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Wild Horse DC Posse Delivers Goods

an open letter from R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Over 15,000 Letters Calling for Obama to Halt Roundups Find their Mark

Jerry Finch (Habitat for Horses), R.T. Fitch (Wild Horse Freedom Federation), with Rep. Jim Moran (U.S. Congress) discussing issues in the halls of Congress

Dear Fellow Equine Welfare Advocates:

No press release, just a simple thank you note.

On a personal level I would like to thank everyone involved for the success of delivering your heartfelt letters to D.C. asking the President to put a stop to the senseless management to extinction of our wild horses and burros.

Thanks go our Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s BoD, Habitat for Horses, the Cloud Foundation, the Office of Rep. Jim Moran, Horseback Magazine, PPJ Gazette, Protect Mustangs, Respect4Horses, Equine Welfare Alliance, Native Wild Horse Protection, Animal Law Coalition, Marin Mustangs, my wife Terry, Jerry Finch and the thousands and thousands of outraged American taxpayers who took the time to collect their thoughts and forward their feelings to us so that we could take them to Washington D.C. (apologies to anyone I may have forgotten)

I have to be honest with you all and say that over the past 72 hours I have been in shock and overcome by awe when considering the intensity of the overall response and the out powering of sentiment and conviction documented in the mailings that we received.  There were a few moments where I thought that we might have bitten off more than we could chew but we did what we said we would do and your letters are, currently, in Congressman Jim Moran’s office in preparation to be delivered to the President with an accompanying cover letter.

Legislative Asst. Barry Londeree, Terry Fitch and Jerry Finch listen to Rep. Whitfield discuss bill to help stop the “soring” of Tennessee Walking horses

This operation was not about any one person, people in general, money or ego; it was, and always will be, exclusively about the horses and equine advocates from around the world have made that point abundantly clear.

Jerry has written an excellent article on what transpired, yesterday, so I will not beleaguer the details but instead steer you his way by clicking (HERE).

Jerry is professional in his demeanor and does not mention in his article that our trip began at 0300hrs and did not conclude until we opened up our barn to take care of our herd at 2200hrs; a long day.  And with that in mind I sat on the side of the bed, last night, knowing that it was past midnight and asked Terry;

“Did it work, will it all make a difference?”

My tired bride replied with a tight squeeze of the hand;

“People did what we asked of them and we did what we promised to do, it doesn’t get much better than that.”

“But”, I continued to press, “did it make a difference for the horses and burros?”

“How many wild equines do you guys estimate are still free on the range?’, she asked.

Terry and R.T. Fitch waiting in the office of Rep. Jim Moran

“In all honesty, from what we are seeing we think there are only 15-18,000 left free roaming.”

“How many letters did we carry to D.C., today?”

“Well over 15,000 verified but it got crazy at the end.” I replied.

“Then we delivered one letter for each horse left free,” she smiled, “everyone of the wild ones was represented; now turn of the light and let’s go to sleep.”

I paused for a moment and let that thought roll over in my brain, “all of the wild ones were represented” except; there should have been a minimum of 75,000+ to include all of those held in prison camps, separated from their families, without their freedom and the males gelded.

One small foal step forward but the trail ride is my no means over.

Thank you folks for all that you do.

Keep the faith.


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  1. Don’t ever think it isn’t worth trying…… have made a huge difference…and brought thousands of people info that would have never known the plight of the wild ones……you guys are BIG!!!!…thank you from one heart that appreciates all you are doing for them…..


  2. Thank you and God bless you all. What a massive undertaking, yet you were successful! Now, how will we know if the President, or even Rep. Moran, actually receives them? I would hate to find out later that everyone’s hard work ended up in someone’s wastebasket. Is anyone going to tell you they have been delivered and actually read? I pray for that, and for a resounding success, for the horses’ sake.


    • I can tell you that Rep. Jim Moran received them because we handed them to him and the boxes took over his reception area. (In the photo above I am handing him samples, too)

      We will get a copy of the cover letter and the date of the delivery and will publish the information.


      • Oh! My humble apologies, I misread Jerry’s statement and thought they were given to Congressman Moran’s assistant. Big hurray!


      • We need to do this every year. More next year and so on… I am not implying this will go on forever but the next couple years and this one also are crucial. We must turn this campaign around and make it work for the horses and burros exclusively!


  3. “Then we delivered one letter for each horse left free,…..
    What a beautiful sentiment. I’m in tears thinking that somewhere out there is standing a horse who I spoke for. Never thought of it in that manner before. Whoever this horse is, wherever they are I promise not to let you down.


  4. Thanks, R. T., Terry, and the ever faithful man with an extraordinary heart, Jerry.

    Both our wild horses and burros and the US citizen-taxpayer-voters who love them are fortunate to have a friend in Congressman Moran.


  5. R.T. God love you, Terry and Jerry for doing what you said you and actually delivering the letters on behalf of our horses and burros.What an incredible day it was. I love Terry’s answer that there was a letter to represent each soul still in the wild, but you are right about the 75,000. As I said on Jerry’s HFH blog, we now have to keep this momentum going. We know nothing is going to be done until after the election BUT if things do not change, then we’ll have to do another letter writing campaign and deliver those as well. And R.T. given enough time, I’ll just bet we could get 75,000, maybe even 100,000. People are tired, sick and tired, of writing and pleading with the BLM and the Members of Congress who turn a deaf ear. They need to understand: We. Will. Not. Stop. Until. This. Madness. Stops..


  6. Indeed, RT & Terry, one small but by no means insignificant step toward this glorious reform and learning to truly live with the horses and burros and to share this planet Earth and freedom with them! Way to go!


  7. Thank you from the bottom of my soul, for all that you do. I wished I too could afford to be by your side assisting more to help the innocent. But I do send, email and call and encourage all around me to do the same. Thank you!!!!!! Let them be FREEEEEEEEE


  8. If Obama will stop the decimation of the wild horse and burro herds and state that there WILL BE a plan to return the concentration camp horses to their free ranges ASAP, AND state that he will push hard for the passage of the anti-slaughter bills, I will for vote for him in November. Otherwise, I’m ready to give Mr. Romney a chance to do the right thing. At least he and his wife know what a horse is.


    Representatives universally say, I believe truthfully, that letters, and each letter, matters to them. They say that one letter, to them, represents five, ten, or even one hundred constituents likely to have a similar concern. The letter on any topic can be an alert to the member of the representative body that something important is on the minds of citizens—which he may be overlooking or underestimating in importance.


    • I agree ;D s0me of them, perhaps More than others… but those *Letters DO mean quite a lot to them! Most interesting were the ♥Personal Replies (!!) -which I received eVery, every time that I wrote to the “late, great Senator Robert C. BYRD” in 2005-2007, re: the Wild Horse herds. Very ♥special,indeed = the replieS about “the Sheldon Refuge herd “; n0t only did I receive a personal response… {ok, it was typed by staff -yet care taken to carefully black-out each Other citizen’s name -save mine! & signed in ink…} Accompanying said letter was a Copy of HIS letter “of extreme concern” TO dir. Of F&W svc…
      (when the good Senator said, “I will keep you informed of subsequent news”; I figured on an annual newsletter…) Lo & behold, after 1 month or so -came the [terribly Snide ] reply from F&W + His eloquently worded “admonishment” back …(being as it took > 1 mo to acknowledge direct* inquiry from CHAIR of APPROPRIATIONS!)

      ♥at aNy rate ~they Sure don’t “make many like Sen. Byrd” nowadays ;(
      ≈but you Betcha -I “mention the Legacy” each current official is ♦following….in my letters NOW! 😀


  10. Thank you for all your work and the terrific letters from RT and Jerry. Thankfully, there are representatives such as Rep. Jim Moran and Rep. Ed Whitfield to name just two who share our views on the plight of wild horses. Now to move forward to compose comments on the Nevada eco-sanctuary……


  11. W♥W, & Thank* You* for commenting & “spotlighting ” my little blog ;D about your Radio show –today! (I’m humbled)
    and ♣Grateful for All you do….R.T.,Terri, Jerry {+ all the rest}!


  12. Bless you for all you do. I feel confident that those letters will mean something. This was an amazing coup for the horses; and without you guys to deliver it, it might have gotten lost in the regular daily mailings to the President. Thanks again to Congressman Moran. I am truly grateful for all your efforts. Last night while reading my e-mail my husband asked me if I wrote a letter. Wen I said Yup, he just beamed at me.


  13. Dear RT wanted to tell you yesterdays back up from the advocates was PRIMO , I man the Pres Comment line everyday, and yesterday like never before it was jammed all day long !!!the 10 times I got through I asked how many wild mustang calls were there???? On the QT I was told we jammed the lines all day !!!!!!


      • -and- also* IS any0ne calling Ginger* 0r reporting this FABULOUS ~news~ on “Cloud Foundation” Blog??
        [I haven’t had a chance – to “visit” it yet….]
        ++ “Habitat4Horses” Blog, t00 ! ;D
        Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


      • -and- also* IS any0ne calling Ginger* 0r reporting this FABULOUS ~news~ on “Cloud Foundation” Blog??
        [I haven’t had a chance – to “visit” it yet….]
        ++ “Habitat4Horses” Blog, t00 ! ;D


    • Arlene! WØW, this~*~news is Soooo eXcitiNg!! I dunno “hOw such COUNTS are tabulated 0r Reported*” ; howEver I’m certain that they ARE ;D
      Now. I WONder~ … Egg-zactly wh0* gets this “info report”, in what form, & (most imPoRtantly) –> WHAT is *D*O*N*E* with it???
      Does aNy0ne know IF such “President Comment lines COUNts” are ever given/picked-up BY “whitehouse Reporters” 0r “Assoc. Press”, etc ??!!
      Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


      • Dear cssssssswv I was told on the QT on the phone couldnt give me a count just said jammin the lines all day, i TRIED TO GET THROUGH at least a hundred times only succeeded 10 times so I am sure they told the truth, just couldnt say the number of calls were made……………. I also would love to know !!!!! Wild Mustang Advocates ROCKED yesterday ………………………Thanks to all, please do this everyday I do !!!!!!!!


      • T00 C00L, arlene! Thanks 4 Fab~news ;D …..I know lines were bbbbusy…. Took me 4-ever to get Thru’ (alMost gave UP, cuz I began later than intENDed «-» glaD I did n0t ….)!
        Do U know IF Ginger* at Cloud Foundation; & Jerry* at HFH have been TOLD this* ??
        Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T


  14. I just want to say, “THANK YOU”. I have been sending the whole day, yesterday, possitive thoughts to you Three. Now I am sending them to Obama.. He HAS to listen to us, We, the people of America. He HAS to listen to us, We, the voices of the voiceless Now I have a question, to you . I hope you read the comments,” is there any way I can help,you, like making phone calls, I have unlimited calling, for in the whole counttry, and for Florida an Canada. Just in case, I could help. Thank you again, for your fight for the voiceless . Thank you.


  15. No matter our actual letter count, all the horses and burros were represented. And for that tremendous accomplishment, we thank you RT and Terry and Jerry!


    And if you keep thinking the way you do your gomna give yourself am aneurism…….half full my friend, half full. 🙂


  17. RT:

    Is it true Suey was waddling the halls of Congress and taking up oxygen and space in the offices of the USDA while you and Terry, Jerry were there? Did you happen to she her at the feed trough with Rep Steven “Crazy A$$” King? She went when you went? If true, is it ever going to be possible for that Ag Hag to come up with an original idea or thought?

    Job well done guys…thank you.

    I hope, once delivered we can see the message in the cover letter Rep Moran penned for the Prez.


    • Denise…I just got word from someone who watches the Wallis Horse Eating Facebook page that the Princess of Darkness was in D.C. while we were there and perhaps she was slithering through the Halls of Congress the same time we were walking upright on two legs. Scary thought that while press conferences to HELP the horses were being held an agent for the death and destruction of American equines was talking up killing and eating them. Wish I would have seen her, a good shove out into open light would have been an interesting concept as sunshine is the best disinfectant for all the evil lies and untruths.

      And YES, we will publish the good Congressman’s cover letter once received, sure thing.


      • Well, I think she got PAID to show up while you and the “Pose” (isn’t it “Posse”…2d request) and while you and posse were working on helping equines in Congress, she also spent time vomiting on USDA authorities to inspect slaughter horses and eating dinner (or maybe eating) Rep Steven “Crazy A$$” King. Yewww…anyone ever listen to that bat$hit crazy loon King (No, not the Rep Peter King-NY)? He’s up there with that POS in MO….remember him? Women fight off sperm and pregnancy if they are “legitimately raped. Yeah, just like Human Consumption Horse Slaughter (HCHS) is humane euthanasia and a great protein source for humans!

        Seriously, what planet do these idiots (and mean to boot) live on?!?!?

        Keep us posted.

        I think it is time for you and Terry to enjoy the ranch, your horses (all critters there) and the sunset with a very tall Wrangler tea…you’ve earned a mini-holiday.


      • Ooooops, should read “Well, I think she got PAID to show up while you and the “Pose” (isn’t it “Posse”…2d request) were specifically there and while you and posse were working…”

        Tip a tea for all the advocates, equines and me…:)


      • Arrrgghhh…on the move and you are right, fixed.

        Thanks, would you like to be the official Editor for SFTHH? We will offer you the same salary that we collect, which would be zero but the work environment is great!

        R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation The Force of the Horse®, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH

        Sent from R.T.’s New iPad 3, HD, or whatever it is not called!


      • That was funny, RT…yes, I’ll take the same pay. In the long run, when our trails physically cross again (maybe Vegas)….buy me a drink and then I’ll give another donation to you (WHFF) or EWA or Old Friends or HfH or…..

        To the horses (and burros, mules), always for the horses that ALWAYS give us/US their all.


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