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Eleven Year Old Demands Halt to BLM Wild Horse & Burro Roundups While Slaughter Investigation Ensues

Feel Good Sunday” commentary by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Over 118,000, and counting, Tax Payers Agree with Wild Mustang Robin

R.T. Fitch, Wild Horse Freedom Federation, and Wild Mustang Robin at the second, annual International Equine Conference in Las Vegas, Sept. 2012 ~ photo by Terry Fitch

There is so much turbulent activity swirling around our equine companions that it is often times difficult to take the day off and share  a “Feel Good Sunday” moment.

This week Terry wanted me to share my thoughts on the BLM Wild Horse & Burro’s Advisory Board’s recommendation to perform Ovariectomys in the field…of course there is a tad bit of humor in my recommendation to, instead, perform a few surgical Cattleoscomies and Sheepectomys on our public lands but there is no humor in what the board has purposed in it’s “end game” assault upon our few remaining wild horses.

But there is a “feel good” take away from the meeting that if you missed it we will share with you, here.

Eleven year old Robin Warren started a petition on, see below, where she has asked others to join her in demanding that the reckless and deadly BLM wild horse and burro roundups stop while an external investigation is launched to find out why the BLM sold over 1,700 captured wild horses to a known kill buyer, and neighbor to Ken Salazar, for slaughter in Mexico.  That singular petition and the response it garnered moved Ginger Kathrens of the Cloud Foundation and Terry and myself with Wild Horse Freedom Federation to such an extent that the Cloud Foundation funded the printing of 113, 526 signatures, over 800 pages, and I laid aside my prepared three minute speech to the board to, instead, read Robin’s letter while Ginger and Terry laid the massive pile of signatures on the table in front of the board and WH&B manager Joan Goifoyle.  It was dynamic and if anyone missed the point they were brain dead…then again, it was the advisory board and the BLM.

Listed below is the letter I read to the board for Robin.  Please feel free to join her in the attempt to make a point, to illicit action, to stop the bloody roundups and to investigate the sale of our national icons to slaughter.  Even though a serious issue, it still makes for a warm feeling, this day, when a youngster shines with a much brighter light than any government employee, or appointee, could ever hope to match.

Robin, along with Declan, J.C. and many more…you ROCK!

(as of this writing the signatures stand at 118,435)

My name is Robin, and I’m 11 years old.  People call me “Wild Mustang Robin” because I want to save wild horses like Wild Horse Annie, who got the government to pass laws protecting the horses of the American West. But I’m worried that the government isn’t keeping its promise.

I started this petition with my mom because we read a news report about a man named Tom Davis who bought hundreds of wild horses from the government, some for as little as $10. Now no one knows where they are. I am afraid they were killed because the article also said he supports horse slaughter and he’s friends with people who are known for killing horses.

The government is supposed to be protecting wild horses, but instead they use helicopters to round them up and send them to holding facilities. The holding facilities fill up and they sell the horses to people like Tom Davis without a way to make sure the horses don’t end up slaughtered.

We need to restore the basic protections that Wild Horse Annie won for horses and make sure they’re not sold for slaughter. Help me tell the government to stop selling our wild horses and start protecting them.

Petition Letter

Dear Bureau of Land Management,

I am joining 11-year-old Robin Warren in asking you to protect wild horses from slaughter.

A recent investigation revealed that hundreds of wild horses have been sold in bulk to a man with ties to the slaughter industry who will not say where they are now. This is the latest in a string of accusations of mismanagement of America’s wild horses.

I urge you to immediately suspend the wild horse program — including horse roundups and the sale of horses already in holding facilities — until it can be thoroughly investigated by independent third party experts and reformed to ensure that the law Wild Horse Annie fought so hard to get passed is followed.

America’s wild horses are supposed to be protected because they are historically significant and they contribute to the rangeland of the West. Please stop selling them to people who can sell them for slaughter.

[Your name]
Click (HERE) to Join Robin in her Quest

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  1. It is a ‘Feel Good’ Sunday. Robin and Declan have both shined a new light on our horses. I would say ‘through the eyes of a child’ but neither of these youngsters appear to be your normal every day ‘kid’. They have shown more maturity than many so called ‘adults’ when it comes to understanding, respect, compassion, and love for animals. We all can learn a lot from these two. They have both taken on important roles and even at their young ages are handling them with style.

    They are special and I admire them both…


  2. “And a little child shall lead them….”

    If a child like Robin, full of the heart and knowledge of a child, senses that something is unjust, then isn’t it unjust?

    And if a child like Robin can act in the face of this injustice, to make change, can we?

    Children KNOW when something is wrong. How many children sense something is wrong in their lives, or their family’s, or their friends’, but can’t act, have to let it go, because they are children, …..can’t say “no more”…can’t say, “that’s enough….”

    We are no longer children. There IS injustice. And all together, we can act. We can come together and say, “No more, that’s enough!” “THAT’S ENOUGH!!!”


  3. They also say out of the mouths of Babes, These children are a blessing so far they have gone where we could not Bless the Children, Robin and Declan you are amazing and you Rock !!!!!!


  4. “Hypocrisy in anything whatever may deceive the cleverest and most penetrating man, but the least wide-awake of children recognizes it, and is revolted by it, however ingeniously it may be disguised.” ~ from WAR AND PEACE by Leo Tolstoy (September 9, 1828-November 20, 1910)

    “Innocence and Truth overcome guilt and error.” ~ from SCIENCE AND HEALTH by Mary Baker Eddy (July 16, 1821-December 3, 1910)

    We are all innocent — that is, innocent the instant we allow ourselves to be child-like pure, good, kind, wise, strong, fearless, and free.



  5. How awesome….I commend Robin and Declan for their courage. I wish I had more time to be more involved. Its great to see the next generation stepping up and showing our government that this is wrong. I went in 2005 to Capital Hill to help and for awhile it looked like it worked. But now we are in crisis mode for these magestic animals. Boy….if I could only buy that farm I would save mustages or any horses!!! Steve Stapp….do u have any suggestions?


    • Angela, just start by doing what you can. Even if it’s just donating a bag of feed every week or so to the local rescue. A shekel or two to your favorite wild horse fund. If you have the room, adopt a rescue (or two or three) whether they be domestic or wild. We just all have to do what we can within our means and abilities. Make phone calls, send letters, send emails to every government representative you can. Just do something!

      As for my suggestions as to how to fix Washington D.C. I fear they are all illegal. To paraphrase an old campaign slogan…”It’s a shame more politicians aren’t hanged!”


  6. Thank you so much, RT for this article on my petition. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. And I also wanted to say that my friend 10 year old Cheyenne Rondeaux also has a petition to stop killing burros in Texas. She helped get over 100,000 signatures too and needs more. So when you stop by to sign mine please sign hers too. I am proud to be on the same team as Declan and Cheyenne!

    For the next 6 months, I am asking everyone to sign petitions and make calls and send Declan’s Postcards to keep this issue on the top of the BLMs list so they will have to talk about it. I am calling it “Neigh ’til May.” Thank you for your support!


  7. Thanks, Robin and your mom. Thank you Ginger and Cloud for printing and again thank RT for reading the petition. It was a stop the clock moment at the BLM Salt Lake Meeting when Terry and Ginger brought the long list of names out to be set before the board. They did not respond because they cannot act naturally; there was no compassion. Maybe annoyed surprise.


  8. I am proud to sign Robin’s petition–and to join her and Declan and the thousands of other youngsters who are already politically savvy enough to question “Why is the BLM decimating the wild horse herds?” and “What will be left of the western ecology when the “greeders” are done with it?” These kids will make a difference. They are the future earth guardians—and protectors of wild life and resources. Thanks. It is a feel good Sunday.


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