Horse Health

Behind Closed Doors – What XL Foods and Horse Slaughter Plants Have in Common and What They’d Prefer to Keep Hidden

Report provided by the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

The CHDC provides evidence of disturbing parallels between the XL Foods contaminated beef recall and conditions inside Canada’s horse slaughter plants.
Read the full report by clicking (HERE).
Warning – Graphic Images

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  1. HOW THEY SUFFER! THE UNIMAGINABLE AGONY THAT A HUMAN CAN INFLICT. I’ve watched the video of the horse slaughter before, with some hope, that some do not have prolonged terror and pain. All do. From auction to butchery. The long days & nights in the pipeline being neglected (food, water, rest) and severely abused. Then to hell, slaughter. It appears not much has changed since Upton Sinclair’s 1906 book, “The Jungle”, exposing the cattle slaughterhouses in Chicago. OK, there it is >>>Of course a horse slaughter house would be no different than cattle!! Common sense. And as always, quantity = SPEED of butchery = ALIVE! And of course, slaughter in the U.S. the same as Canada, or any slaughter house, for all animals. One feels so helpless. But need to keep exposing, exposing, exposing. Keep trying to get the ban horse slaughter bill passed and keep exposing the corruption in D.C. that keeps the bill on hold, blocked…by a only a few evil, in their pockets $$$ “human beings.” Lastly, it is so hard to comprehend how humans can do this. And on such a large scale. And with so many knowing. Guess an animal is only a “thing” for the majority. Mercy.


    • Thank you, Ronnie. So true about “The Jungle” and here it is, what? …a century later and we are still dealing with this??????

      Could you summarize the CHDC piece for me? I just can’t watch/read it.

      CHDC does a superb job of tracking down every aspect of this disgusting issue. I hope (and I am sure they do too) they, CHDC won’t have a job once HCHS is gone….they’ll always have to watch owners. BUT……


  2. I rated this “5 Stars” because CHDC is so important for the end of HCHS. They haven’t made a wrong step yet and so I defer to them as to it’s importance, relevance and quality.


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