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Update: California Equipment Rental Company Bought Oregon Land for Horse Slaughter Plant

By R.T. Fitch ~ president Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Secrecy Behind Possible Horse Butchering Operation Evaporating

Anti-Horse/Pro-Slaughter Activist Dave Duquette from Hermiston, Oregon.

Public records reveal that Liberated L&E LLC, an equipment and machine rental company based in Palmdale California bought a 252-acre parcel of land in Hermiston,OR for $600,000 last March with the expressed intent of building an alleged horse slaughter plant on the location.  Hermiston, OR is the hometown of Dave Duquette, president of an anti-horse/pro-slaughter lobbying organization,  announced in March that a horse slaughter plant was to be built in his community and that the land would be donated; Duquette was, and still is, short on details.

Internet sources and the California Secretary of State indicate that listed managing members of Liberated L&E LLC are Robert Joseph Zamrzla and Jonny Lee Zamrzla who are also directors of the California firm Stone Roofing East, Inc.

According to a recent report in the Hermiston Herald City Planner Clint Spencer sent a memo to City Manager Ed Brookshier alerting him to the possibility of the proposed intent of a horse slaughter plant being built upon the purchased parcel.

“There has been no movement with Umatilla County in terms of meeting with staff or submission of land use applications for the horse slaughter facility,” Spencer was quoted as saying, however he did go on to clarify that the land sale has been completed.

Mayor Bob Severson and councilors Frank Harkenrider and Jackie Myers spoke out against such a facility in the Hermiston area. Severson has also voiced opposition to such a facility in recent weeks.

“I cannot see where a horse slaughtering plant would do anything to improve our community or our image for attracting new business and industry,” Severson wrote in a letter read May 14 to city council in his absence. Severson wrote in response to a letter to the editor from Kaye Killgore of Portland published May 17 in the East Oregonian. Killgore, who described herself as a frequent visitor to the area and with friends here, wrote that slaughterhouses elsewhere can be environmental nightmares, among other criticisms of Duquette’s plan.

“The biggest thing I’m concerned about is, I don’t want anything with odor or anything like that to detract from the community we have today,” Severson said, “To me a horse is a recreation animal or a work animal. We don’t need to slaughter them for food.”

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  1. According to the original story part of the purchased land would be donated to the “rescue” operation UH or UE or which ever entity it is will run. The rest of the land will be owned by L L&E LLC. Not clear if they are building the horse slaughter plant, or leasing the land to UE to build. I am betting UE wants L L&E to build the plant and UE will operate it.

    No indication yet as to when USDA/FSIS will be issuing grants of inspection if ever. Since this meat will be mostly export, FSIS needs to write rules as to what qualifications they need to certify this horse meat as eligible for export to the various countries who will buy.

    When our horses are exported to Canada and Mexico for slaughter USDA ties their paper work to Electronic IDs, but has declined to vouch for the accuracy of the paperwork. With slaughter under USDA inspection they will have to be able to put their stamp of approval on product as meeting all requirements of the purchasing country. If they botch this up, it puts the USDA certification into question, and can have a negative impact on every other ag product we export.


    • You are absolutely right. It gives our exports – especially meat – a huge black eye as I’ve been trying to get across to them for years. Come July 1, 2013, the EU will not allow our horses to be slaughtered in their plants – which is our entire market – if we haven’t implemented a passport system like theirs. What a laugh, right? Not going to happen. The EU is very serious about this, and if Wallis and Duquette think they can just go after other markets, they better think again. There are very few “other” markets, and after the EU spits out our tainted meat, who is going to touch it?

      There isn’t a major horse slaughter plant in this hemisphere that isn’t owned/operated by the Belgian consortium that has always been in charge of the international horse meat trade. I can’t believe they aren’t in this deal somewhere, because even Ed Butcher admitted you couldn’t be in the human consumption business without dealing with “the Belgians.” But, they no longer want to own – only lease. If they are NOT involved, I’d be willing to bet they won’t be purchasing any “product” either.


      • The problem as I see it is this–horses may not go to Canada. But they’ll go to Mexico which to me is a far worse fate. Of course in the end its the same result–horse being slaughtered but its how you get there. And Mexico is by far worse–at least in my humble opinion.


      • I believe the big commercial plants in Mexico all belong to the EU. It sounds like the others are mostly mom & pop operations and community abattoirs. They wouldn’t pay nearly what the commercial plants do per horse and wouldn’t be able to even accept very many at one time.

        I don’t say NONE of our horses would go there, but they probably do already. I do NOT think it would be worth the killers’ time and fuel to haul truck loads of horses and try to sell them to individuals like that.

        They certainly wouldn’t be able to sell the thousands that they do now.


  2. A blood bath is rapidly coming and why, because the government officials we elect don’t work for us they work for the corporations that pay them.


    • No Wonder they want to be a part of a slaughter house. Easy way get rid of your injured entertainment animals and make money on them, again.


  3. This idea should be condemned loudly and immediately before it has a chance to progress in that area. I admire the current mayor for his sanity as well as his care for the local population he serves. Public protests and behind the scenes work along with them will stop the barbaric development of slaughtering horses for profit.

    For obvious reasons the whole idea is disgusting. But, even more disgusting is that the man behind it and his pals can’t find anything better to do with their lives. They are so pathetic.


  4. Geeze !!~! This is Horrible , they just do anything they want , just buy everyone off !!!!!!!! Doesnt America so NO 80% of them?????? They just dont understand no do they???? Ia m so sick of horses made to suffer !!!! This goes against everything America stands for ,…….. I right now am ashamed of America !!! That we would not be able to stop these Human pieces of Garbage………….. WHAT PART OF NO NO NO , dont they Understand!!!!!! America Love Horses , we dont want them slaughtered or eaten , WE WANT THEM FREE………………………


  5. Forget trying to influence the government. They have circled their vested interest wagons, denied the dangers, and ignored the solutions. We have to take protection upon ourselves.


    • How? As long as there is no law against it they will do what they want to make money and they don’t care who they poison or how much the horses suffer as long as they make a buck. May they all die horrible deaths in traffic accidents or fires or something because they are worthless scum polluting our country and taking a nasty dump on our American culture. I no longer fly an American flag as the country I thought was so great and spent 13.5 years in the military for doesn’t exist.


  6. Certainly no suprise here.
    Johnny Zamrzla is listed as one of the “Founding Team Members” of United Horsemen on one of their now defunct websites.
    He was listed as one of the ‘guest speakers’ at the oddly-named “Summit of the Horse” in Las Vegas.
    The Summit’s promotional propaganda stated: “Johnny is a successful California businessman who is one of the leaders reviving the California Horse Council. He is also very active in promoting PRCA rodeo, and Professional Bull Riding events.”

    Mr Zamrzla is just another lackey for Wallis.


  7. Every comment here says it all. I am absolutely sickened and disgusted by the news! I don’t know what to say anymore …it’s horribly sad.


  8. Seems there are some people with more money than sense. This is the FAIL investment of the century. People of Oregon and surrounding areas better get our horses micro chipped as horse slaughter industry breeds theft and violent crime. The poor residents of Hermiston are going to live with a very dark cloud over their township. I suggest they sell their houses NOW before the plant gets into operation because your residential investment will sink to an all time low or possibly unsellable. I know if the main industry of a town was horse slaughter I certainly wouldn’t want to move my family and raise my kids there once I knew the grizzly statistics of what it does to a community.


  9. Just because a handful of ditsy slaughter proponents want to start businesses that will again change laws it seems rather extreme to go through all this just for them to thumb their noses at public opinion. Why is it there are always elected officials willing to go along with this? Are they bribed? They take money from people to do things, right? Why isn’t this considered bribery?


    • In the article the one guy said that there was no benefit in it and I fully expect to see laws change to prohibit that business there. They better move quickly though.


    • I believe that sometimes the public officials are bribed/paid to have a certain opinion, however, I also believe that some politicians are just plain stupid and/or naive and don’t do any research on their own and people like Dave Duquette present the whole horse slaughter thing in such a way that it seems humane until someone like one of we advocates gets a hold of them and tells them the real story.
      I spoke to a well maintained 85 year old lady who looked maybe about 65 in the market the other day and somehow we got on the horse slaughter issue (she has 4 cats she rescued and I probably mentioned we have an animal sanctuary with 47 horses and numerous other large and small animals). She actually said “well, rather than the wild Mustangs that aren’t wild anymore, and also horses that people can’t afford to keep anymore and that are neglected dying a slow death of starvation, at least horse slaughter is quick and painless”…….without getting crazy on this lady, I calmly explained the real story on horse slaughter and I saw the look of disgust and actual horror on her face. This lady actually believed that it was “quick and painless” when a horse gets slaughtered, but after explaining not only the whole ordeal leading up to getting to the slaughterhouse, why there are so-called “excess horses”, etc, but also the wait in line for the horses turn in the kill box, and THEN the actual so-called “kill”, I could clearly tell she had been brain washed on the subject or simply hadn’t thought about it much. This is an Internet savvy woman, so I wrote down a few website addresses where she could read more about it. Hopefully she then will go forth and let other people know about what horse slaughter is really like.
      So yes, often it is probably a pay-off, but I believe there is also the pay-off alone (greedy, souless jerks), the pay-off with rationalization of why its “necessary” (so these people can accept the money without such a guilty conscience), and then there is just plain being gullible and/or truly believing this is the humane answer for “those poor neglected horses” (NOT!). The last group of people we all have a chance at turning around and can turn them into a vocal anti-horse slaughter advocate because they usually ARE animal lovers and had no idea how horrendous, cruel and inhumane horse slaughter is. THESE are the people I try to speak with; the usually very urban person who doesn’t have horses, maybe has a few dogs or cats they’ve rescued, are parents or grandparents of kids they take to the pony rides or the movies to watch Disney horse movies that make everything seem like “sunshine and rainbows” at the end of the movie, etc.
      These people really JUST DON’T KNOW the reality of horse slaughter, so rather than work too hard at trying to change the minds of people who are involved in horse slaughter even if only on the fringe, I’ve decided to try and educate “the uninformed, naive public” who’s hearts most often are in the right place, but they either don’t know the true reality of horse slaughter or were led down the garden path by people who do benefit from horse slaughter telling them how necessary but humane horse slaughter is.
      I think a large majority of the 80% of the Americans whom are against horse slaughter are actually in the last catagory (“the uninformed, naive public”), and once we get done educating as many of these people as possible in regard to the cruelty and horrendous nature of horse slaughter, these people WILL BE A VERY VOCAL MAJORITY indeed.


  10. So get the lawmakers in Oregon to follow Illinois, New Jersey, California and Texas to ban horse slaughter in the state.


  11. The following list is too long to put in one comment, so I will have to post in two or three comments:
    (Please know that if you call your Congressperson and support Moran’s amendment below that the language going into the Appropriations Bill will DEFUND USDA inspectors which will again END HORSE SLAUGHTER. In order for an animal to be slaughtered, there must be funding for inspectors).

    Per an alert issued on June 8, Representative James Moran of Virginia is planning to submit an Amendment to Prohibit USDA Inspections at horse slaughter kill plants to the Full House Committee on Appropriations within the next TEN DAYS.

    James Moran has asked that we support his efforts to stop Horse Slaughter in the United States by contacting the FULL House Committee on Appropriations.

    The message James Moran would like to be sent to each member of the Committee is:


    To contact your Representative on the Full-Committee of House Appropriations please click here:

    Please contact only members in your state. Please call them and then follow up with a fax or write a letter since Congress is required to keep the letters for seven years.

    Harold Rogers, Kentucky, Chairman
    P) 202-225-4601 F) 202-225-0940

    C.W. Bill Young, Florida
    P) 202-225-5961 F) 202-225-9764

    Jerry Lewis, California
    P) 202-225-5861 F) 202-225-6498

    Frank R. Wolf, Virginia
    P) 202-225-5136 F) 202-225-0437

    Jack Kingston, Georgia
    P) 202-225-5831 F) 202-226-2269

    Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, New Jersey
    P) 202-225-5034 F) 202-225-3186

    Tom Latham, Iowa
    P) 202-225-5476 F) 202-225-3301

    Robert B. Aderholt, Alabama
    P) 202-225-4876 F) 202-225-5587

    Jo Ann Emerson, Missouri
    P) 202-225-4404 F) 202-226-0326

    Kay Granger, Texas
    P) 202-225-5071 F) 202-225-5683

    Michael K. Simpson, Idaho
    P) 202-225-5531 F) 202-225-8216

    John Abney Culberson, Texas
    P) 202-225-2571 F) 202-225-4381

    Ander Crenshaw, Florida
    P) 202-225-2501 F) 202-225-2504


    • Oh my, Louis. I have been feverishly faxing ALL of the committee members, and began the phone blitze on them all Monday (3 days ago). And today I began faxing them all again. Wonder why I thought we were to contact them all?


  12. Let me add that as United States citizens who pay the taxes for the USDA Federal meat inspections, it is each and every tax payers pocket being hit. Therefore, these legislators can no longer say that we aren’t their constituents, so we can’t contact them in each state. Their decision to sit on their duffs and not pass SB1176 & HR2966 affects EVERY tax payer in this Nation. Their actions are our damned business in EACH state when their decisions and lack of morals, values and BACK BONE affect our wallets. Their actions of accepting campaign donations from industries directly affiliated with slaughter, such as Pfizer who contributed over 6 million dollars to Senators & Congressmen in a 6 year period, while being the culprits behind the slaughter of PMU mares and foals, is nothing more than paying off our dirty boys in Washington to do their bidding. The livestock auctions, the feed lots, the meat processors, the meat packers, the National Cattlemen’s Association, horse breeders, AVMA veterinarians and on & on have all paid off our legislators. We have the RIGHT to take a stand and to stop this madness!


    • You are right Beverly, Of recent calls to appropriations committee members, to ask for their support in the Moran amendment I was told many times even here in Ohio that I would need to call my 44146 Rep????????? I told them the same thing you just posted, that even if I am not a constituent of their area , It directly effects my taxes…………… so that is why I am calling you……


    • And of course, these uncivilized people also use our taxpayer funded highways with heavy trucks that causes issues that need repairs (and I’ve been saying for a long time that we could do away with maintaining roads and highways and I’d be fine because all I drive are work trucks and then I wouldn’t have my tax dollars go toward something I don’t care about–seriously though, my tax dollars are spent on things I couldn’t care less about but I was taught that its supposed to work like a “trade off” of me paying for things I don’t care about and other people pay for things that they don’t care about but that I do care about–like the wild horses and burros being managed in the wild and not eradicated–IOW, BALANCE, but a lot of people don’t tend to be on-board with that), and when there is an accident, innocent people in other vehicles get injured and killed, insurance claims are paid which causes insurance rates to go up across the board (especially if the transport truck is not carrying enough insurance, don’t have insurance, etc and we tax payers take up the slack on that) and then there are also investigations by local law enforcement, and other facets of society and work forces that have to come in and clean up the wreckage. I believe that last wreck in Tennessee was also investigated by the FBI because of crossing state lines, previous infractions, suspensions, etc (?) Not sure on that, but a lot of people were involved in helping with that wreck, and then the poor horses got put on another truck after that trauma and still went to slaughter.
      We tax payers in all of the states in the country are forced to pay for horse slaughter one way or another, so you’re right, we should have a voice whether our rep is on the commission, commitee, etc, or not, regarding voting on horse slaughter issues.


      • If we cannot stop The Boggling BLM, this is the smoke screen they are setting up, for the LAND PEOPLE ITS THE LAND THEY WANT !!!!Our Mustangs are the catalysts to procuring THE LAND they will sell it when all Mustangs are destroyed, OMG !!! I hope Iam not right here on this, YES to foreign countries , they will own the Land that we and our ancestors and the Mustang have built…. They are selling the LAND OMG!!! We must find a way to stop this NOW, Or I think we will have no Land in the WEST It will all be foreign OWNED and operated !!!!! Someone please tell me I am off base!!!!!on this……………..


  13. The Saving of Our Mustangs is even more important , then ever !!!!!!If If I am even half right !!!!!!The President turns his head and is totally silent( I have called the PRES written emailed asked for answers for 4 yrs and nothing????) on all Our Mustangs !!! WHY WHY , could there be another reason?????? other than what I am thinking If I am right this is more diabolical then ever imagined!!!!!!


  14. R.T. Fitch, you are right, his hat, and the slab of meat make his position so clear. It is so horrific, that this is being rammed down our throats, and the people we elect have no backbone to go against the corporate interests, and speak out against it. All of the politicians who claim to be for it, are doing nothing. I become almost hopeless, but with you and the many organizations that are fighting this, we will have the voice, and the will to win. It is you all that give me hope.

    And scientists just recently recognized animals consciousness. Now?


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