any horse slaughter plant from opening after funding for inspections was reinstated. When plants were proposed in Mountain Grove, Mo., and Roswell, N.M., the outcry was overwhelming. A similar outcry recently derailed a bill to promote horse slaughter in Tennessee. Clearly, it is time to pass the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.

These animals are an integral part of the history and spirit that formed our nation and continue to inform its development. It is time for Congress to act to end this cruel and inhumane practice for good.

Landrieu is a member of the Senate Committee on Appropriations. Borghese is an actor from ABC’s “The Bachelor” and honorary animal welfare ambassador for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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Foreign Backed Wyoming Politician Losses Bid to Kill and Eat Horses in Mountain Grove, MO

By: Kevin Schwaller of the

Walli$ Bloody Plan Not Welcome in Down Home America

"Slaughterhouse" $ue Walli$

(Mountain Grove, MO) — Unified Equine is abandoning plans to transform a building near Mountain Grove into a horse slaughter facility.

That doesn’t mean its search is over; the company will be looking for another spot in south-central Missouri.

The issue continues to be a contentious one for the area.

Sue Wallis, the CEO of Unified Equine, answered questions from the public Monday in the Mountain Grove area.

“The purpose of setting up this meeting was to let the local community know exactly what it is that we’re planning.”

The conversation went fairly smoothly. Still, the meeting showed the growing tensions centered on the proposed plant in an Ozarks community.

“Our whole business model is based on horse industry realities,” adds Wallis. “And we have been working with scientists, experts, horse industry experts, meat industry experts.”

Protesters stood outside the Wright County Livestock Auction. Inside, a crowd asked questions about a proposed facility from Wyoming-based Unified Equine. It would kill horses to get meat for human consumption.

Wallis took questions and countered information from a presentation last week from a local attorney and opponent of the plant.

The owners of the auction would not let video camera inside. They thought the gear might insight more theatrics at the meeting. That’s also why several Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers went to the session.

“I think it was informative, but I still don’t agree,” says Donna DeWitt, who lives in the area. She doesn’t want the plant around here.

“I do not agree with the slaughter of horses because I love horses.”

Other opponents don’t have a problem with horse processing. They simply don’t want a facility near Mountain Grove. They have concerns about the effect a site will have on property values and the environment.

Wallis and Unified Equine are pushing to get a plant open by September.

“This is what is needed in order to restore the horse industry nationwide and for the welfare of horses.”

The company was looking at the Mountain Grove area because of the amount of horses in the region. It also needs shipping routes.

Wallis is not ruling out finding another site nearby, despite one of the original possibilities being out of the running.

The plant would kill and process 200-400 horses a day.

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Horse Slaughter Plant Proposed in Mountain Grove MO
Standing Room Only at Meeting on Proposed Horse Slaughter Plant

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HSUS Takes On Wyoming Horse-Eater, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis

Post by Wayne Pacelle of HSUS

Community Speaks Out Against Horse Slaughter in Missouri

The community’s resounding rejection of the proposal put the lie to Wallis’s prior claim that “the folks in Missouri are 100 percent on board with what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to do it.”

Some people want to become firefighters, to help people in the developing world, to open up a legitimate business, or to serve their country, in one form or another. As for Sue Wallis, she just seems to want to help kill horses. It’s hard to know at any given time whether she is operating as an elected official, a rancher, an investor, or a prospective manager of a slaughter plant. For her, it seems that all roads lead to an equine abattoir.

The message Sue Wallis got the other night came from local people who were being asked to live with a horse slaughtering plant in their midst, and it was consistent with what we know of public opinion on the issue. In poll after poll, the majority of Americans―urban, suburban, and rural―have signaled their disapproval of horse slaughter, especially for sale of the meat in the global marketplace.

Representatives of the horse slaughter industry need to stop their excuse-making for horse owners who abandon their animals, or who only want to profit from them by selling them to a kill buyer. The horse slaughter business is predatory, cruel, and marginal. Even communities trying to attract business want nothing to do with it, despite the efforts by a handful of politicians who see just a bundle of tissue, sinew, bone, and hair rather than living, feeling animals who have played no small role in the history of our nation.

Video: Cynthia MacPerson challenges Sue Wallis’s Horse Slaughter Plant Proposal in Missouri

Video’s by Jan Myers

Video Puts Bogus Walli$/Duquette’s Claims of Low Attendance to SHAME

Ole “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$ and her faithful lapdog Dave “Doink” Duquette would have the public believe that a recent town council meeting held in Missouri over a proposed foreign owned horse slaughter plant was ill attended and went their way, as Duquette states below:

Here’s the deal folks, again Steven Long just prints anything his buddies from EWA put out as gospel. Reality is there was about 30 people there and no one was turned away. Most were from out of town. There was NO vote of any kind. This meeting was contrived by an HSUS attourney. So this was not representative of the population in that area.” (poor grammar and incorrect spelling not edited)

Reply: NOT

Shown in sequence below are six (6) videos from that very meeting that show the truth, the reaction and the “rest of the story”.  Big thanks to all who fight for the horses.

Part 1 of 6

Part 2 of 6

Part 3 of 6

Part 4 of 6

Part 5 of 6

Part 6 of 6

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UH President Caught Up in Web of Horse Slaughter Lies

Pseudo-OpEd by R.T. FitchAuthor (The “Author” thing drives the Horse-Eaters NUTS; that’s not a long trip)

United Horsemen President Dave Duquette Discredited by National News Articles

United Horsemen's discredited Dave Duquette

After the bumbled $ue Walli$ attempt to ram a bloody horse slaughter plant down the throats of angered residents of Mountain Grove Missouri, Dave Duquette, president of a dubious horse slaughter and meat packing front call United Horsemen (UH), publicly released an inflammatory message to his handful of fellow horse haters:

Here’s the deal folks, again Steven Long just prints anything his buddies from EWA put out as gospel. Reality is there was about 30 people there and no one was turned away. Most were from out of town. There was NO vote of any kind. This meeting was contrived by an HSUS attourney. So this was not representative of the population in that area.” (poor grammar and incorrect spelling not edited)

Duquette is referring to his ongoing battle with the first amendment, free press, common sense and well known author and publisher Steven Long of Horseback Magazine who printed a press release from the pro-horse organization, Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA). Vicki Tobin, VP of EWA, was quick to counter the malicious and slanderous statement:

The propaganda machine is alive and well! Apparently our opponents attended a different meeting in Missouri. In an attempt to do damage control, they are claiming only 30 people attended (one look at the video footage in the links on this page prove that is a lie) and that people weren’t turned away – they evidently didn’t check with the police but they aren’t big on research.

We never said there was a vote but the outrage from the residents (yes, Dave, they were all from the town) in the room was certainly a representation of the town not wanting a slaughter plant. Of course, they had to get a dig in against HSUS by saying the meeting was organized by an HSUS attorney. Wrong again, the law firm is not associated in any way, shape or form with HSUS and HSUS was not involved in this effort.

You would think their few supporters would be enraged at the lies they are fed but alas, they follow like lemmings without questioning a thing.

Curious he didn’t mention why Wallis HAD to move her meeting from the YMCA to a livestock auction. Let’s see them spin the truth on that one.”

Duquette, who’s horse slaughter organization will be hosting a so-called Summit next month to discuss how to kill and consume America’s favorite, large companion animal, was further discredited by a nationally syndicated newspaper article which was featured in the home state of “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$ herself, see below:

Wyoming company’s horse slaughterhouse plans in Ozarks draw opposition

Wyoming's "$laughterhou$e" $ue Walli$ ~ photo by Pam Nickoles

MOUNTAIN GROVE, Mo. — Emotions ran high Tuesday when a large crowd heard testimony for and against a Wyoming company’s proposal to build a horse slaughtering and processing plant in southwest Missouri.

The Mountain Grove City Council meeting had to be moved to accommodate the large crowd and some speakers were booed, prompting Mayor Delbert Crewse to call for order and warn people they would be removed if they could not stay quiet.

A Wyoming company, Unified Equine, LLC, is conducting a feasibility study on building the plant between Mountain Grove and Cabool, in the Twin Cities industrial park. The company has not yet sought a Missouri Department of Natural Resources permit for the plant that would produce meat for human consumption.

Roger Lindsey, president of the Twin Cities board, was booed several times as he testified that the plant would bring between 40 to 55 jobs and economic investment of between $6 million to $7 million in infrastructure.

“I think two years from now if you come down and talk to me, people are going to be glad this is here, and it will be a great success, but it needs to be done right. There’s no doubt about that,” Lindsey said.

But Mountain Grove attorney Cynthia MacPherson testified that the plant would destroy the region by bringing environmental damage, crime and lower property rates.

“We get nothing out of it, except destroy this community. That’s it. We will destroy this community,” MacPherson said.

MacPherson said after the meeting that she planned to speak to the Mountain Grove Board of Aldermen this week to discuss pollution problems, reduced property values and animal abuses that she said have been reported at horse slaughtering plants in Texas and Canada.

“I think the most important thing is to make the public aware, and to educate the council,” she said.

MacPherson estimated 300 people attended Tuesday’s meeting and most of them seemed to oppose the plant.

“I was overwhelmed; I did not expect this,” she said.

Lindsey acknowledged he had a rough reception at the meeting.

“Sure, tough questions need to be answered,” Lindsey said in an email to the Springfield News-Leader. “Will there be risk to the ground water and environment? Will local workers be hired compared to nonlocals? Will property values be harmed?”

Lindsey said he wasn’t used to hearing opposition to new jobs for the area.

“But I do understand these legitimate questions about the environment and I know processing horses creates a highly emotional atmosphere for some,” he said. “If you all have any say in this I hope you will consider what a new plant and the jobs from it, with proper safeguards will do for our area.”

The proposed facility also has sparked a local Facebook page “The Community Preservation Project” aimed at halting the plant. Horse lovers also have launched an online nationwide petition at hoping to prevent the plant from being built in Missouri.

Representatives of Unified Equine, LLC, will have an informational meeting Monday at the Ozarks Family YMCA in Mountain Grove. Wyoming state Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse is the CEO of Unified Equity. She and others affiliated with the project plan to attend. The Cabool City Council is also scheduled to hear presentations on March 19.

So however you cut it, Duquette has simply and unwittingly verified that anything related to $ue Walli$, Duquette, United Equine and United Horsemen is unequivocally steeped in great heaps of bull pooh and rotting animal innards. The dumb just keep getting dumber and only the stupid will follow behind.

If it weren’t so perverse and twisted it would almost be funny.

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