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Madeleine Pickens’ Eco-RESORT?

By Debbie Coffey as published on the PPJ Gazette

The Mustang “Tombstone” Gets a New Name

Pickens Mustang “Tombstone”: Rest In Peace Wild Mustang families, freedom, testicles and HMAs

When you read Madeleine Pickens letter to friends and supporters yesterday (9/11/2012), did any of you catch the fact that she called her planned Mustang Monument a “Wild Horse Eco-resort?”  So when did this plan go from being a wild horse eco-sanctuary to an eco-resort?

(Not to even mention that the word “monument” can mean something erected as a memorial or as a marker at a grave or tombstone.)

Mrs. Pickens’ explains that her eco-resort plan will supposedly reduce the numbers of wild horses held in short term holding pens.  Let’s do the math.  If you take 900 horses out of short term holding to put in this eco-resort, but then you round up all of the horses off of the 3 HMAs, and they are then sent to short term holding, then haven’t you just added about the same amount of horses TO short term holding as you took out?  Maybe you’ve even added more.

Mrs. Pickens wants us to believe this eco-resort “serves the greater good for our wild horses.”  Let’s see, they’ve all had their “nuts” chopped off and will live with the same sex for the rest of their lives, without any children around them.   Is this good?  It’s certainly not natural.

In this letter Mrs. Pickens states “Already there are many people on both sides of this issue making assumptions and concluding the worst possible scenarios based on ‘proposed’ alternatives in the scoping documents.”  (Doesn’t this sound dismissive of REAL concerns?)  Well, yes, to some of us, removing horses from 3 Herd Management Areas and knowing that these 3 Herd Management Areas will then most likely be zeroed out and NOT Herd Management Areas anymore, and replaced with an eco-RESORT, is an assumption.  But we see a pattern to what the BLM is doing.  We can foresee that the BLM is removing ALL of the wild horses and slowly replacing them with non-reproducing herds.

Maybe the BLM and Mrs. Pickens would assume we wouldn’t think ahead and assume anything about Mrs. Pickens eco-resort plan and BLM’s other eco-sanctuary plans.  Maybe they, and the BLM, didn’t assume anyone would care enough to spend many hours poring over Dr. Gus Cothran’s genetic analysis reports (thank you Bonnie Kohleriter, who is almost blind by now because she prepared spreadsheets that will soon be available to the public) and realize that the herds that are left are either not viable or at risk of losing viability.  But we do.  We see what the BLM is doing.  When we look at the facts, we see that the worst case scenario IS happening.

Mrs. Pickens also claims “I will never accept any proposed plan that threatens the life of a wild horse. We will do everything we can to hold all the existing horses harmless”  But, the BLM’s eco-sanctuary plans DO threaten the lives of wild horses when they plan to remove more horses off of their federally  protected HMAs.   When the BLM removes horses from the HMAs, it DOES threaten the lives of horses during roundups and in holding facilities.  We see this in person with our own eyes at roundups and when we look at the BLM’s own facility reports.   Most importantly, the eco-sanctuaries could be on public lands that are NOT HMAs.   And they should be, so that other wild horses won’t have to be removed from HMAs.

Mrs. Pickens’ letter states: “If any horses are required to moved, they will have a permanent home at Mustang Monument.”  Really?  Even those wild horses that will be removed from the 3 HMAs after your eco-resort is up and running?  Will they also be left in their family bands?

Mrs. Pickens states “I hope you will continue to put your trust and faith in me and Saving Americas Mustangs to find the best way to do this… I pledge to do this in the most benign way possible, always bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is free-roaming wild horses but so many that will never have that experience again without the creation of Mustang Monument.”

This isn’t about putting trust and faith in you, it’s about holding the BLM accountable for the details and asking for their transparency.

It is NOT benign is that the public is not yet aware of all the details, which by BLM’s own admission are not even formulated yet.   This is like buying a car without taking a test drive.

Is Mrs. Pickens going to make the trust, which will detail what will happen to the eco-resort in the future, available to the public, so that we can read it?  Otherwise, this is asking you to go along with and support something you know little about.  Would you sign any legal document without reading it?

Mrs. Pickens says that the “Mustang Monument is going to seem like a “dream come true” to the wild horses who go there.   Will it be a dream come true when the remaining wild horses on these 3 HMAs are rounded up?  Or will it be the usual nightmare that roundups are, and be a part of a BLM plan to whitewash the fact that it’s removing all of the wild horses off of their HMAs.

Mrs. Pickens  states “we must work with the BLM to reach a conclusion that involves compromise.”  Why do we have to compromise?  This is all paid for with tax dollars (including BLM’s salaries, lest they forget), and we’ve already had to compromise way too much.

Madeleine Pickens states that “the ultimate goal is free-roaming wild horses” but the millions of dollars spent for this eco-resort would have gone a long way in legally stopping the BLM from removing the wild horses off of their HMAs.   Otherwise, this is just a shell game.

Read the Pickens letter, Below

Dear Friends & Supporters,

In keeping with my commitment to keep you informed about the progress and events related to our plans for the Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-resort, I feel it is important to provide this update.  

We let you know a few weeks ago about the BLM’s announcement that they were proceeding with the project and now they have just completed three scoping meetings in northern Nevada. These meetings provided an opportunity for the public to come in and meet with representatives from the BLM and provide their input on the scoping document that was released by the BLM.

In a project of this capacity and magnitude, there are many elements and a number of alternatives that have been set forth by the BLM to accomplish the final result: the creation of the eco-resort for wild horses. Already there are many people on both sides of this issue making assumptions and concluding the worst possible scenarios based on “proposed” alternatives in the scoping documents.

I want you to understand that since I launched this project nearly five years ago, it has always been my intent to do something good for the wild horses, more specifically, those that are standing in cattle pens and other cramped facilities across this country, some for two to three years. In order to accomplish this, we must work with the BLM to reach a conclusion that involves compromise, like any major undertaking does. But I will never accept any proposed plan that threatens the life of a wild horse. We will do everything we can to hold all the existing horses harmless and if any horses are required to moved, they will have a permanent home at Mustang Monument.

To my knowledge, no other individual or group has ever launched a plan to reduce the numbers of wild horses held in short term holding pens, other than periodic adoptions that are falling significantly short of their goals, thus allowing the numbers of horses in these facilities to grow to over 12,000. For the hundreds of horses that will be allowed to leave these facilities and return to their natural habitat in the eco-resort in the short term, and the thousands that may have that opportunity in the longer run, Mustang Monument is going to seem like a dream come true. It serves the greater good for our wild horses in a way few other plans or proposed projects ever have or ever could.

I hope you will continue to put your trust and faith in me and Saving Americas Mustangs to find the best way to do this and restore some dignity and semblance of their real life to thousands of wild horses currently in places where all hope must seem to be lost. I pledge to do this in the most benign way possible, always bearing in mind that the ultimate goal is free-roaming wild horses but so many that will never have that experience again without the creation of Mustang Monument.


Madeleine Pickens & all the wild mustangs

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  1. Pulling this forward from yesterday’s post:

    Barbara W. says:

    September 11, 2012 at 3:30 PM (Edit)

    Warriors – I unfortunately did not send you the Final Final version of Bonnie’s paper yesterday. Please excuse & find it attached here. The critical paragraph that was added to page 3 follows:

    The Wild Free-roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 (Public Law 92-195) #1334 states “Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit a private landowner from maintaining wild free-roaming horses or burros on his private lands, or lands leased from the Government, if he does so in a manner that protects them from harassment, and if the animals were not willfully removed or enticed from the public lands.” It appears by law not only do the wild, free roaming horses have a right to their HMAs but also to Madeleine’s private and allotted lands if she allows them access.

    Carla B


  2. Although Mrs. Pickens did help to save many horses that today might have been “dinner” for someone, she (and we the public) are being blackmailed by BLM with this proposal. It appears that BLM is willing to allow some “zoos” so our future generations can see what is left of what once were wild and free-roaming wild horses … while very quickly pulling them all (and our burros too!) off their land – our land.


  3. I have been very supportive of Mrs Pickens’ plan from the beginning, and truly believed she was sent from heaven to save our wild horses from captivity, harassment, and certain extinction. Her proposed eco-sanctuary was always slated to be a resort, maybe to draw the wealthy tourists and extract huge donations. At the time I thought it was a wonderful idea, but in retrospect, I can’t believe my naivete. I am so disappointed and deeply saddened that she has evidently turned out to be nothing less than a sheep in wolf’s clothing.


  4. I have always known from day one that , MP Plan was another sell out !!!! Right when I read she had agreed to castrating all the Stallions , !!!!!! This was what the BLM wanted, The Wild Mustangs again Betrayed !!!!!!! Geeze !!! all the Mustangs want to be is free and left alone , what the heck is so darn hard about that???????? That is what we also want !!!!!!!


  5. As I posted yesterday on facebook the key word here is “resort.”

    It is all about $$$ and nothing more.

    I have never supported M. Pickens from day one for the simple reason, if you notice in all of the photos who is the center of attention….it is not the horses.

    Then what is the lesser of two evils? BLM holding or this so called resort where the horses will not live in a natural state?


    • I’ve been quietly watching and keeping my deepest thoughts to myself, but now see I’m not alone. Greed, greed ,greed, money seems to be the only language these people and the BLM talk and the losers are us lovers of the Mustangs and the Mustangs themselves! How very sad and it appears too much has past and time has run out. Shame on all of you!


  6. I’ve been yappin’ about this all over town, so if it’s something you’ve already heard, I apologize…

    Sanctuary – real sanctuary – does NOT require compromise or physical alterations to it’s citizens. There is an equine sanctuary in Northern California that provides a home and quality of life for hundreds of ‘disenfranchized’ wild and domestic horses and burros on nearly 2000 acres – without all this drama. Among the only compromises there are the separation of stallions and mares. The majority of these animals lead free-roaming, unencumbered lives. The sanctuary is nearly as isolated as most HMAs, but this isolation encourages these animals to remain wild.

    No life is taken for granted or judged. A cougar had taken up residence there recently, which keeps the coyotes at bay. When the coyotes are in town, the field mice are controlled. Prong horn within the sanctuary’s borders are safe from hunting. Very old horses and burros are free to roam as far as their various infirmities will take them. They have community and companionship until they pass. Abused domestic animals – even canines no one else would take on – are given freedom and purpose. The entire sanctuary revolves around it’s animals and what’s best for THEM, their needs.

    And depends heavily on self-sufficiency.

    So, I’ll admit to a serious bias and a lack of understanding as to why, with nearly inexhaustible resources, the Pickens eco-sanctuary resort proposal has taken on the epic proportions of Homer’s Odyssey.

    Maybe, like a lot of folks who occasionally daydream of unlimited wealth, I picture this:

    I buy my land. I buy acquire my animals. I provide for their needs.

    End of story.


  7. When I first heard about Madeleine’s plans, I thought it was a wonderful idea. Now, sadly,it does not sound so wonderful. A resort is someplace one goes to relax, have fun, & enjoy oneself, usually with family &/or, at least with friends, then we get to “go home”. A sanctuary is suppose to be a permanent, safe, secure place, a home where all are protected. I don’t oppose her probable good intentions, these “changes” probably happened out of desperation to save as many off these wild equines as she could, & getting the BLM’s approval. I just wish that somehow, some selective breeding horses could remain, intact, &, allowed to at least breed, even if it was controlled, to save the bloodlines, to save them from extinction.


  8. I really want her plan to work. But then I have selfish reasons. I hate paying for a room in Elko when there are so any horse haters there. MP’s plan at least for me would allow me to feel comfortable about paying for my stay. Like I would be helping the horses.

    BLM has to somehow be stopped from castrating every male they get. They are no longer even giving adopters a choice–all males HAVE to be castrated.

    Yes, she’ll have herds of horses but they won’t be reproducing herds. Have the enjoyment of watching Cloud was watching him breed a mare, then act like a lead mare, later act like a stud and chase others away from his band. One of the yearlings (taken from the Pryors this summer)went up to Cloud sniffed him. Rather than get steamed Cloud GENTLY nibbled the younger one into leaving.

    All these changes TOTALLY change the dynamics of what Mustang Monument was originally meant to be. It’s beginning to smell like cow manure.


    • What I want to know is why the BLM is gelding all these male horses when it has the ability to treat the mares with PZP? A non-permant treatment that does not alter the wild horse’s biochemistry or compromise the health of the horses in any other way. Gelding is permanent and alters the male’s system.

      This organization is nothing more than a group of federally employed criminals. Unfortunately, our tax dollars are paying their salaries.

      Here is a new slogan: Save Wild Horses; Fire the BLM


      • Plain as the noses on are face, the BLM is eradicating the WILD MUSTANGS, If we dont stop the Castrating and PZP ing our Wild Mustangs are finished, with that said so are we finished !!!!!! This how important it is to stop the BLM and the Head Rat Salazar…………………………………HSUS is making bocoo bucks selling them PZP, do you now think they will help the Horses??????>?? , here it is GREED from everywhere ..DISGUSTING isnt it, why do think Very few POLITICIANS will stand for the Horses , thats why the ones that do are extremely important they cannot be bought…………………………..


      • Spot on and it proves the point that the American people are sick and tired of a few abusively vocal, special interest driven politicians attempting to shove their distorted and whacked agendas up our collective behinds without even the courtesy of asking us to bend over, enough is enough.


  9. Yup, Lisa I agree – unlimited funds? You DO what you set out to do.
    I’m glad for the horses that do get to go to this “resort” – but the whole idea (I thought) was to SAVE the wild horses & burros – not geld all the stallions & break up all the families. If the cussed BLM is able to zero out the surrounding HMAs & get away with it – using this sanctuary as an excuse – how do we stop them?


  10. I find it hard to believe that as intelligent as Madeleine is that she would be hoodwinked by the BLM. I thought she owned the land. If she does then buy the horses and put them there. Why compromise with people who stand opposite of our goal. If she really wants to save the Mustangs and not set up Madeleine’s Mustang Park, she cannot compromise with the BLM. If she needs them then why buy all that land in the first place. There is some mucking around going on here; and it isn’t stalls. Come on Madeleine. Stick to your original resolve if you really had one, or are you just a pawn in the hands of the BLM and as much as I hate to say it, your husband. I believed in you. Please don’t disappoint me.


    • Pickens bought a ranch that has “permitted blm land” adjacent to it, like free tax payer land to use and then gets paid her blm welfare check


  11. Yesterday I saw that word RESORT and I thought, this is not about the horses anymore. It is about the public viewing of non reproducing herds and Madeleine having the last of our wild horses in a place where they have no future. I have never been happy she wanted to become a BLM contractor. Now I am less happy again in this turn away from the advocacy. Yes, Madeleine could have helped save the wild ones in the wild and been a real boon for the wild ones. Why she wants our support but does not continue to give us support I do not know. I know she has done things behind the scenes and she saves lives.

    Madeliene, if BLM doesn’t come through, get in touch with us. Help us win a moratorium and save some wild herds on their lands!


  12. I have tried all possible to help our wild horses for YEARS, and my rage has been indescribable and my heart has been broken repeatedly because of the heinous and loathsome treatment of our horses by BLM.

    Horses have DIED, and many placed in pens, a stallion jumped the fence and was INJURED.
    I want to see BLM LEAVE THE HORSES ALONE, AND ALSO THE BURROS. But, they won’t because of their sadistic and power hungry cruelty toward the mustangs. As Clint Eastwood said, this country belongs to us. Likewise, so do the wild horses. Yet we view the heinous conditions in which the horses live after being stampeded into pens, and nothing is done. Eastwood also said, “if they can’t do the job then we have to let them go”. Well, that would be BLM, government employees whose salaries are paid by us, American taxpayers, who never wanted these horses stampeded off their own land.

    The ONLY person who has secured, paid a fortune for, and provided beautiful land where the horses can run free and be safe, is Madeleine Pickens.. Otherwise they die, live in hideous conditions, are auctioned to fiends, and many are slaughtered. Is there some alternate place where there is hope for the horses to have beautiful acres to enjoy? If so, where? I do NOT like the procedure to sterilize stallions, which KILLED some of them. I don’t like giving injections to mares which can sicken them and cause an early death. I cannot understand why the wild horses, our Mustangs, cannot just be moved to thousands of acres and allowed to live free. Also, I despise BLM for all they have already done to the horses. I hate that they have pandered to ranchers, and I consider that Salazar is spearheading that. My goal is for the horses to have the freedom they deserve and to be safe. It appears to me that the ONLY person who has offered that is Madeleine Pickens. The Pickens have the money to provide MORE land for the horses. For me, I am grateful that they have bought and made available a beautiful place for the horses to live. If someone knows of another such place please tell me. I would love to know, because I am certainly not aware of any other refuge.


  13. My greatest wish is that everyone would together to save the mustangs. The “he said, she said, they did, they didn’t” is truly confusing, disheartening and discouraging.


  14. The BLM WHB Program wants us to respond to Madeleine’ ecosanctuary proposal in a Scoping
    Comment letter, but they won’t let us see her proposal until the deal is done with Madeleine and the government. Is this right?
    It is admirable Madeleine wants to take some geldings out of corrals giving them a place to live
    on the range. It is “NOT” admirable she may be expected to put a fence through 3 HMAs denying
    the horses in those areas their free-roaming space, forage and water. It is not admirable she may
    be expected to castrate the males in those 3 HMAs and remove the mares and foals to corrals. What has she gained for the horses?
    Hundreds of sanctuaries across the United States have taken in mistreated and mismanaged Mustangs as well as domestic animals. They constantly have to ask the public for financial help
    through fund raising. The BLM doesn’t give them financial help to build their fences and manage their horses. Yet Madeleine wants us, the taxpayer, to give her some of our tax money to help her
    build her fence, a fence that would destroy 3 HMAs, and to help her manage her horses year after year. Something seems wrong with this picture.
    Madeleine says “Trust me.” How can we trust you when you are not being fully open with the public regarding your plan? Madeleine says you have to “compromise.” What does that mean? The government and Madeleine get what they want and the voiceless horses get castrated or removed?


    • It seems like all we’ve done is compromise; meanwhile, litigation to ensure policies are followed, HMA lands remain intact, wild equines are allowed (on their own HMAs) access to resources and all the other cases brought to the courts crawl along at a snail’s pace because the money requirements are massive. Getting advocates in the field to document populations in HMAs, conduct range studies, observe separate roundups while multiples are occurring, or be present at holding facilities when the ‘newbies’ are brought in – all of this requires money we simply do NOT have access to. And I’m afraid – without citizen observers and their research – we will not be able to stop the train before it drives all our wild ones into private ownership. As much as we need true sanctuaries, we also need to illustrate, beyond a doubt, that the population numbers in HMAs are incorrect and that these animals have excellent control over their biological functions. Without these, we – and the wild ones – are subject to the whims of the agency and it’s policies.

      Wild equine supporters – all of you – are the patron saints of hopeless causes. We don’t need to compromise.


      • And Lisa, since you mention populations of wild horses and burros, may I add to what you say?

        The BLM has previously stated (link below) that in some extremely arid areas of Nevada it could take as much as a maximum of 240 acres per horse per year and this would be an extreme situation. Using that approximate number of acres (240) and using the 53,813,117 Herd Area acres there would be enough acres for 224,221 Wild Horses and Burros on their legally designated land. THERE ARE NO EXCESS WILD HORSES AND BURROS ON THEIR/OUR PUBLIC LAND.


  15. Please comment by September 19 to the BLM and tell them that this plan they are considering in Nevada of sterilizing 3 wild herds for the sake of an eco-sanctuary is not what we want for these herds, and not what we want used as a model for managing our wild herds.

    Please comment on this plan by September 19th.

    BLM Elko District Office, Wells Field Office
    3900 E. Idaho Street
    Elko, NV 89801
    Attn: Wild Horse Eco-Sanctuary

    Comments can also be faxed to (775) 753-038 or emailed to:

    You can read more about this plan and comment online here at American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign:


  16. I appreciate the attention that Madeleine Pickens has brought to the wild horse and burro situation. She has conducted her advocacy with great patience and dignity.

    I think that what we cannot help but acknowledge that an Eco-tourism Resort centered around non-reproducing wild horses has a life expectancy of about 10-15 years based on average life expectancies of wild horses. Then what? And what happens to the wild horses if Congress shuts down financial support of the BLM’s maintenance of wild horses and burros removed from public lands?

    Let’s put the BLM in Long Term Holding.

    BLM: Untrainable and Unadoptable.

    Ship the BLM to Oklahoma where they know how to make animals invisible!

    BLM: No strikes left…


  17. From the time the oil and gas companies found out there are other ways to drill for gas and other ways to obtain oil on public lands the horses have been in the BLM gunsights. You have oil and gas companies breathing down this government’s neck wanting to be allowed to drill on all public lands. Washington wants the revenue and is telling the BLM what to do. The BLM does not do this on it’s own it has a boss which is the US Government. On every news show they do a lot of talking about the US needing to be energy independent because of what is going on in the Middle East that we need to stop buying oil from countries that hate us. This Government does not care what happens to the Mustangs they want that land cleared for drilling.

    When I heard that Ms. Picken’s was trying to create a home for a lot of the Mustangs I thought at the time that that may be the only chance the few that are left can at least live out their lives out of the BLM’s muddy pens. You can call it whatever you want. The woman has been working on this for five years with the BLM fighting her every step of the way. Not one of us has the kind of money she has to at least get this going. The BLM is not going to ever stop rounding up the mustangs. What you will find in all of the zeroed out areas is oil and gas rigs and there won’t be a thing any of us can do about it. If the land is needed for drilling the cows will be gone too.


  18. Why doesn’t Ms Pickens DEMAND an EXECUTIVE ORDER to halt roundups. PERIOD!

    I understand her attempt to find permanent, quality homes for the wild equines that have been ripped apart from their families and mutilated by sterilization. And as to getting paid, well…that witch in OK (? or where ever..isn’t it that self proclaimed “Pioneerwoman” a$$hat?) gets to suck off the government teat. Why not Ms Pickens? At least they would be in the state that many of them got ripped away from.

    That I don’t see her help with litigation to stop the entire massacre or demand an Executive Order to do a temporary stop scares me. But maybe she is behind the scenes. I don’t know. She is working on the “a$$-end” of the problem (pardon the pun); not the cause.


  19. It sounds to Ms Pickens has made a ‘deal’ with the BLM, she calls it a comprimise, I disagree. She mentions 12,000 wild horses in lth, what happened to the others the BLM has rounded up in the last several years? Adoptions are down. Since the 1950’s the BLM’s poa has always been pro-business at the expense of our public lands and wildones. Since they refuse to mgmt our wild horse herds on the range maybe it’s time they have no more control, instead our states take control. Sure we would have issues with states like NV & WY with SSue but afterall, we elect state officials and they would have to answer to us more appropriately than our current ‘do-nothing’ congress. Our wild horse & burro herds are at a critical standpoint facing certain extinction.

    Change is good, no more round-ups, no more BLM!


    • Remember 80% of Nevada is owned by the government!

      You have Ken Salazar who does not respect his own flag or country. I do not know how many of you watched the 9/11 memorial in PA. If you had you would have seen Salazar standing with his hat still on his head nor places his hand over his heart when they played the Star Spangled Banner or Taps.

      I have seen this time and time again. As long as that piece of crap is in office nothing is going to change!


  20. Madeleine Pickens site has stated that that this proposed sanctuary would have hotels, campgrounds, etc. and THE USE OF ‘BIRTH CONTROL”.
    Still she got accolades from Wild Horse supporters and a number of organizations. From the get go, it sounded shady to me.


    • Ask for the scienctific data of long term effects of PZP all while ass’s Hsus profitted off the hidden test, ask for the document of who approved this testing on wild horses and you’ll find out congress or committee approved any of thid


  21. Redmm97, your observation says it all, at a 9/11 memorial in PA… Salazar stood with his hat still on his head and did not place his hand over his heart when they played the Star Spangled Banner or Taps. He should be fired.


  22. I also saw that Ken Salazar disrespects every thing in his greedy path, He disrespects America and those (The Wild Mustang) who built it , I think they call that treason DONT THEY !!!!!!!


    • There was a memorial service for Neil Armstrong yesterday in Washington. A man who served his country with class and integrity. Something all of Congress should emulate.

      The only way anything is going to change is if each and everyone of us knows exactly where your respective Reps and Congressmen stand on this issue.

      If they support the removal of OUR Wild Horses and Burros on OUR public lands then VOTE them out of office!!


  23. Madeline Picken’s you know what the BLM does to Wild Horses! They will be tortured, abused and many are killed during their heartless and reckless Roundups. You will never have a successful resort if your going to join the BLM. “You will never gain from hurting Wild Horses!” Tina Wooten


  24. Does anyone have the link or site where I can see how our representatives & senators etc have voted on animal welfare issues? Have gone back thru the past couple weeks but cant find it.
    I know someone had it when they emailed in.
    If anyone has it, I’d appreciate it if you would let me know
    Thanks, Maggie


  25. MP’s been sued for divorce by T.Bone – she exits marriage with nothing – Mr.P lost $4.9 Billion in 09′. SAM501(c)(3) her only income. Bottom line obvious: essential to deal with the BLM!


  26. Pickens Plan: to genecide the wild horses as her own native country of Iraq has life by degrading people and human life. Pickens wants to establish a life time welfare check off the American people. Rich old guys are fewer and fewer. Nothing about the Eco-plan Eco- resort has long live the American Icon in it. Even the BLM has not finalized this massive disquise of wild horse spirit.

    Iraq born and spirited has no place in preserving Americas iconic history.

    Pickens greater plan to obtain federal land as cheap as possible so they can put wind gens and obtain water anyway they can to take off our lands. Pickens has been trying to buy as much water to relocate through old pipelines that exists for transfer to other locations.

    Pickens loves to think she has everyone on board but she’s sadly mistaken. Her plan is maintain her financial comfort all whilst seeing the U. S. government as her future food stamp welfare high dollar non producing was of life. It’s time to say “No” and let our American icon live on there lands.


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