Update: WHFF Founders Carry “Stop the Wild Horse & Burro Stampedes” Message to DC

An open letter from R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Thursday the 13th is the Day
Terry and R.T. Fitch saddling up to “Stop the Stampedes”

Dear fellow equine advocates;

We wrote to you last month regarding the frustration and agitation surfacing in common everyday Americans over the rapid and unnecessary roundup and removal of federally protected wild horses and burros from their rightful public land has been growing exponentially.

Said frustration has pushed average citizens, such as ourselves, to extraordinary measures in an effort to either facilitate dialogue with the offending governmental agencies or to effect change through legal litigation in an effort to insist that the violators follow the very laws they are charged to uphold.  To date, our efforts have paled in light of the intensity and volume of disputed roundups and continued mismanagement of the very equines that the Bureau of Land Management is tasked to protect.

From our personal perspective, Terry and I have had enough.  Our fight through Wild Horse Freedom Federation (WHFF) is ongoing but we are turning up the volume by hand-carrying at least 7,000 individual letters to the President asking him to “Stop the Stampedes” so that appropriate science and sound management techniques can be applied before our western states are devoid of America’s most treasured national icons; our wild horses and burros.

On Thursday, Sept. 13th,  Terry and I will be traveling to D.C., at our own expense, with our cargo and through the help of Rep. Jim Moran we will ensure that the wishes of over 7,000 voters will be delivered to the seated President prior to the upcoming election in November.

Habitat for Horses has joined in this effort as well as thousands of individuals but if you share our passion and concerns and have yet to write you can participate in this event by simply pointing and clicking.

If you will take the time to fill out the form, below, and add your personal message to the President, or utilize our sample letter, below to either use in it’s entirety or cut and paste into the online for. Terry and I will then print out your note (we are on printer cartridge number three) and physically carry it to D.C. ourselves, it’s as simple as that; no fancy fanfare or hoopla just an average, tax paying, married American couple carrying the message for other U.S. citizens who want to see the office of the Presidency do the right thing, “Stop the Roundups!”.

We promised those before you that we would do this and I offer my personal pledge to you, today, that we will do the same for all that care to participate because if we are nothing else, at WHFF, we are volunteers who stand by our word, put our personal resources into play and hold sacred the trust that fellow advocates have in what we say and what we do.

It’s Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s “Stop the Stampede” campaign and we kindly invite you to join us in our fight where we will carry you both in print and in spirit to the White House and beyond.

The horses will surely thank you for it.

May the “Force of the Horse®” be with you.

R.T. Fitch

“Stop the Stampedes” Note to the President

Sample Letter, feel free to cut and paste and enter, along with your thoughts, above.

Dear President Obama;

I have asked R.T. Fitch, volunteer president of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation, to personally hand carry this letter to Washington D.C. and to represent me in calling for an immediate halt and stop to the cruel and costly roundups of our wild horses and burros being carried out by your own Bureau of Land Management on the public lands of our western states.

Both R.T. and his wife and co/founder Terry join thousands of voting American citizens who are insisting you order the unwarranted roundups to cease so that appropriate science and humane management techniques can be deployed before the wild equines of the U.S. become extinct on our public lands.

The delivery of this simple yet critical message is facilitated through the assistance of Rep. Jim Moran and endorsed by a plethora of elected officials who stand shoulder to shoulder with their constituents in demanding that the icons of our American west be protected through the unanimously passed Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 versus being managed into rapid extinction by the BLM and their federal contractors.

Elections are only weeks away and we hope that you will heed the call of thousands of voters who ask you not only to think while under the influence of your heart but to put case law and established science before the demand of special interest groups and the pressures of isolated lobbying efforts.

Americans want their wild horses and burros running free with their families and not separated to live out their lives behind barbed wire and fencing.  Imprisonment of the innocent runs contrary to American morals.

Thank you, in advance, for doing the right thing.


John Q. Public

“I pledge Allegiance to the Wild Equines of the United States of America and to the Icon for which they stand, one symbol, understood, undeniable, with liberty and freedom for all.”


    • R.T. and Terry~~ I just opened my MSN page and one of the headlines was—-100 most endangered species listed with this question: Are they worth saving?—The first sentence starts out—Priceless or worthless? Thats the question— the question was raised because the species closest to extintion don’t have an obvious economic value to mankind—the donor community and conservation movement are leaning increasingly towards ‘what can nature do for us’ approach, where species and wild habitats are valued and prioritized according to the services they provide for people—This has made it increasingly difficult for conservationists to protect the most threatenedspecies on the planet—we have an important moral and ethical decision to make: do
      these species have the right to survive or do we have the right to drive thm to extinction~~~keep this in mind on your travels to DC, that this has become the mindset of our world. God speed and hears hoping all the success the horses and burros deserve.


  1. I hope this finially gets thru to Obama. I have been so disappointed in his decision about horses, wildlife esp the wolves and our environment that I am ready to go another party NOT Republican, but some alternative, Green Party. I am feeling that my views are not representated by anyone. Disgusted with our fool governor in Texas and the senators in Washington. I sign petitions everyday and wonder if it does any good. Sad for all our animals.


  2. Just posted mine, R.T. I also included my comments about horse slaughter since we know that is the BLM’s “Final Solution” for our wild horses as well as our domestic ones.

    What has happened to our country? Land of the Lobbyists, and the Home of the Greedy.


  3. Thank you R.T. and Terry for caring enough to do this. Hope he listen’s but do they ever? They only care about themselves and greed. They want the horses and Wolves gone so they can mine and exploit the wilderness.


  4. Thank you R.T. and Terry for doing this 🙂 I wish Rep Moran could get you in oval office for face to face (he probably wouldn’t be there as campaigning is more important than We the People and our Public Laws).


    • LNorman, Agree…..MORATORIUM MORATORIUM MORATORIUM…..OR LOSE VOTES. I’ll be sending fax to Moran’s office today stating how important it is for him to impress upon Obama that we are not kidding and we want BLM stopped now.


  5. Thank you all for your commitment on this. Also, thank you for including Debbie Coffey’s letter to the BLM, it was OUTSTANDING and I wish that would also be included with your letters. As many petitions are signed as recvd and information is forwarded to my friends. Even if just one of them signs something, it’s one more person heard from. Is the Pickens project really so bad, in your opinion? I was actually gungho about it. Best of luck to you and God bless.


  6. Perhaps the President needs to read about Wild Horse Annie. She had the kind of courage that we need to see in our leaders.

    May 05, 1975
    Wild West Showdown
    A determined lady called Wild Horse Annie and her gang of school kids have valiantly risen to the defense of the beleaguered mustang
    Herman Weiskopf

    When Wild Horse Annie answers the door at home it is with a .38 in hand. Anonymous callers phone to tell her, “You’d better lay off, sister.” And there are threats that “a tree limb is waiting here for you.” In large measure, her battle is foolhardy, for she is greatly outnumbered, woefully underfinanced and totally dedicated to fighting according to the loftiest ethical standards.


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